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The 2012 Main Event Final Table kicks off tonight on ESPN2 at 7:00 CST. You can watch the action live as this Final Table will play down to three players and resumes tomorrow (Tuesday on ESPN) at 8:00 PM CST. Let's take a look at our Final Tablists...

Name Chip count WSOP
Jesse Sylvia 43,875,000 0 2 $36,372   6
Andras Koroknai 29,375,000 0 2 $39,371   8
Greg Merson 28,725,000 1 5 $1,253,501   5
Russell Thomas 24,800,000 0 3 $126,796   1
Steven Gee 16,860,000 1 4 $480,822   4
Michael Esposito 16,260,000 0 3 $27,311   9
Robert Salaburu 15,155,000 0 0 0   7
Jacob Balsiger 13,115,000 0 1 $3,531   2
Jeremy Ausmus 9,805,000 0 13 $114,623   3

Jesse Sylvia is your chip leader, and the Martha's Vineyard product can win this, despite most pundits are picking Greg Merson to win. Both of these players have been on The Scotty Clark Poker Show, and you can listen to Greg's appearance
HERE and Jesse's HERE

I predict this aggressive group will play tight and calculated, as players try to move up the pay ladder early on. As each player moves up the pay ladder, expect the play to open up. Any of the top four stacks are real threats to win, and the personable Robert Salaburu is my dark horse pick. My hope is Sylvia and Merson play heads-up for the title of  2012 World Champion of Poker, ensuring an appearance of the newly crowned champion on my show.

Yes. I pinned Sylvia and Merson down with "If you win, you'll come back on the show riiiight?"

The "verbal binding" rule is in effect, as both agreed to come back on...

The Scotty Clark Poker Show #26. This week we celebrated six months of doing our poker podcast. At this point of the show, you get kind of tired of doing it -- creating a podcast every week is easy, but creating a good podcast is a lot of work. And at this point, you have used a lot of your contacts in the poker world as guests and it gets tougher to do fresh shows. The latest stink on the show, is my co-host The Poker Monkey and his being barred from WSOP Hammond (and subsequently barred from the WSOP and the circuit). Like I said on the show, when I asked Monkey to co-host, I knew he had every potential to final table the Main Event (he finished 175th this year) or get kicked out of the WSOP.

I had hoped for the former, not the latter...

So the last two weeks, it's been all about Monkey. How is it my co-host is that guy.? You know, the guy that finds trouble everywhere he goes. Everyone has a friend like this. Everyone. And I am no exception. I asked Monkey why is everyone always picking on him, and he assures me he is the target of some sinister poker mafia conspiracy...there is no mafia, there is only Monkey.

This week Amanda Musumeci returned to the show, fresh off her WSOP win in Hammond, and winning her first piece of WSOP jewelry. Biloxi poker babe Claudia "The Claw" Crawford was also on the show, fresh off her 10th place finish in the Hammond Main Event, Halloween in New Orleans and a Madonna concert. Yes. We called Claudia on "The Morning After", and I even asked The Claw...if Madonna wanted to make out, what is your play here? Listen to the podcast to hear Claudia's answer.


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