Last week, we talked about Sam Bradford leading the team to victory in Week 13. The fact is, the Rams had a plan going in to keep themselves in the game. Without Danny Amendola, the Rams played it safe in the passing game.

In that regard, Bradford passed the test. He was very efficient, completing 26/39 passes for 221 yards. He also rushed three times for 31 yards, the bulk of which came on the team's game-tying drive to force OT.

While it wasn't passing with flying colors, I would say Bradford did lead his team to victory, even if the defense had to score the touchdown.


Sam Bradford and the Rams have completed seven passes of 40 or more yards through 12 games in 2012, which matches the total the team completed in 2011 and 2010 combined. From Jim Thomas'
article in the Post.

“I’ve been fortunate to be around some really good quarterbacks. I’ve never been around a guy that throws the deep ball better than Sam. I mean it’s really unbelievable. I know Coach Fisher and I talk about it all the time, and then he hits one in practice and we look at each other like, ‘OK, here we go again.’ And then there’s another one.”
If you're wondering what quarterbacks Brian Schottenheimer has been around, here's the list. I'll let you decide which ones were really good.

Mark Sanchez

Kellen Clemens

Brett Favre

Chad Pennington

Vinny Testaverde

Drew Brees

Tony Banks

Rich Gannon 

Elvis Grbac

Okay, so Rich Gannon, Chad Pennington, Drew Brees and Brett Favre were all pretty awesome at one point or another or for the bulk of a career. 

For Schottenheimer to say Bradford throws the best deep ball does indeed carry a lot of weight. This is one reason the Fisher regime is dead serious and consistent with their message that Bradford is their guy.

For those of us who can be impatient Rams fans, this is something to keep in mind.

Click the image to watch/listen. Great stuff as always from NFL Films.





As we've seen, the Rams have shown plenty of gonads in recent weeks, twice going toe-to-toe with the mighty 49ers and emerging with a 1-0-1 record. They also beat up the QB-less Cardinals, 31-17. In between, the Rams somehow managed to get toasted at home by Mark Sanchez and the Jets. Sorry for the reminder.

For those of you keeping score at home, the Rammies are indeed little Rammies against the AFC East, having gone 0-3 this season.

The Bills, meanwhile, beat up the Jaguars last week, 34-18, displaying some of the offensive firepower that seems to come and go with this team.

The biggest difference between the two clubs is glaring: the Rams are 2-3-1 against teams with winning records while the Bills are 0-5.

In what may come as a surprise, the Rams better than Buffalo in Offensive Passer Rating and Defensive Passer Rating.

The big showdown will be in the trenches, when Buffalo’s No. 8-ranked Offensive Hogs slop around in the trough against the Rams’ No. 7-ranked Defensive Hogs.

On paper, the Rams are the better team. They should produce a slightly better score.

But they should have beaten up the Jets, too. 

Proceed with caution, gambling-types, but if you must, take the Rams and the three points they're being spotted in Vegas.

If this Bills fan hasn't died of heart-explosion over the course of the past 20 years, I'd be shocked. He's part Chris Farley, part Hacksaw Jim Duggan on crack.





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