If you were hoping for some sort of victorious knighthood, the Rams are sorry to inform you they misplaced their sword. That or the Rams were simply beaten by a superior opponent.

Here's what we learned in Week 7's 30-20 loss to the Packers.

1. Aaron Rodgers is in all those commercials for a reason.
Rodgers is 54/74 for 680 yards with nine touchdowns and zero interceptions in his last two games. Keep in mind this is against the Houston Texans pass defense (No. 2 ranked pass D heading into Week 6) and the Rams defense (no. 5 coming into Week 7). No quarterback is better than Rodgers at navigating the offense inside and outside the pocket. On Sunday, we witnessed what a real passing offense looks like with real wide receivers who can catch and run.

While Bradford is slinging out routs to Brandon Gibson for 11 yards, Rodgers is throwing downfield to Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. Must be nice.

2. Janoris Jenkins is still a rookie.
And rookies get picked on. Jenkins struggled in pass coverage for a second straight week, which follows his Week 6 performance in which he allowed completions on all eight passes sent his way. The previously mentioned Cobb and Nelson combined to catch 16 of the 17 targets thrown by Rodgers, many of them in Jenkins' direction. Don't think for a second that Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and a hungry-for-revenge Josh McDaniels won't take this into consideration before kickoff in London next weekend. 

3. The box score seems like a liar.
The box score says the Rams scored two touchdowns on three red zone possessions but both of those touchdowns came in the 4th quarter, with the game out of reach. The final score, a Bradford touchdown pass to Austin Pettis came inside two minutes of final frame and was more or less a morale-booster heading in to Week 8 at the Rams home away from home, Wembley Stadium. 

4. The Packers killed the Rams on third down
Green Bay successfully converted 9/15 third downs (60%), prolonging drives and setting up touchdowns in the process. On the flipside, the Rams converted 4/11 third downs, good for 36 percent. When the Rams failed to convert on 3rd and seven and 3rd and eight in the first half, they were forced to kick field goals on 4th down. Against the Green Bay Packers, this was enough of a death sentence. 

5. Even if the Rams and Patriots put on a show, it will pale in comparison to SummerSlam '92
When you get 80,000 screaming English hooligans in the background for one of the most epic Intercontinental title matches in history, what do you expect? 

The WWE championship match between Macho Man Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior wasn't too shabby, either.

Here's to a good trip in Jolly Old England. 

Screw it. Let's watch some Flying Circus episodes while we're at it. Silly walks, anyone?


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