The one indelible moment for me in the 2010 postseason has to be the XXL Chalupa commercial from Taco Bell.

I'm sure you've seen this one, but just in case you haven't, it features Yankee's manager Joe Girardi and closer Mariano Rivera. The scene opens with a average schlub ruminating over the massive task at hand- finishing this monstrosity of cat meat, processed cheese sauce and slightly brown lettuce. He thinks out loud that he might not finish this chalupa. I tend to agree. His slight build and layered shirt don't seem to have the necessary mmmph to tackle what appears to be a horse trough of awful.

Before the first bite, Girardi overhears our schlubs inner-most fears and decides to pull him in favor of the always reliable Rivera. I can't help but notice, though, that our recently subbed schlub has not taken a single bite. So isn't the call to the pen, or in this case, the corner table a bit pre-mature? The chalupa is obviously un-touched by man. It's still perfectly formed in the box. I would bet my life that the actual XXL Chalupa looks nothing like the one we see in the spot, but I digress.

Am I the only one that this infuriates? Why are you pulling him JOE? Why didn't you have Rivera start the chalupa JOE? What are you trying to prove JOSEPH!

Surly these commercial shoots have someone on set that points this out to the producer or marketing people at Taco Bell, right? If not, I guess it's not surprising. Quality control has never been a specialty at Taco Bell. One time I ordered nachos supreme without the re fried beans and they gave me a gutted chipmunk carcass instead.

I also bet that Taco Bell brain trust was banking on the Yankees making it to the World Series so it was have awesome symmetry with the Yankees playing on the field and then endorsing low-grade Mexican food between innings. That would be awesome, right? Just thinking about it makes me want to wrap my mouth around a big, semi-juicy chalupa. With all my might.

Also, Tony LaRussa, Dave Duncan and Mark McGwire will all be back with the Cardinals in 2011. They want you to exterminate cockfighting or something. I just know LaRussa is on my TV almost as much as this chalupa.

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