Happy Wednesday folks. Hope your political hangover isn't crippling you -- regardless of outcomes. Political season and political ads can do just as much damage as a result not panning out for you.

This weekend the Rams will hope to do what our Cardinals could not do: travel from St. Louis to San Francisco and bring home a winner (thanks for the reminder, Imig). 

Don't count on a victory. It's going to be beating. Even though Rams fans have long been suffering, this is still only year one of the Jeff Fisher project. It's a difficult pill to swallow, but it's the reality of the situation. He's not responsible for the past five seasons of putrid play (give or take an upset of the Saints).


Cris Collinsworth would absolutely be the most non-committal crime-fighting "superhero" in history. He'd second guess every plan to stop an incident of crime while offering up the hypothetical inverse that could also happen and "maybe, you know, this could be the maturation of this string of robberies". 

I watch a lot of football.


The Rams should see an improvement in the passing game with the scheduled return of Danny Amendola. The lone bright spot during Amendola's absence has been the continued progression of rookie WR Chris Givens. A returning Amendola should help things.

In the meantime, some former Rams WR made some plays in Week 9. 

DaNario Alexander - Remember him? Of course you do. He's the beast with Robocop legs and knees.

Alexander started for the Chargers last week and hauled in three catches for 61 yards. Chargers fans are
already calling for him to start every game in place of the off-season prize Robert Meachem. Good for Danario.

Donnie Avery - Avery hauled in eight catches for 108 yards in the Colts' 23-30 win over Miami Sunday. Not bad for a guy who wasn't good enough to stay on the Rams roster before last season (even though he was productive when healthy on some really bad Rams teams). 

Andrew Hawkins - I've mentioned him several times this year, but he was signed by the Rams in Jan. 2011 but released in August of that year. He's a speedy receiver with great playmaking abilities. For the season, Hawkins has 31 receptions for 378 yards and two touchdowns. 

The point in bringing this up is that any of these three players would be better to have on the roster than Steve Smith.


During the Eagles thrashing at the hands of the Saints on Monday Night Football, Michael Vick's brother Marcus took to the social media airwaves to voice his disdain and displeasure for the mess that is the Philadelphia Eagles.

At one point, Marcus demanded the Eagles trade the Brothers Vick out of Philly, a Tweet the Fresh Prince's Auntie no doubt frowned upon.

Soon after, the Tweet was removed and Marcus made light of the post. For evidence of Marcus' Tweet session
go here.

Before you shake your head and throw your hands up wondering why anything Marcus says is noteworthy, rest assured it isn't.

But for the sake of conversation, let's impugn the integrity of the accused.

Marcus Vick is the same man who once
waved a gun at taunting fans in the parking lot of a Virginia McDonald's -- one day after declaring himself for the NFL draft in Jan. 2006. Perhaps this was his way of implementing the "billions served" slogan.

One week earlier at the Gator Bowl, Marcus
stomped on Elvis Dumervil's leg as if it was a flaming bag of poop on his front porch. Vick said it was an accident and said he apologized to Dumervil, although Elvis denied this fact.

The ultimate irony in the linked video above showing the accused stomping on Dumervil's leg is that brother Michael Vick is in the broadcast booth at the time. Just before the leg stomping, Michael says Marcus has taken "all the right steps" to improve as a quarterback.

Beyond that, there is that whole pinata of molestation/DUI/fleeing the scene/contraband charges from 2006-2009.

And the trade deadline passed already.

So yeah ... I'm sure the Eagles will pay attention to Marcus' demands. A lot of credibility that guy has.

For his part, brother Michael has
frowned on his brother's words


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# brockohol
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:22 PM
Cmon man...these guys were either useless or injured for the majority of the time with the Rams. Alexander just got healthy and Avery actually got hurt on Sunday...so, how about we give these two of I
# brockohol
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:24 PM
dont know...3 games of injury free success before we start saying how the Rams shouldnt have got rid of them.

Did you also bring up how the Cardinals shouldnt have traded Rasmus when he was in the midst of a two week hot streak this past summer?
Pat Imig
# Pat Imig
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:29 PM
The point is any three of them would be better than Steve Smith. And to update everyone how they're doing. It's fun to see Danario succeed.

And yes, him playing in any one game and catching any one pass is success when you factor in everything he's been through.
# brockohol
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:43 PM
I hear ya...Ive just heard alot of people bashing the Rams because some random guy who was not useful in St. Louis is now somewhat useful elsewhere as if the Rams should have looked into the future to see that this injury riddled player may one day stay healthy for 1 or 2 games and put up decent numbers...there fore we should keep him on the roster when and if that ever happens. For the record Im not a Rams apologist, I could care less about them. And its good to see Denario come back, hope he stays healthy.

I think it all goes back to the Captain Hindsight Slaten followers who like to scower the majors looking for a player that did not work out with LaRussa/Cardinals and then the second he has some moderate success (Jorge Sosa, Brendan Ryan, Scott Rolen, Ludwick) call out the Cardinals for being sooooo stupid to not keep these guys around.
Off The Record
# Off The Record
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 3:26 PM
People are still doing the whole, DaNario Alexander thing, huh? Look, he's fine for about 4 games.

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