On Monday the Big Dog Bernie Miklasz had a story about how much Colby Rasmus and Tony La Russa fail to get along with each other. Even though Colby and Tony later announced the two had a teachable moment over their latest spat, the fact remains that Rasmus might soon end up on the departed La Russa list. Either that or La Russa won't be back - history proves it's one or the other. This inevitably led to the creation of Cardinals who dislike Tony La Russa, which I originally wrote for the Boston-based  publication, Barstool Sports. I bring that up only because it explains the general voice towards the readers.

1B Tino Martinez – Guy who wins multiple world championships can’t get along with guy who gets to multiple world championship series and tanks them. Did you even remember Tino Martinez playing for the Cardinals? It was 2002/2003.

2B Adam Kennedy – Kennedy isn’t the greatest player but even he took offense to the fact that he was sporadically playing right field in the 2008 season. He also had his best offensive seasons before and after his time with La Russa.

3B Scott Rolen – When healthy, Rolen is one of the best 3B of his generation. He really is that good defensively, he’s a team leader and he provides a good dose of power in the lineup. Rolen strongly dislikes Tony La Russa. Sure, he patched things up with him last summer as a sign of good faith, but while Tony is busy outsmarting the world with his baseball intellect, Rolen is shooting animals and eating seasoned venison with his bare hands (and smiling knowing La Russa is a vegan).

SS Ozzie Smith – 15 times an All Star and one of the most well known and loved players during his time and yet, he and Tony La Russa despise each other. Impressively, it only took one Spring Training for La Russa to anger the Wizard, which was Ozzie’s only known dispute in St. Louis.

CF Jim Edmonds – The fact that he can come off as a drama queen should not block the fact that he was one of the most clutch players in La Russa’s most successful run in St. Louis. Somehow by the year 2007, Edmonds and Tony couldn’t stand each other.

LF Ron Gant – Remember Ron Gant? He was a big free agent acquisition for the Cardinals during La Russa’s first season (1996). By the time season three ended, Gant was gone and accused La Russa of being racist.

RF Ryan Ludwick – Ludwick was arguably the most clutch Cardinals hitter from 2008 on and played great defense and somehow never endeared himself to Tony La Russa’s circle of baseball people. He’ll never say it publicly but there is no human way he’s fond of the baseball brain. He was hitting .450 with RISP for the Cardinals in 2010 and got traded for Jake Westbrook. JAKE FUCKING WESTBROOK!

Bench, Kerry Robinson – You might not have heard of Robinson but he’s best known for appearing in Buzz Bissinger’s 3 Nights in August book as the utility player who hates La Russa and as the utility player La Russa hates. Are you sensing a pattern yet? 

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