DUH! Police arrested Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah early this morning on charges of possession of marijuana and having an open container of alcohol.
DUH! Man trains to be new employee at 7-11 so he can steal cash from register
DUH! Homeless Woman Who Lived Undetected in Japanese Man's Closet for a Year Caught
DUH! Dumbshit Director Rejects Stacy Keibler's Personal Desire To Go Topless In His Film, And So By The Time He Comes To His Senses, She's Rejected The Role
DUH!  Men prefer being solo over a bad marriage: study
DUH!  Stuntman Steve-O pleads guilty to possessing cocaine
DUH! Autopsy Finds Marijuana, Alcohol in Teenager Killed by San Francisco Zoo Tiger
DUH! Couple Stockpiling Gas Blamed for Apartment Blaze; 45 gallons kept in same closet as containing air conditioning unit
DUH! 'Thong bandits' surrender to Colorado police; used underwear as disguise to rob store
DUH! Two rescued after ride on Sangamon River -- they were floating on inflatable mattress
DUH! 7 Arrested for Cheering at High School Graduations
DUH! $188,000 found tossed in trash
DUH! Study: Women in Bikinis Make Men More Impulsive
DUH! Police Kill Man Who Stomped Baby to Death
DUH! Brewers slugger Prince Fielder owes $400K in back taxes
DUH! Americans drive 1.4 billion fewer highway miles
DUH!  Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to police assault
DUH! Amy Winehouse has emphysema
DUH! A-B much more than beer to St. Louis
DUH! Former Chicago Bear Cedric Benson ordered to install ignition lock breathalyzer in car
DUH! As Imus explains himself, Pacman says he'll pray for radio host
DUH! Bikini Jell-O Wrestler Arrested for Assault
DUH!  Driver arrested after speeding 22 times in 45 days
DUH!  Man auctions off his life, sale price disappoints
DUH! Steven Tyler admits he entered rehab for drug addiction
DUH! Armed Robbers Steal $1.1M as Post Office Guards Watch Euro 2008 Final
DUH! Raise your hand if you didn't see this one: Favre has 'itch' to ditch retirement, report to camp
DUH! Chrysler to offer more distractions when you drive: cellular internet access
DUH! Your gas money for a flat screen?
DUH! Man arrested three times in 14 hours
DUH! Police: Man fakes heart attacks to avoid paying restaurant bills, cab fares
DUH!  9 hurt in 1st day of Spain's running of the bulls
DUH! Teenager accelerates so he could run over lit fireworks, hits and kills man instead
DUH! US Airways to cut in-flight movies to save on fuel costs
DUH!  Tiger Woods to be first billionaire athlete
DUH! Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify
DUH! Family: Woman With 5 Dead Husbands Obsessed With Cash, Can't Be Trusted
DUH! Thief who stole cash from victim returns within minutes, begging for the wallet he left behind
DUH!  NFL to review tape for evidence of on-field gang signs
DUH! Friend of the Site, Andy Dick, was arrested this morning by California cops on drug and sexual battery charges
DUH! Groom Charged With Setting Best Man on Fire After He Paid for Wedding
DUH! Cop Fired for Using Badge to Demand Free Starbucks
DUH! Michelle Wie fails to sign scorecard, DQ'd from State Farm Classic
DUH! Burglary Suspects Found Sleeping on Stolen Hammock, Pillows
DUH! R.I. Police Arrest Man With Record .491 Blood Alcohol Level
DUH! Air Force Missile Launch Crew Falls Asleep on the Job
DUH! Drunk Women Try to Open Plane Door for 'Fresh Air'
DUH! Man Arrested After Trying to Fill Up Car With Jet Fuel
DUH! Oakland A's to have Root Beer Float Day to benefit...Juvenile Diabetes?
DUH! Skateboarding on a roof with skylights doesn't mix
DUH!  Packers players fed up with Favre saga
DUH! 26 Texas Cheerleaders Squeeze Into Elevator, Get Stuck
DUH! EA Sports to offer downloadable Madden 09 cover that show Brett Favre in a Jets uniform
DUH! Gifted Student Hospitalized After Drinking Liquid Nitrogen
DUH!  "Bigfoot" fails DNA test
DUH! Kentucky Sheriff Drives 4,100 Miles to Pick Up Wrong Fugitive in California
DUH! Jennifer Lopez can't understand why Michael Phelps is getting more attention than she is
DUH!  Researcher says bigfoot just a rubber gorilla suit
DUH! Critics Slam Elizabeth Edwards for Silence on Husband's Affair
DUH! Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to Include 'Porn Mode'
DUH! Regular customer robs gas station after filling out money order minutes earlier
DUH! Apple boss Steve Jobs' obituary accidentally published by Bloomberg News
DUH! College Throws Away Painting Worth Millions
DUH! Man Rams Car Into Playboy Mansion Gates
DUH! Men parachute into wrong football stadium
DUH! Iowa man accused of offering bribe with sandwich
DUH! Ever wonder if your doctor is laughing at you?
DUH! In an upcoming book by Jeff Pearlman on the Cowboys, it's revealed that former All-Pro Charles Haley liked to pleasure himself wherever he wanted -- really
DUH! Eddie Vedder writes a tune for his beloved Chicago Cubs titled 'All the Way'
DUH! Inmate sues prison system over moldy mattress; wins $295K in damages
DUH! From the 'no shit dept.' -- Clay Aiken comes out of the closet
DUH! 'No shit dept.' in full swing: Lohan confirms relationship with Ronson
DUH! Heather Locklear cited for DUI, with mugshot for your perusal
DUH! Mark Wahlberg not a fan of 'SNL' skit spoofing him
DUH! Suspended NFLer Adam 'Pacman' Jones to enter alcohol rehab
DUH! Exxon-Mobil posts net profit of $14.3 billion, largest in U.S. history
DUH! Voting machines could bring Election Day glitches...CNN is there
DUH! Paris Hilton: Men exploit me for sex or money
DUH! 7 TV School Elections with Important Lessons
DUH! Bar offers free drinks for every state Obama won, party ends in bouncer getting shot
DUH! Someone paid for it: Study finds that bullies get kick out of seeing others in pain
DUH! Singer McCready regrets affair with Roger Clemens
DUH! It's official: the U.S. is in a recession
DUH! Flashing Girls Prompt Disneyland to Can 'Jack Sparrow' Actors
DUH! Early converters to digital set top boxes realize you can get more channels, better pictures
DUH! Verne Troyer's last shred of dignity is.....gone
DUH! Secret U.S. State Dept. documents accidentally sold at auction in Israel
DUH! Andy Richter to come back and join Conan
DUH! Lindsay Lohan Crashes Her $100,000 Maserati
DUH! Fifteen Patients Die as Earth Hour Kills Life Support in Hospital
DUH! Alexander Ovechkin shows us how to almost die via garage door
DUH! Oklahoma AD: Courtney Paris doesn't need to pay school back despite her guarantee
DUH! Study finds link between Facebook use, lower grades in college
DUH! Alexander Ovechkin’s Epic Night At A Strip Club
DUH! The Lingerie Football League Is Not Immune To The Cruel Economic Realities Of America
DUH! 'Jack Bauer' doesn't care for set designers, headbutts one while drunk
DUH! Neighbor: Jon and Kate of '...Plus 8' fame just together for money
DUH! Juror gets "extremely bored," walks out, now faces jail time
DUH! Cubs' Zambrano faces suspension from MLB
DUH! Porn Comes to the iTunes App Store
DUH! Ex-Yankee Leyrtiz accused of battery in Fla.
DUH! Money lured Memphis recruit to play overseas instead of in college
DUH! Texting drivers 23 times more apt to crash
DUH! Sunbeds elevated to top cancer risk level
DUH! Prostitution, drug activity found at topless Rio pool
DUH! LenDale White diet tips - “Cut Patron intake!”
DUH! Man fined $675,000 for stealing music, says theft 'came naturally'
DUH! New Jersey Discovers That Giants, Jets, Nets Don't Fully Love Them
DUH! Everyone hates the Cubs
DUH! Semenya withdraws from race amidst reports she's hermaphrodite
DUH! UN 'expert': Child porn on Internet on the rise
DUH! Top 10 Old School Frozen TV Dinners and Bonus Vintage Ads
DUH! Monday Night Football Makes Brett Favre Horny
DUH! Someone On Reality TV Finally Busts An Implant
DUH! 2012 isn't the end of the world, Mayans insist
DUH! Scrutiny on 'Balloon Boy' family in Colorado
DUH! Italian Prime Minister: I don't like my job
DUH! Bob Greise Suspended for "Taco" Remark
DUH! Hulk Hogan returning to pro wrestling
DUH! Chiefs Fans to Owner: Fire Larry Johnson!!
DUH! Phillies pick up Lee’s $9 million option
DUH! Reasons Why the World Won't End in 2012
DUH! 7 Facebook Photos That Will Get You Defriended
DUH! Barry Bonds Doesn't Play Baseball Anymore
DUH! Why Men should not write Advice Columns
DUH! Poker Phenom Phil Ivey Flushes His Marriage
DUH! NBA Gun Incident Grand Jury Bound
DUH! Is the internet running slow for you?
DUH! Ex-Gov. Blagojevich: Saying he was blacker than Obama was 'stupid'
DUH! The #1 reason why the NBA is difficult to watch
DUH! GM: No more free Escalades for Tiger Woods
DUH! Big-screen porn snarls traffic in Moscow
DUH! Attn Users: 5 More Reasons Why IE6 Must Die
DUH! Say goodbye to the little stores who sell NFL jerseys
DUH! Heidi Montag's album: $2M to make, 1,000 copies sold
DUH! John Edwards, wife separate after official word that he fathered child with mistress
DUH! Twenty People Who Are Cooler Than You
DUH! T.O. & Ludacris -- Connoisseurs of the Booty
DUH! Who Made Biggest Super Bowl Bet? Phil Ivey
DUH! MTV Removes “Music Television” From Iconic Logo
DUH! It’s like spitting, picking, and grunting -guys can’t help it. (30 photos)
DUH! Woods' Mistress: I Was Pregnant 2X
DUH! John Daly's PGA Personnel File Is Appropriately Thick
DUH! 10,000 Microsoft Employees Secretly Use iPhones
DUH! That was quick – Ari Fleischer gets booted from Team Tiger
DUH! Twenty five minutes on Chatroulette.com is like a drill to the head
DUH! Tiger Woods Slept With Neighbor's Daughter
DUH! 5 Phone Apps For College That Need To Happen
DUH! Tiger gets only one heckle, from the sky
DUH! All NFL Coaches and GMs Lie
DUH! In tech world, porn leads the way
DUH! 9 Reasons People Hate Tim Tebow
DUH! Kobe Bryant’s Life Is Better Than Yours: Part 2,174
DUH! Five Guys Is Good, Just Ask Phil Mickelson
DUH! BREAKING: Lindsay Lohan is a dumbass
DUH! Gobbled: Google Pac-Man Chomps Office Productivity
DUH! Khloe Kardashian: 'I'm just fat'
DUH! Five Ways To Tell You're Eating Americanized Mexican Food
DUH! Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart get hitched
DUH! Hero Shot While Foiling Bank Robbery; Sues Bank
DUH! FIFA president admits referees made mistakes at World Cup
DUH! Productivity Took a Dive During World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC]
DUH! The First Thing Young Women Do in the Morning: Check Facebook
DUH! LeBron James booed at Carmelo Anthony's wedding
DUH! Woman with world’s largest breasts fights for life
DUH! Facebook Co-Founder Says He Didn't Get As Much Sex And Booze
DUH! Joakim Noah Spotted In His Natural Habitat: Shopping For Bongs
DUH! It's Time for Lady Gaga to Go Away
DUH! Ron Jeremy -- Sheen 'Totally Sober' at Playboy Party
DUH! Surprise! Boobs affect tipping
DUH! Pat Burrell does celebrity bartending gig, works on a certain POA
DUH! The Crap We Put Up With To Get On An Airplane
DUH! Hooker Claims Affair With Married Wayne Rooney
DUH! NFL TV blackouts loom in several cities
DUH! Ten Acts More Deserving Of Super Bowl Halftime Show than the Black Eyed Peas
DUH! Wi-Fi Seen As Critical To Relationships, Life In General
DUH! Recession In Sports: Dez Bryant drops $54k on dinner for the Cowboys
DUH! Picture Of The Day: What You Lookin’ At Tiger?
DUH! Tim Lincecum dropping yet another celebratory f-bomb that made it onto cable TV
DUH! Woman Stabs Fellow Student During Anger Management Class
DUH! 5 athletes you shouldn’t go to the club with
DUH! We Call That Prescription Medication In California
DUH! Where Weren’t Giants Fans Smoking Weed Last Night?
DUH! Eleven reasons the pizza delivery guy will love you
DUH! Why I Don't Cook At Home
DUH! FBI's Cam Newton Probe Expands to Auburn Booster
DUH! 4 in 10 say Marriage is Becoming Obsolete
DUH! Facebook Wants To Be Your First Stop Online
DUH! Top 10 Things Dudes Should Never Do at an NFL Game
DUH! The 5 Actors Overlooked for Oscar Gold
DUH! The Top Ten Things Never To Say To Your Boss
DUH! 'We're out of your league' Victoria's Secret star warns ordinary men
DUH! Lenny Dykstra's escort details their encounter
DUH! Controversial World Cup ref admits to being heroin smuggler
DUH! We are in a golden age of awful television
DUH! Rick Dipietro drops ‘F’ bomb on live TV, announcers surprised
DUH! Before You Sell a House, Remove All Dildos
DUH! The Dumbest Porn Movie Cliches That Need To Change
DUH! BP Says Spill Settlement Terms Are Too Generous
DUH! Jeopardy! computer smashes human, computers to take over the World
DUH! Marijuana's Active Ingredient Improves Cancer Patients' Appetites
DUH! Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quit
DUH! Charlie Sheen Winning Mashup Wins Big Time….Duh
DUH! Happiness improves health and lengthens life, review finds
DUH! Charlie Sheen: "I'm really starting to lose my mind"
DUH! Study: Women Post More on Facebook to Boost Self-Image
DUH! Most Twitter Users Don't Use Twitter
DUH! Study: Smartphone Users Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year On Unnecessary Contracts
DUH! Girls Watch Porn, Too
DUH! 25 People Who Are Way Cooler Than You
DUH! People have twice as many virtual friends as real ones
DUH! Here’s Why You Should Never Post Your Mom’s Photo To A Message Board
DUH! America: The world's funniest country?
DUH! Digital Flirting — Easy to Do and Easy to Get Caught
DUH! Of Course Strip Dodgeball Should Be An Olympic Sport
DUH! Most Women Won't Marry an Unemployed Man
DUH! The Dumbest Way to Pick a Personal Trainer
DUH! FIFA president says match-fixers will be banned for life
DUH! White House Staffers Got a Raise Last Year, And You Did Not
DUH! Russia classifies beer as alcoholic
DUH! Top Ten Men's Body Hair Mistakes
DUH! You’re Not the Only One Who Fakes Texting to Avoid Human Contact
DUH! Hard Work Never Killed Anyone, But Why Risk It?
DUH! Why Poor People Hate Helping Other Poor People
DUH! Top 10 Online Dating Red Flags
DUH! Women Drivers Are Worse Than Men, According to Study
DUH! Women Should Flaunt It at Work
DUH! Every Airline Should Board Airplane Passengers Like This (It Cuts Boarding Time in HALF)
DUH! Drinking Water In Space Can Be Challenging
DUH! Sex Pot: Marijuana and Sex Are Lots of Fun Together
DUH! NFL orders clubs: Show fantasy stats at stadiums this year
DUH! On Facebook, Every Relationship Is Complicated
DUH! Why you wouldn’t want to become an Icelandic fisherman
DUH! Postal Workers Swiped, Sold Seized Narcotics
DUH! Because Of Course There Was Going To Be A "Human Centipede" Jack-O-Lantern
DUH! Lindsay Lohan Will Pose For Playboy
DUH! Dear Apple, Please Make My iPhone 4S Battery Life Suck Less
DUH! Why the Muppets Need to Host the Oscars
DUH! 21 Places You Should Never Take Pictures With An iPad
DUH! The Future According To Movies
DUH! Nine Reasons You Shouldn't Friend Your Parents On Facebook
DUH! Jets QB Mark Sanchez hits end zone twice
DUH! The Worst Types of People to Sit By While Traveling
DUH! Tom Brady uses shady methods to obtain copyrighted material just like the rest of us
DUH! The Top Ten Drinks Real Men Don't Order
DUH! Who Needs Celebrity Friends When You've Got Photoshop?
DUH! Artie Lange on runner's high vs. heroin high
DUH! Jose Canseco Has Been Banned For PEDs
DUH! 25 Things You Say During Sex And What You Really Mean
DUH! Peyton Manning leaves generous tip, server gets fired for posting a photograph of bill
DUH! Gas Stations Dont Really Make Money On Gas
DUH! A Gallery Of Guys Caught Staring At Cheerleaders
DUH! Athlete says staying a virgin is 'harder than training for the Olympics'
DUH! James Franklin wants assistant coaches with hot wives
DUH! 15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever
DUH! 22 Pictures of People Who Shouldn't Be Dressed as Spider-Man
DUH! The NBA Surprisingly Doesn’t Approve Of The Miami Heat’s Porn Star Fans
DUH! 25 Photos of Girls Being Jealous of Other Girls
DUH! 10 Other Animals That Deserve Their Own Week
DUH! Seven TV Channels That Forgot What They’re About
DUH! No One Looks Like Seal
DUH! 15 Athletes Who Are Really Good At Getting Women Pregnant
DUH! 22 Unexpected Downsides to Being a Zombie
DUH! C.M. Punk Slugs Spectator On WWE Raw, But It Was Probably Worked [UPDATE: Maybe Not]
DUH! Jim Cantore Pretty Disgusted With Hurricane Sandy Jet Ski Bro
DUH! 'The Simpsons' Taught Us All We Need to Know About Politics
DUH! The Friendzone is a Cold and Lonely Place
DUH! Real Men Swear
DUH! The Ikea Monkey is More Stylish Than You
DUH! Holiday Wrapping Paper Nobody Wants
DUH! This Florida Fan Was Not Enjoying The Sugar Bowl
DUH! Basketball Mascots That Should Never Dunk
DUH! The Male Inner Monologue
DUH! You Probably Shouldn't Flip Off The Judge at Your Arraignment
DUH! Your Desktop Could Use More Calvin & Hobbes
DUH! Coffee Table Books That Didn't Sell
DUH! 25 People Who Were Born To Do Their Jobs
DUH! Jack Nicholson is Still an Amazing Old Perv
DUH! Russian Dog Fetches Vodka
DUH! Bacon Nachos Look Brilliantly Delicious
DUH! Brain Freeze Competition Ends in Pain
DUH! Is the NBA rigged? You decide
DUH! College Football Program Accused Of Racism And Bribery
DUH! Lance Berkman really, really hates Wrigley Field
DUH! Why do I strip? Dancer posts pic of the cash she makes in just ONE shift
DUH! 26 Things That Scientifically Prove That Dave Grohl Is The Coolest Dude In Music
DUH! 30 Athlete Instagrams That Were Just a Bad Idea
DUH!  Hockey Players Are Tougher Than Baseball Players - 10 Stunning Stories
DUH! Sex and alcohol make you happier than kids and religion, study finds
DUH! 105-Year-Old Texas Woman Reveals Bacon as her Secret behind Long Life
DUH! Advice To NASCAR Fans: If The Camera Cables Break, Get The F**k Out Of The Way
DUH! These Things Are All So True....
DUH! Vin Scully Crushed It On Dodgers Twitter Takeover Last Night
DUH! Chipper Jones says he won’t watch games umpired by Angel Hernandez
DUH! Mets ace Matt Harvey says Derek Jeter is his 'model': 'Just look at the women he’s dated ... that’s where I want to be'
DUH! The Trailer for the World’s First-Ever Google Glass Porn Has Arrived
DUH! 17 Signs You're Too Old For Music Festivals
DUH! Yasiel Puig Might Have Said, ‘F*ck The Media’ But Totally Didn’t Mean It Like That
DUH! Lance Bass says no NSYNC reunion tour planned
DUH!  Snoop Lion WEED JACKPOT! Wins Pound of Weed Off Mayweather Fight
DUH! Surviving Whole Foods
DUH! Time defeats tradition as Fulham’s MJ statue comes down
DUH! Kids These Days (20 PICTURES)
DUH! It’s hard to argue with that
DUH! Johnny Manziel Watched Tony Romo Choke From Private Suite
DUH! 10 Best Stoner Movies of All Time
DUH! 5 Arguments That Parents Can't Admit Kids Are Right About
DUH! One of the Chargers Just Bought a Tricked-Out Gold Bentley
DUH! 15 sure-fire ways to get on any bartender's bad side
DUH! Dez Bryant had the most absurd tantrum since ... his, from earlier
DUH! 13 Pieces Of Job Advice You Must Live To Learn
DUH! 11 Things That Just Aren’t Worth The Savings
DUH! 18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong
DUH! 4 Things the Internet Needs to Calm Down About
DUH! 6 Photos of Tony La Russa Cuddling with Puppies That Will Make You Happy Forever
DUH! Group demands California high school change 'Arab' team name, mascot
DUH! The Rules of Beer Pong Apparently Do Not Apply to Michael Jordan
DUH! 10 Things Hangry People Do
DUH! Jeopardy! Finally Weighs In On The Badness Of The Houston Astros
DUH! This Video Proves You Look Like a Moron When Posing for Pictures
DUH! 10 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong With Your Money
DUH! ESPN Writer Takes All-Expenses Paid Trip To Qatar, Loves Qatar
DUH! 262 Pounds Of Pot Falls From The San Diego Sky, Two Arrested
DUH! Six Things Not to Buy Before Christmas
DUH! Mars Curiosity Rover Has Been Reprogrammed to Take Better Selfies
DUH! NBA's Christmas Uniforms Are Ugly As Sin
DUH! Gronk & His Torn ACL Went Hard At Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
DUH! 13 Things You Should Never Bet On A Coin Toss
DUH! Studies Confirm: Kids Ruin Your Life
DUH! News report from 1981 about the Internet
DUH! Nobody Goes to Stores Any More
DUH! Deer Farts On Camera, Internet Rejoices
DUH! NFL Cheerleading Is A Scam: A Former Ravens Cheerleader Tells All
DUH! Irregular Increase in St. Louis Flights to Denver Linked to Marijuana Legalization
DUH! Female Athletes Says Tinder Use At the Olympic Village Is "Next Level"
DUH! Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes Are the Only Valentine’s Gift We Want Or Need
DUH! An Engineer Explains Why You Should Always Order the Larger Pizza
DUH! 21 Reasons Not To Add Your Parents On Facebook
DUH! 61 Things You Should Never Say To A Bartender
DUH! 11 Meals That Are Kinda Wrong To Eat Near Your Co-Workers
DUH! 11 foods and drinks banned in the United States
DUH! Government Says Snapchat Lied About Your Messages Disappearing
DUH! 19 People Who Should Never Play With Fire
DUH! If TV Ads Were Forced to Be Honest
DUH! This is the best announcing blooper from the World Cup so far…
DUH! CNN Uses Wrong Cardinals Logo in NFL Domestic Violence Graphic
DUH! Journalists: What Kind of Drink Are You?
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