Happy Friday everyone. 

Hostess is
no longer in business. That means that unless the assets and recipes are sold, you won't be able to eat Twinkie's and Ho--Hos.. Ditto for Wonder Bread. 

Blast from the past: remember the Hostess Chocodiles? Sure you do, vaguely. Read about its elusiveness
right here.

Pretty awesome jerseys for Saturday home games.
From KMOX:

The Saturday home game jersey displays “St. Louis” rather than “Cardinals” for the first time since 1932. DeWitt told KMOX the redbirds seen on the new jerseys have a more detailed embroidery meaning there will also be a change to the home and away jerseys.

The alternative jersey does not have a player number in the front, but the home and away front numbers will be slightly shorter. The back of the jersey will remain the same.

The Cardinals Official Team Store will be selling all the new uniform items starting Friday at 10:00am. The team store is the exclusive seller of the items in the St. Louis area until after Thanksgiving when it will be available at other area retailers.

Those are pretty solid. Good old-time baseball feel and flare. 

The 20 hottest
photos of Jessica Biel. You're welcome.

The Rams are 3.5 point favorites at the dome on Sunday. If they lose to Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan, they will be rightfully embarrassed. 

Despite New York’s problems, this game breaks down as a tight one. Passer Rating Differential and Offensive Passer Rating fall more heavily in the Rams’ favor, so St. Louis seems to have what it takes to win outright, though probably not by more than a field goal.

Sam Bradford played really well in Week 10 at San Francisco and should continue that strong play against a Jets team that struggles to put pressure on the passer.

Keep in mind that, as bad as the Jets offense has been (19.4 PPG), they still score more points than the Rams (17.9). However, I would argue the Rams' PPG avg is skewed by the absence of Danny Amendola. With Amendola back last week against the stingy 49ers, the team scored 24 points.

One thing to consider: as bad as the Jets seem, New York has faced the daunting task of playing six Quality Opponents (1-5), tied for most in the NFL, which has certainly added to their struggles. 

What do you think? 23-20 Rams? Sure. We'll take what we can get at this point.
In the meantime, check out these
signs of progress for the Rams and why it spells trouble for the Jets. 

Jeff Fisher, by the way, is
not impressed by Mark Sanchez

I miss freaking hockey. I really miss vintage fights between the Blues and Red Wings. "HERE COMES CHEVELDAE ... CURTIS JOSEPH GRABS CHEVELDAE AND JOSEPH WITH THREE GREAT RIGHTS ON CHEVELDAE!!!"

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