Happy Halloween everyone.

Perhaps more than Christmas, Halloween is THE holiday for kids. It's also a holiday for adolescents and young adults to get wasted and dress like hookers, smoke joints in the bathroom and maybe even dress as a shower before getting
chased down by a sensei's henchmen (only to be saved by a Japanese janitor).

That's besides the point, though. See below for some of the Halloween-related videos that very likely cluttered your life growing up.

It's a good time.

Here's the Mr. Bill spin-off Pizza Head for Pizza Hut

That commercial is nothing like Ronald McDonald being scrred with talking McNuggets, however.

Not sure I would want old Ronnie hanging with my kids on Halloween, but that's just me.

Last but not least from McDonald's, we go back to 1979 where, apparently, the talking Jack-O-Lantern is hanging out in front of the exact same scary castle as Ronald McDonald 10 years later. Don't say you don't get investigative journalism here, people.

If only he'd capitalize on today's zombie fascination.

You can't talk cereal and Halloween and fail to mention Count Chocula, Frankenberry and BooBerry.


You didn't know this but in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, she had the monster eating deep-fried cheese-infused corn chips. 

Frankenstein freaking loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups too. Who doesn't, though?

He devours Honey Nut Cheerios, too.

And enjoys Diet Coke while being banged blow-up style. Just real weird.

Tell you what: anybody who drinks or offers Zima this year scares the shit out of me.

I'll never forget the time I took a jar of peanut butter to the movies. 

I think the guy in the next spot actually worked at the Dunkin Donuts that used to be on Manchester near 141 and Sulphur Springs Rd.

Time to crack open a box of Micro Machines. Remember when the fast-talker played the role of "Terrible Testeverde" on Saved by the Bell? You'd think that would have caused Jesse Spano to overdose on caffeine pills ... not a pipe-dream music career.

You can't celebrate Halloween commercials and not celebrate El Vira and her supple bosom. 

It's getting to the point where I can't believe I didn't get more Doritos for Halloween as a kid.

Freaking loved Toys 'R Us as a kid. 

Final proof of the awesomeness of Count Chocula and Frankenberry ... they started the fake mustache craze years ago. 


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