I still can't believe I'm typing this but the Blues open the regular season Saturday in what will start a 48-game playoff atmposphere. Before we get into that, here's the VHS Box Cover for the Oprah/Lance interview special that my TV couldn't escape from Thursday.


You two suck out loud. And you blow, too.

God I feel better. .

Would you believe
Lance never used the word "fat" in the sit-down?

WWE Champion CM Punk trains with MMA's Gracie family. Not only that, the group trains with Ed O'Neill, a.k.a. Al Bundy from Married With Children. Here's a picture of the Gracie's, Punk, Al Bundy and Manti Te'o's girlfriend.

I would pay my television good money to replace this training session with the Media Whores And The Whores They Whore Around With

When we last left Blues fans Frank and Dino, they were celebrating the Blues' come-from-behind victory over the L.A. Kings in the 1998 playoffs (four power play goals on one power play ... thank you Geoff Courtnall). Now we see how Frank and Dino react to NHL lockouts with a trip through the early 21st Century. 

May 07, 2001
The Blues are on fire right now. We got past the Sharks in round one, and just completed a sweep of the Stars in round two. Now we're off to face Colorado. I'm really not concerned about the Avs, because we added Alexi Gusarov at the trade deadline.

I got fired from the Amoco station for stealing a carton of Parliaments. Screw them; I got a Blues zippo before I left. Let's Go Blues!

April 20, 2003
Vancouver beat us again in the playoffs. I'm not surprised; I've seen more defeats than any other hockey fan. I didn't expect much from a team that had Barasso, Sanford, Brathwaite, and Osgood in goal. Frank recently got married, and I'm living with my parents again. I drive a 1978 Duster to work every day, and don't think I'll ever watch hockey ever again.

At least Brathwaite killed it in the Welcome to Atlanta Remix

Viva La Vina!

Feb. 10, 2005
My life is in shambles man. Without hockey, what’s the point? I tried to get my bleed blue tattoo removed, but the guy at the shop said it’s permanent. Sucks because it’s on the side of my neck and everyone can see it.

Oh well, at least the River Otters got Barrett Jackman.

Oct. 5, 2005
Hockey is back!

I’m going to Taco Bell tonight because the Blues will get at least five goals. I’ve gone by T-Bell everyday since the lockout and asked the price of tacos be lowered, but the lady at the store said there’s nothing she could do about it. Now that the Blues are playing again, I’m pretty sure I’ll be munching on some Tacos from the change in my couch cushions.

I wish Frank was around.

Oct. 6 2005
The Blues got their asses handed to them by the Red Wings last night. I don’t even know who these players are, Frank is nowhere to be found, and Ken Wilson is in Hawaii. I miss Kenny.

I still think this is our year though.



Can't wait to see how Frank and Dino react and respond the Saturday opener against the Red Wings. 


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