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May 6, 1993

The Blues lost game 7 again. Toronto really handed it to us. Frank and I were watching the game at Fast Eddie's and realized during the third period that the Blues weren't going to the Stanley Cup Finals and that Frank's Corsica was about to be repossessed. We snuck out on our bill so we had enough money to have the cab driver take us by White Castle for a sack of ten. My rattails are getting worse, and Frank says I'll have to move out of his basement as he's never watching hockey again.

July 2, 1994
I think I got Frank back on the hockey bandwagon when I told him that the Blues just signed Mike Keenan to be head coach and GM. Even though Frank and I once carried signs to a Blackhawks game that said, "Keenan is Satan", "Kennan Smells Like Poop", and "Hey Keenan, We Think You Suck", I have all the faith in the Blues now that Keenan's here.


July 5, 1994
Frank still isn't buying into the Keenan hype, but is more excited now that the Blues have acquired Al MacInnis. When I used to live in Frank's basement, we'd move the strip of coffee stained carpet by the TV and play NHLPA 93 and drink Busch beers until we passed out or puked on ourselves. I was always the Flames or Rangers because MacInnis and Mike Gartner had terrific slappers.

I miss Frank's basement.

April 29, 1995
The Blues suck. They lost to the Canucks 4 games to 3 in the first round of the playoffs. I'm starting to think that Keenan has an obsession with veteran players and hair gel. I also would like to take this "Towel Guy" to the wood shed. Ever since he showed up, I've lost my clout as the head cheerleader for the nosebleed section. I ran into him in the bathroom and was choking him with his towel, but security shot me with a taser. Shit didn't hurt though.


May 17, 1996
After 85 minutes of scoreless hockey, Wayne Gretzky turned the puck over at the blue line and Stevie Y scored on a wicked slapper. I don't even remember most of it. Frank and I drank three Mad Dog 20/20 bottles and were totally bombed when the game ended. Later that night, I smashed my Mike Keenan picture over Frank's head. I hate the Blues, man.

I love the Blues, man.

April 17, 1998
The Blues were down 3-0 to the Kings last night and came up with four power play goals on one power play. When Yake scored the game winner, I jumped on to the bar and chugged a bottle of Aristocrat.  It's funny because when I pulled up to the bar earlier in the day, everyone made fun of me for driving a Camaro, so I challenged them to a race and they all chickened out as usual.

Truth is, I had no idea whose car it was. I got into it by mistake at the strip clubs earlier that day. One too many shots of well whiskey, I guess!

Let's Go Blues!


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