Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone. Hope you're enjoying your time away from work and away from 4 game losing streaks that see your team lose by a combined score of 423-1. Lordy that was a cathartic victory for the Birdinals yesterday. Let's talk about the Rams.

When you take over a club that is 15-65 over the last five seasons, you distract the public from the record and instead have them focus on the
head coach's facial hair.  

The Rams' home opener will be known as Stache Bash. The image below is taken directly
off the Rams Web site.

For more on the Fisher mustache project, check out the American Mustache Institute, which has been in constant contact with
the Rams' Kevin Demoff: “Clearly we have great, long-term expectations for Coach Fisher in leading the Rams back to a championship caliber of football on the field,” Demoff told me via email. “But his mustache has made an immediate impact on this franchise and set the tone for what we expect to be a strong season.”

That's just super. 

The team traded 2011 4th Round pick Greg Salas to the Patriots for a late round pick in 2015. That's right; 2015. Salas showed great improvement and potential last season before breaking his leg in Arizona. I really don't get or like the trade at all. According to Jim Thomas, the coaching staff
wasn't impressed with his efforts of 2012.

Targeted five times in the preseason, Salas caught three passes for 14 yards. The staff couldn't have been happy in the preseason opener against Indianapolis when on a fourth-and-2 gamble from the St. Louis 32, Salas didn't run his route deep enough and was tackled after a 1-yard gain. There were times on the practice field at Rams Park when he missed a hot read, ran the wrong route or wasn't physical enough in the red zone.

Salas will be catching passes from Tom Brady and running routes for Josh McDaniels, the man who more or less drafted him. He'll be productive in New England, where he's valued more than the recently cut Deion Branch. My issue with the trade is simple, really: I'd rather have Greg Salas than Steve Smith or Austin Pettis. 

We'll see how Salas shakes out in New England but I'm pretty confident he'll do quite well and leave Rams fans wondering why he was traded for a carton of eggs.

The team also
cut Jerome Murphy, marking the 3rd Devaney draft pick to exit St. Louis in the span of one week.

Check out
Sunday's article by Uncle Bernie. It's full of great statistical information for the running back who's been handicapped by the incompetence of others around him.

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