Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Family and Others,

The St. Louis Rams were favored to win yesterday and laid a colossal egg.

They played like they expected to win simply by showing up. For some reason, the Rams put the game on autopilot after their first offensive possession. 

Here are some things we learned in the Week 11 abomination.

1. Sam Bradford Needs to be More Consistent
We'll start with the quarterback since it's a quarterback's game and league. Bradford was 6/8 for 60 yards and a touchdown on the opening drive. From that point forward, he was a miserable 17/36 for 84 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 lost fumble and was sacked three times. Overall he averaged 3.47 Yards Per Pass Attempt, which is vomitous.

His interception early in the second quarter was a horribly lazy throw and proved to be a microcosm for the Rams on Sunday.

On the flipside, the Rams once scary defense made Mark Sanchez look like a credible passer. Sanchez completed 15/20 for 178 yards and one TD. Even when the Jets couldn't get out of their own way and halted their offensive momentum by using The Tebow, the Rams couldn't capitalize. 

2. The Rams coaches were overmatched and soundly defeated
Consider that after the Rams opening drive, the team was outscored 27-6.

Consider that the team foolishly failed their two-point conversion attempt down 27-13 in the fourth quarter. 

Consider that the Rams ran the ball 13 times with Steven Jackson on a day when Sam Bradford dropped back to pass 49 times. Even when you add the six carries for 26 yards from Daryl Richardson, the Rams ran the ball less than 20 times with their two runners. The Rams averaged 5.7 Yards Per Attempt rushing. Why the team chose to abandon the run is puzzling.

Consider that the team appeared to set their tempo to cruise control after the first offensive drive of the game. 

Consider that the Jets defense had answers for Brian Schottenheimer's Rams offense. 

Consider that before Week 11, the NY Jets were winless against the NFC West, having been defeated by the 49ers and Seahawks by a combined score of 62-7. The Jets exacted some of that NFC West revenge in a big way. 

3. Penalties Haunted the Rams Once Again

Said Steven Jackson: "Turnovers and penalties, they just hurt us. It was kind of like stubbing your toe."

If that's the case, the Rams toe would have been amputated when all was said and done. A holding penalty negated a Chris Givens punt return for a touchdown. An illegal motion penalty negated a 17 yard catch and run for Lance Kendricks. The final box score says the Rams were only penalized five times for 30 yards, but it doesn't tell the story that the Rams are once again living Groundhog Day.

4. Rex Ryan is the King Hippo of Coaches
Full of sound and fury, loud, bombastic and asking to be punched. 

Unfortunately, the Rams put up less of a fight than Little Mac would have. 

You know what the worst part of watching the Jets on TV is? The freaking sideline pans on Tebow, Sanchez, Sparano and Rex Ryan. 

5. The Rams Defense Hasn't Forced a Turnover in Five Straight Games
Not surprisingly, the Rams haven't won in five straight games. The Rams haven't won since Oct. 4th. 

The biggest killer for the Rams defense was stopping the Jets on third down. The Jets converted 7/15 on third downs, which is pretty pathetic when you consider Mark Sanchez is the quarterback and Antonio Cromartie occassionally plays offense.



Honestly, that about sums it up for the Rams in Week 11.


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