Happy Thursday folks. Hope your Memorial Day weekend starts real soon.

Sure it's the Padres, but a sweep is a sweep and that's one thing the team failed to do early in the season when they won the first two games of the series. Lance Lynn is a tough cookie who never crumbles. Here's what the manager said
about Lynn's performance"He fought all day. He never really did find his rhythm, never found his slot. I think he was underneath the ball a little. He and Yadi (Molina) were working on different things trying to get him on top, get a little more downhill plane. I'm thinking about the fourth (inning), he found a little bit better groove, but by that point, he was fighting. Early on, he was catching a lot of plate. He just didn't find it as easy. You're going to have those days. Keeping us in the game was a good job."

While we're singing the praises of the scarred Cardinals, it should be noted that the Cincinnati Reds are surging. They've won 5 in a row and are 5 games over .500 for the first time this season. They're 1/2 game out of first place. A hiccup this weekend and the Cards will be out of 1st for the first time in 2012. 

As for tonight, it's Game 1 of 4 in an NLDS return engagement
with the Phillies

The Most Chase Daniel News You’ll Read All Year

If you’ve watched ESPN at all over the past week, you realize Saints quarterback Drew Brees is unhappy with his employer because the two sides can’t come together to formulate a contract extension. Sure it’s only May, but that doesn’t stop the WorldWide Leader from suffocating the headlines with it. As long as the NFL is a staple on the ESPN networks, the NFL offseason will remain in season year round.

Anyway, with Brees away from the Saints minicamp, Chase Daniel is leading the offense. So how’s it going
for the former Missouri Tigers QB?

“First and foremost, we miss Drew. This whole team, the community, the fans, everybody misses Drew, but we also realize right now we have to move on without him. Is a deal going to get done? Yes, I have faith. But right now it’s a great opportunity for myself to go in, show the type of skills I’ve (gained) ... and really earn the trust of the guys. I’m looking forward to it. Obviously, Drew runs the ship. I’m just here to get ready.”

Daniel’s teammates seem to have confidence in him. People like wide receiver Lance Moore, for example:

“It’s funny when you kind of listen to him and you’re like, ‘Is this Drew or is this Chase? There’s a lot of things that are similar. You kind of listen to him and the way he runs the drills and stuff like that and gets guys organized on the field. You can tell he’s been paying close attention to what Drew’s been doing. He hasn't played more (NFL) ball than a lot of the guys that are out there, but he definitely commands guys’ attention and he's got confidence out there, so it’s easy to go out there and play with him. He’s not a slouch. He wouldn’t be here if he was a slouch.”

On the defensive side, safety Roman Harper is
a happy camper with no Drew Brees picking him apart. 

"I'm actually going to really enjoy it. We're learning a new defense and we really don't know left from right in a lot of this stuff, so you don't want to get taken advantage of with Drew. You know he's going to pick us apart anyway, so why not get out here and learn what we can and can't do against Chase."

The new defense, of course, is coordinated by the most Rev. Steve Spagnuolo. Spagnuolo has issued a hug bounty to his players to reverse the Saints’ sinning. If an offensive player gets tackled and then hugged, the hugging party on the Saints defense will receive a $25 gift card to Golden Corral, fronted by Spagnuolo.

That's actually false. But Chase Daniel has been a busy bee the past month. Just last week, he won the home run derby at the Heath Evans Foundation Home Run Derby.






Finally, like a true player, Daniel took a picture
of his shoe closet to show everyone how he doesn’t have enough closet space for all 4,000 pairs of his shoes. He’s so rich!






Earlier this week, you may have seen the news that Tebowing will be a part of Madden ’13 video game. If you didn't,
read about it here. Tebowing was also a part of a high school graduation ceremony in Florida. Graduate Chuck Shriner won a $5 bet with his friends when he Tebowed during his announcement. Then he got to stay after and clean the gymnasium. 

His mother, a math teacher at the school who was angered by her son's actions, picked up his diploma Monday -- but only after he'd cleaned up the gymnasium where the graduation was held.

"They said what I did would give underclassmen inspiration to do something else, that it might lead to something else. So they were trying to set an example ... She was really mad. But I think it was worth it."

The message to high school students is this: if you want your name to become a household name in news and online media and win $5, simply do the Tebow. Then sweep the floors. Sounds like it's worth it to me. It used to be that people needed to murder someone to get their name nationally and globally known; now you just need to Tebow in public.

Daniel’s former tight end at Mizzou Chase Coffman was in line for more playing time in Tampa Bay since the Buccaneers
recently traded Kellen Winslow.  However, the Bucs signed Dallas Clark nixing that idea. Winslow, by the way, left his rental home in nasty state and is being sued. Classy.

Since we're entering Memorial Day Weekend and I just mentioned Kellen Winslow, Jr., let's honor the Winslow soldier rant. 





After nearly 9 years, that's still very rational.

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