What’s an apt comparison here?

It’s like hooking up with a hot chick and finding out she’s recently had gender reassignment? Perhaps like eating a delicious meal and coming across a pubic hair? Maybe like going to a KoL show and having a pigeon’s over active bowels cancel the show? 

Whatever it is- this Labor Day weekend series against the Reds 2 weeks ago was something I think we all were hype about. Now? Who gives a shit?

It’s appalling really. Because now even the lowly opponents that are bending the Cardinals over are calling their sorry asses out: Houston infielder Geoff Blum told MLB.com after the game (this past Wednesday) that the Cardinals "didn't look like they wanted to beat us at all."

This isn’t me or you or some dickweed reporter making these claims… this is a player on a team that is near the bottom of the NL standings pretty much echoing what Brandon Phillips said a month ago, but in a significantly less flamboyant way. But we can read the subtext and it says ‘the Cardinals are a bunch of lil’ bitches’.

The Reds on the other hand have done what I think none of us really believed they could do when they were hanging around in the standings earlier this summer- deliver the KO punch before the last month of the season. They’ve opened up an 8 game lead that might as well be 80 and relegated the Cards to slumming it for a Wild Card spot.

And as the official bearer of bad news for InsideSTL.com, I want you to pay close attention to this special announcement: No way in HELL the Cardinals are making the playoffs in 2010. As a Wild Card or otherwise. It IS NOT happening. So shut your fucking mouth about the math.

But Hooks, I mean there is a month to go, what about the Rockies a couple years back, maybe the sweep the Reds this weekend… NO, people. NO.

Please refer back to Mr. Blum and his comments. This guy couldn’t carry the water bottles on this Cardinals team when it comes to talent and has the personality of a 2 x 4 and is calling the Cardinals lazy fuck nuts. That’s pretty much all the argument I need. Sometimes reputations are earned.

So here we go. 3 games. The unofficial coronation of the Reds division championship on the last holiday weekend of summer. I’d encourage you to stand up and applaud them when they invariably win 2 of 3, but I don’t think they earned it as much as the Cardinals laid down like whipped dogs.

So maybe it’s time for the ‘best fans in baseball’ to realize their team has quit on them. And that every dollar you spent on these tickets is nothing more than a paycheck they’ll cash at the end of the week. For once, I’ll encourage the wave.

A one finger wave in the general direction of the Cardinals dugout.

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# mzipprich6
Friday, September 03, 2010 11:22 AM
excellent ariticle, the second writer on the website who gets "it". They are done, enjoy football for a while, and hope they dont blow they're load on Pujols, cause this could be baseball for the next 4-8 years if that's what they do.
Friday, September 03, 2010 12:50 PM
First off, very good column Hooks, and I agree, they've quit for the 1st time I remember seeing a TLR team do so. I wholeheartedly believe these fans should, for once, and have the right to, stand up & boo this team when they return home. We've given you years up applauded hustle, "a hard nine" and sacrifice hits. Well now we've got lollygagging, a lackluster 5 or 6 and missed bunts. Bow your heads and take what you've earned you f()cking quitters.

Oh, Mr. Zipprich, I think we all get "it". All of our optimism has waned in the last few weeks and I think the columns we write tend to be thrown out for entertainment, comedic affect and perhaps in a blind attempt for some last-second heroics. But NOBODY (even CDB) can claim they saw this coming even as recently as out of the all-star break or even the Cincy series in Cincy. Hindsight is a great thing (isn't there a clever adage about that?) and folks love to act the know-it-all in the end. Yes it's over, Mr. Zipprich, but I'll meet you somewhere in a public venue and suckstart your skinscooter, even throw in the "start and stop" method, if you can honestly convince me you saw this cumming (pun intended).

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