Funny Homeless Man Allegedly Attacks Man With Moon Pies
Funny Detroit Tigers skipper Jim Leyland reveals that infielder Carlos Guillen has hemorrhoids 'so bad' that he can barely move
Funny (video) Singer Mariah Carey throws out first pitch before Japanese baseball game with hilarious results
Funny ESPN's Erin Andrews to get spelling lessons at new gig
Funny (video) Spelling bee kid thinks judge asks him to spell 'numbnuts'
Funny Raw Video: Man Throws $10,000 From Plane
Funny After allegedly saying he wouldn't have, Moises Alou now says he could've caught the 'Bartman' ball
Funny Dutch man injures ass in mooning accident
Funny (video) Office worker goes crazy while on the job
Funny A Cleveland-area principal says he's embarrassed his students got proof of their "educaiton" on their high school diplomas.
Funny Picture of the Week: Picture of Ray's pitcher, James Shields, almost landing a solid punch on Coco Crisp's mug
Funny Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios dents the Stanley Cup
Funny Fan runs on to field to hug David Beckham, teammate Chris Klein gives the gentleman a mini beat-down
Funny Bug in Mouth Brings Out the Street in Reporter (NSFW Language)
Funny Man Who Fell Off Couch Laughing at TV Show Ends Up Pepper Sprayed, Arrested
Funny Hogan 'Freaked' by Mom's Teen Boyfriend
Funny Man who said he was injured so badly on 9/11 that he could never work again caught dancing on tape
Funny Man squeezes more than Charmin on supermarket excursion
Funny Joan Rivers Kicked Off of Live TV Show
Funny Boston Celtics’ Hooligans Smash Windows For Fun (Video)
Funny Bush Plays Basketball in Belfast Ireland
Funny Jeezy Blames the Squeegee
Funny Study Finds Most Children Not In Favor Of Children’s Healthcare
Funny Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Riccardi rips Cincinnati Reds player Adam Dunn on radio show
Funny Fantasy baseball owner rips team in media
Funny After pledging not to gamble, Barkley to play poker for charity
Funny United Flight Canceled Over Upset Pilot
Funny The man who had sex with a picnic table gets a six month jail term, fined for his actions
Funny Shaquille O'Neal freestyle raps at NYC nightclub, rips former teammate Kobe Bryant
Funny Linda Hogan and her fantastic 911 call
Funny The world's largest mall is the world's largest flop
Funny Top 30 Porn Names In Major League Baseball
Funny Angry teens march through downtown Salt Lake City to protest the price of gas. Why? Because their parents cut their cable TV because of it
Funny Angry Kids Protest Gas Prices After Mom Cancels Cable TV
Funny Detroit Tiger Brandon Inge loses battle with pillow, placed on DL
Funny Comedy ensues as Kid Rock plays in a PGA Tour Pro-Am with John Daly
Funny Verne Troyer has filed a $20 million lawsuit, claiming TMZ violated his rights by publishing and airing portions of his sex tape.
Funny The Best Soccer Goal Ever (Video)
Funny Virginia is for lovers: Man dressed as bride so he could marry his boyfriend
Funny Pamela Anderson Slams Jessica Simpson for Meat T-Shirt
Funny Is that a pound of cocaine in your underwear or are you just happy to see me? Trooper arrests suspect after noticing bulge in pants
Funny Teen offers vote for sale on eBay
Funny Former 'Home Improvement' star gets tased outside San Diego hotel, sues
Funny 'Beer Pong' Video Game Has Controversy Brewing
Funny  Fake Ark. bouts showing men kissing draw suspicion
Funny Beware Belleville: The 'Sock Bandit' is back
Funny Tobey Looses his cool
Funny Freaky Picture of the Day: Michael Jackson in a wheelchair
Funny Play along at home: The Home Run Derby Drinking game
Funny (Video) Do not rob this pizza shop! 17 year old employee beats the piss out of would-be robber.
Funny Officer's Squad Car Wrecked 29 Minutes Into Job
Funny Man Says He Found 7-Inch Knife in Subway Sandwich
Funny Critics Slam Mattel's New Barbie, Calling S&M Outfit 'Filth'
Funny 11-Year-Old Junior Cop Has Drivers Hitting the Brakes
Funny A topless photo Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, has been used to promote a dating website for months. The only problem -- nobody cleared it with Brady!
Funny California voters decide to name sewage plant after President Bush
Funny Steelers Super Bowl ring auction uncovers factual fumble
Funny Tour de France Rider Hits Sign, Snaps Bike In Two
Funny Burglary Suspect to Minnesota Cops: 'Dude, I Can't Talk, I'm Being Chased by the Police'
Funny Soccer Dude Grabs Some Shaft
Funny 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case to Return to Court in September
Funny Dwarf Tells Court Burglary Is Only Career Choice for Man His Size
Funny Burnt popcorn at university dorm causes massive evacuation, Hazmat crews to show
Funny (video) 'Sam the Cooking Guy' tells Today Show hosts to shut up
Funny Female Guests at German Birthday Party Mistake Cops for Strippers
Funny Pictures of Mr. Belding partying in Vegas. That is all.
Funny Note to self: Next time you have a symbolic balloon launch for orphan children, DO NOT do it under a huge, thorny tree
Funny A rigged game derailed "The Price is Right" last week
Funny Robbers in Florida beg for jumper cables to start their getaway car
Funny Men try to rob ice cream shop with toy gun, get caught on sight
Funny 'Triumph the Insult Comic Dog' visits Comic Con '08
Funny 26 Texas Cheerleaders Squeeze Into Elevator, Get Stuck
Funny Padres owner loses 'custody' of private box at PETCO Field during divorce proceedings
Funny Meanwhile, in Hong Kong: Man almost loses wang humping steel bench
Funny Leave Brett Favre Alone!
Funny Cops May Have Mistakenly Nabbed Twin of Farm Animal Sex Assault Suspect
Funny Kiefer Sutherland on prison experience: 'I actually dropped the soap'
Funny  Man says he's porn inspector, demands free videos
Funny Stuart Scott Sings Karaoke--With Video
Funny Local idiot to post comment on the Internet
Funny Wife Tries to Sell Husband's Lover's Underpants on EBay
Funny Detroit Lions fan booted out of practice for taunting Roy Williams
Funny  The 10 Best “To Catch a Predator” Moments
Funny Study finds that 'beer goggles' are real
Funny Johnson & Johnson introduces 'Nothing But Tears' shampoo to toughen up newborns
Funny Pam Anderson dating a member of the Abu Dubai royal family?
Funny Man banned from girlfriend's home after noisy sex
Funny Lindsay Lohan thinks Michael Phelps is "fucking amazing"; mom's reaction is priceless
Funny 'Boom Goes the Dynamite' broadcaster lands gig in Waco, TX
Funny Michael Phelps 100M Butterfly Victory!!!
Funny  Da Brat Headed for Da Slammer
Funny 'Daily Show's' Jon Stewart slams media coverage of election
Funny  Feisty puppy scares off 3 bears in NJ back yard
Funny 10 Worst Athlete-Turned-Action Hero Fight Scenes
Funny Celebrating the hairstyles of one Nicolas Cage
Funny Those nutty Irish: Nine families share same last name, come up with 'system' for mail carriers
Funny Long-time Chicago Sun-Times columnist Roger Ebert joins a long line of folks who rip Jay Mariotti for quitting
Funny Women answer question: What Would You Do If You Had A Penis For A Day?
Funny Barack Obama has two dads? ABC News is there
Funny Released running back doesn't take release well, steals luggage of his replacement and his caught by surveillance tape
Funny The 8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters
Funny Mom disputes son's saggy pants
Funny (video) 'The Daily Show's' Jon Stewart takes a look at the Sarah Palin 'gender card'
Funny LeBron James gets S-M-O-K-E-D in game of Horse by warehouse worker
Funny Did the McCain campaign mix up background pictures in speech at GOP convention?
Funny Vince Young loves the sausage
Funny Burglar whacks man with 8-inch sausage upon fleeing residence
Funny New Line Cinema making a movie loosely based on Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery's Vogue internship
Funny Slovakia women's ice hockey team routs Bulgaria...82-0
Funny Woman scammed of $9K after two con artists told her they had a winning lottery ticket and needed help cashing it
Funny Three women file lawsuit over being portrayed as 'cougars' on national television
Funny Actress Nicole Kidman tops list of Hollywood's most overpaid by Forbes
Funny It's a's a's...a hang-gliding possum?
Funny NBC's Chris Hanson of "To Catch A Predator" Fame Is Caught By TMZ Camera's...Completely Shitfaced
Funny (video) Tina Fey returns to 'SNL' to portray VP candidate Sarah Palin
Funny Two guys making out enlivens CNN report on financial crisis
Funny German man protests legal fine by paying 62 kilos -- 139 lbs. -- in coins
Funny McCain invented the Blackberry? Gore laughs in amusement
Funny Bar loses liquor license over 'topless midget wrestling'
Funny The 11 best film moments of Samuel L. Jackson yelling
Funny Man successfuly buys groceries with $200 bill featuring Pres. Bush
Funny British spy's fake mustache falls off during television interview
Funny Getting to know Alfonso Soriano's alleged 'road beef'
Funny YearbookYourself offers a bit of nostalgia
Funny From 'Monday Night Football' to sports blogger for the L.A. Times: The Lisa Guerrero Story
Funny A Spelling Bee
Funny Letterman keeps up McCain tirade
Funny The 22 Most Sensational Midgets Ever
Funny Saturday Night Live: Katie Couric & Sarah Palin Sketch
Funny 5 Upcoming Remakes of 80s Movies (That Must be Stopped)
Funny Dwarf Cage Fighting Catching On In Florida
Funny The Real Story Of How A Bill Becomes A Law
Funny Black Bear Visits South Lake Tahoe Hospital
Funny Some Cubs fans decide to 'forgive' Steve Bartman
Funny Oops! Newspapers around the world use SNL pic as official Palin one
Funny Breast cancer launches WNBA Awareness Month
Funny (Video) Hilarious Sarah Palin Sex Tape Leaked
Funny What Sarah Palin And Joe Biden Were Writing During Their Debate
Funny (video) 'Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals' on SNL
Funny (video) You fail: 'Ladies and gentlemen, your next vice-president of the United States...John McCain'
Funny The Five Types of Things Sports Announcers Say That Really Need to Stop
Funny The Hoff lives to break it down
Funny Chinese table tennis star to get counseling after a fight while urinating outside a karaoke bar
Funny Best of Ari Gold from Entourage
Funny How to Make Money Now That The Economy's Crapped the Bed
Funny (video) Obama likes to talk pie
Funny (video) When mini golf goes bad
Funny Poll workers clash at Falls nursing home
Funny Two Girls, One Angry German Kid (video)
Funny Incredible Magician Performs Miracles(video)
Funny If Only Mascots Could Do Our Dirty Work starring the Blues mascot, Louie!
Funny Lil' O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank
Funny Top 10 Lamest Last-Minute Hallowe Costumes
Funny Duff McKagan, former bass player for guns n roses, sees la russa at a gig last summer and la russa allegedly says he was bummed the mariners passed him over for the job.
Funny McCain's Brain #5: The Final Debate
Funny Triumph in the Final Presidential Debate Spin Room
Funny The 2008 Sports Quote Of The Year
Funny Plastic surgeron general warns of small breasts epidemic
Funny More cell phones: Man breaks into home to charge cell phone
Funny Here are the 10 Best Political Ads ever. And by "best" we mean "insane."
Funny Funniest Moments From Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship
Funny CNN: Monkey takes a ride on a Segway scooter, bails
Funny The 2008 Presidential Election (As Depicted by 5-Year-Olds)
Funny Dry Hump the Vote
Funny Hogan Knows Depression
Funny 15 Great Sportscasting Bloopers
Funny Metaphor-Free Radio
Funny Humiliating Pet Costumes of 2008
Funny 20 Costumes That Will Earn You a Halloween Beating
Funny DWI driving tip No. 184: Keep one eye on the road to avoid seeing double
Funny Ten Hall of Fame Mustaches
Funny The Fine Line Between Fun and Terrorism
Funny BCS Headquarters - Oct 26 (vid)
Funny The 10 Greatest and Most Pathetic Old-School Halloween Costumes
Funny Sarah Palin Got Pranked
Funny (video) John McCain, 'Sarah Palin' peddle campaign wares on 'SNL'
Funny 7 Music Trends Whose Return Must Be Stopped
Funny Can ninjas & pirates ever live in harmony?
Funny Budget Cuts (pic)
Funny Your Boyfriend Needs A Plus Size Woman (Around The Clock)
Funny Man tells officer that he knows karate after being busted for DWI
Funny Olan Mills is the poor mans Glamour Shots
Funny 40 Awesome Versions of Jesus
Funny Serial speeder offers to give cops lessons on how to elude them after being captured
Funny A Collection of "Father of the Year Award” Pictures
Funny Elderly Ghetto Gospel Choir
Funny Li'l Bill O'Reilly's Election Reaction
Funny Old People Use A Computer: The Game Show
Funny The Top 20 Wrestling Moves That Sound Like Sex Acts
Funny A collection of internet "FAIL" videos
Funny Ball to the face of the day (vid)
Funny Stocked Fridge Guy Takes A Field Trip To The Four Seasons....Mayne (vid)
Funny YouTube Girls with Henry The Internet Monkey
Funny The Facebook of Genesis
Funny GM to return two leased jets amid criticism
Funny The Ashlee Simpson Guide to Newborn Babies
Funny  The 7 Most Annoying People At Thanksgiving Dinner
Funny Why Pilgrims' Hats Have Buckles (vid)
Funny Great idea: Dallas-area police to host $25 all you can booze and eat fundraiser at Hooters
Funny DUI suspect strips when asked to remove her shoes
Funny Blue Angels hold first-ever open tryouts...The Onion is there
Funny 15 Holiday Presents You Should Not Buy
Funny The Daily Show's 8 Best Thanksgiving Moments
Funny Turkey Porn
Funny Ann Coulter breaks jaw, has to be wired shut
Funny (video) Enjoy WKRP's 'Turkey's Away!' on this Thanksgiving
Funny Greatest RickRoll Ever
Funny Rams QB Bulger visits local Barnes & Noble for touchdown ideas
Funny Slick Field Claims Brave Tuba Players (vid)
Funny 9 things I learned about the world according to anonymous stock photo models.
Funny Animals “Doing It” Wrong - NSFWish
Funny Jones's Big Ass Truck Rental And Storage FTMFW (vid)
Funny Ad of the year (pic)
Funny Kids get caught toilet papering a house by man wielding a fox urine-filled gun and night vision goggles
Funny Disrobed Minnesota Viking who appeared on FOX Sports gets offer to appear in adult film
Funny 20 Greatest Celebrity Courtroom Sketches
Funny Rod's House Of Senate Seats (vid)
Funny LA Times writer makes big smurfing mistake by calling hoopster a 'Mexican Smurf'
Funny Throw shoes at President Bush....the game
Funny Speed Read: Jim Boeheim Assaults Mic After Upset
Funny Burger King launches 'flame-broiled scented' body spray just in time for Christmas
Funny  The 2008 Colbert Gadget Guide
Funny  What Would You do with 164 Million Dollars?
Funny My dad wants a hores but my mom says no!
Funny Best Roller Coaster Souvenir Photos Ever
Funny Nintendo Wii blamed for rash of hospital visits in the UK
Funny 50 Vanity Plates That Slipped By The DMV
Funny Cowboys QB Romo collapses in shower
Funny The 7 Most Bitter Crowd Signs From The Lions’ Historic 16th Straight Loss On Sunday
Funny Robber brushed off at carwash by high-pressured hose
Funny Baptazia: Part III (vid)
Funny Little Jean-Claude Van Damme
Funny Top 10: Emerging Comedians
Funny Athletes With Illegitimate Kids: Expanded And Updated 2009 Edition
Funny Top 12 Bad Ass Baldies
Funny Former Vikings Head Coach Mike Tice with A Bunch of Drunks
Funny Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard
Funny Upset Mary Kay rep takes a dump on woman's porch
Funny 20 Funniest Will Ferrell Moments Of All Time
Funny Get Your Own Official Presidential Pardon from President Bush While the Pardoning's Good!
Funny Mr. Chi City got a ticket, here is the breakdown
Funny Conan does not like the Fox Sports robot
Funny Star Wars as retold by someone who has never seen it.
Funny (video) Jeopardy! takes shot at Patriots coach Belichick
Funny What if the guy that painted Obama’s “Hope” picture painted sports portraits
Funny Woman arrested after child gives away her hiding spot
Funny 7-Year-Old's Letter to Official Gets Playground Fixed - note author's name
Funny And the headline of the day goes to ...
Funny 7 Best Paternity Results Reactions
Funny Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? (pic)
Funny How to Play Vegas Escort Idol
Funny High-Five Inauguration!
Funny Reviewing The Wrestling Album from 1985
Funny Montreal police seek to make insults like 'pig', 'doughnut eater' illegal
Funny The 15 Funniest Local Strip Club Commercials
Funny Obama Reads Bush's Letter
Funny The top 10 funniest Super Bowl commercials of all-time...allegedly
Funny 'Super Bowl' hooker crackdown nets 19 women...with mug shots!
Funny Haiku Collection
Funny How do you know your car sucks? Guy who stole your car decides to bring it back and steal your neighbor's car instead
Funny Your headline of the day: 'Mittens' the cat hits slopes on sled (video)
Funny Minor league hockey team has 'Rod Blagojevich Night', complete with off-ice officials dressed as judges in powdered wigs (video)
Funny (video) Did CBS golf commentator Nick Faldo rip one on the air?
Funny  Saturday Night Live: Chewable Pampers help save the environment and taste great, too!
Funny L'il O'Reilly, is back with his thoughts on Obama's first week of presidency.
Funny Christian Bale vs. Bill O'Reilly
Funny When Your Credit Card Signature Fun Backfires
Funny Former President Bush offered job as hardware store greeter
Funny Tales From The News Desk: "This Is Not Rodney Stanger"
Funny (video) Are reality shows setting unrealistic standards for skanks?
Funny Bad day: Getting caught with drugs in the trunk of your car; Worse day: Leaving your keys, ID with the goods
Funny (audio) Billy Mays calls out the 'Sham Wow' guy on Adam Carolla radio show
Funny Celebrate the historic career of Brett Favre with the Jets!
Funny The WTF Blanket
Funny The Chauvenist’s Guide to Why Handsome Men Make Great Husbands
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Funny “The Bradley Shuffle”
Funny David Hasselhoff's drunken video reenacted by puppets
Funny Just In Case You’re Thinking of Doing Steroids
Funny Best Oscar Speech Ever - Kunio Kato For Best Animated Short
Funny HIRED!
Funny Stair Assistance set to Cliff Hanger
Funny What If … Kenny Powers Was Real?
Funny Stephen Colbert Dials Up The 1997 Internet
Funny A visitor from the future
Funny Baby Toupee - Give your baby the gift of self esteem
Funny Stripper Putting Herself Through Life
Funny Hercules Hooks Dub (vid)
Funny Wow, those must be some really good donuts
Funny Matt Vasgersian drops the F-Bomb on the MLB Network
Funny Woman calls police 500 times over neighbors gay nightclub noise
Funny The Complete Drunk Athlete Web Photo Index
Funny bans fans from creating 'A-Fraud' jerseys
Funny If web browsers were women
Funny Saturday Night Live: The Rock Obama
Funny Obama Narrowly Survives Carnivorous Section Of Rose Garden
Funny 10 Awesome 80s Comedy Movie Trailer Spoofs
Funny What if your favorite movies were to change just one letter
Funny Casting Major League with current MLB players/staff
Funny Terrell Owens Signing with the Buffalo Bills Made Adolf Hitler Very Very Angry
Funny Kenny Powers Training Video
Funny What is this? Moving stairs? What the? (vid)
Funny Jose Guillen throws world class hissy fit when initially shown his accommodations at WBC
Funny The Ten Best Costumes from the WWF Glory Days
Funny The Southwest Airlines Rapping Flight Attendant
Funny Megaman, Link and Mario know that any good fishing trip requires the proper supplies
Funny Clips taken out of context from audiobooks are fun
Funny 50 Photos of Animals Wearing Wigs
Funny What does a ESPN Bracketologist do once the tourney starts?
Funny Now You Really Can Give A Flying F#*K
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Funny Taco Bell introduces new 'Morning After' burrito
Funny After The Crisis: A Parody of 15 Corporate Logos
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Funny Greatest Old School WWF Promos
Funny How do you deter teen loitering? Use lighting that intensifies acne visibility
Funny 10 Funniest Freudian Slips In Television History
Funny 10 more signs you need to go on a diet
Funny Wanted: Snitches for hire in Denver
Funny is both awesome and disturbing.
Funny Peter Griffin Motivational Posters
Funny Top ten moments in fat kid history
Funny (video) Obama to queen: 'I didn't nod off'
Funny The showcases the best poetry found in the public restrooms around the world
Funny Cheering fans, thrilling NCAA Tournament disgust BCS officials
Funny  First look at the new BRUNO film; Sacha Baron Cohen ready to shock ...
Funny Football Fans Get Even with Riot Cops
Funny With the Snug Wow you don't even have to get off the couch to go to the bathroom!
Funny Dole Man sells bananas in Japan
Funny What a Mustache Says About A Man’s Profession
Funny Most outrageous late excuses for work
Funny Saddam shown 'South Park' film over and over again while in captivity
Funny John Daly at The Masters -- selling stuff out of a bus
Funny Don't cheat on her (video)
Funny David Caruso sued by ex, claims he has a huge stash of 70s porn
Funny 10 Greatest Celebrity Meltdowns Of All Time
Funny Michael Bay signs $50M deal to screw up 'Thundercats'
Funny Dork Yearbook
Funny The Last Will And Testament Of A Fantasy Baseball Team
Funny The Best Celebration Ever: Indian IT Company Waterpark Fiesta
Funny Fat Kid Rocks out hard the only way he know's how to
Funny The Cooley Zone
Funny 10 Funniest Movie Fight Scenes - Monty Python is clearly the top choice
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Funny Fast Food Reality
Funny Drunk Animals
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Funny Baseball's Top 10 Batting Stances (w/ photos)
Funny Actual CNN headline on the front page: Bag of poo sent home in kid's backpack
Funny Catholic Church - Worst Logo Ever??
Funny American Mustache Institute recognizes Rick Ankiel's recent offensive surge as 'the power of the 'stache'
Funny How Drunkenness Affects Your Chances Of Getting Laid
Funny A Collection of Baseball Manager Confrontations with Captions
Funny Hilarious ‘Yahoo Answers’
Funny Hot Chicks Are Sick Of Rock Band
Funny There's a reason why Mike Vick wasn't in 'Lady and the Tramp'
Funny 12 Unintentionally Funny Sports Headlines
Funny (video) Real life Twitter
Funny Jimmy "The Cat" Hayes gets down to LFO
Funny Why the long face? Athletes who look like horses
Funny  The never-before seen "Insane Difficulty" level from the classic Mike Tyson's Punchout Nintendo game does indeed look insanely difficult.
Funny 5 things we learned from Kenny Powers
Funny PostSecrets Through History
Funny Mr. Chi City sits court side at a Chicago Bulls game
Funny Former 2FOX sports reporter Joel Goldberg duped by Guy Fieri imposter
Funny  Here's a monkey busting out some tricks on a minibike. That is all.
Funny Natalie Portman sits down Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis
Funny (video) Norm MacDonald on Letterman telling a Bob Uecker story
Funny If panties could talk
Funny Outsource that bothersome Mother's Day call to, because it's the thought that counts right?
Funny Rusty Kuntz Is Milking A Cow
Funny Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin Robbins/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Long John Silver's Opens
Funny Making Fun of Crappy Kids Drawings of Nintendo Characters
Funny Amish teen ticketed for having beer in buggy
Funny 20 Photo shoots that never should have happened
Funny Comedian Frank Mirahmadi Calls Entire Horse Race Using Impressions
Funny The triumphant return of Celebrity Jeopardy
Funny (video) KTRS' Millhaven calls Nancy Grace's show a joke -- while he's a guest on her show
Funny Ten Great Moments with Bob Barker
Funny I’m Always Up for a Good Roller Coaster Reaction
Funny A fan at Citi Field reportedly got her arm stuck in a toilet while searching for her gold tooth
Funny  Email 21 Famous Photographs (Minus Pants)
Funny Gallery: Alternative ways of transporting cargo in different countries
Funny New York Giants Lineman David Diehl Makes Comedy Debut, Makes Fun Of Brett Favre
Funny Brett Favre Victimized By Improv Comedy Group
Funny Someone is getting fired.
Funny Incredible Editing of This Video
Funny (video) Mr. T brings down the house at Wrigley Field
Funny The Many Funny Faces of Tennis
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Funny A Handy Guide To Discovering Religious Iconography In Your Cheetos
Funny Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology; Tom Cruise likely jumping on couch somewhere
Funny These old ladies know how to partay, baby.
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Funny Joe Buck Is Going To Kick Your A** Old Man
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Funny Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video
Funny Why Your Stadium Sucks: Nationals Park
Funny Twitter fight! Broadcaster Rob Dibble, ESPN writer Rob Neyer exchange barbs via Twitter
Funny What Every 24-35 Year Old's Facebook Profile Really Says
Funny (video) This is how you market the 'Quattro for Women' in the U.K.
Funny A Large Collection Of (Un)Intentionally Funny News Headlines
Funny 35 Tip Jars Designed to Make You Give More
Funny 7 Signs That You're an Adult
Funny Steve Nash Covers The NBA Finals For Letterman Show
Funny Sometimes having a cool license plate number isn't all that's cracked up to be
Funny Cowboy Monkey Riding A Dog
Funny 16-year-old computer whiz designs software to shut teachers out of grading system
Funny Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro have a bit of a bromance brewing
Funny Ozzie Buys 'Ozzie Mows Wrigley' Shirt
Funny For the stoners out there: 5 Cereals That Served Time
Funny Video: Preakness Toilet Run 2008
Funny Reefer madness! Piniella goes way back to make a drug reference
Funny 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Hooters Girl
Funny Ah, L'Amour (vid)
Funny Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog takes on Bonnaroo
Funny Happy Father's Day, Dad!
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Funny Autotuned version of memorable sports press conferences (video)
Funny Twitter Creator On Iran: 'I Never Intended For Twitter To Be Useful'
Funny Elvis Grbac was accidentally named People Magazine's sexiest athlete in 1998
Funny  50 Funniest Street Signs
Funny Six Awesome Eighties Movie Montages (That Make No Damn Sense)
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Funny Why Dogs Hates Us
Funny OUCH! That might of hurt
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Funny An Offended Mother on the Topic of ...
Funny It's The Obama All-Star Game Sponsored By Taco Bell
Funny Zach Galifianakis Motivational Posters
Funny How To Pretend You're Listening To Your Girlfriend
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Funny Darth MC Hammer
Funny A tea giving you the joys of .... (pic)
Funny A Funnier, Less Pottymouthed Pacman Making It Rain Video
Funny Drunk People Yoga Positions
Funny Banned German Sprite ad
Funny The 13 Most Overheard Phrases in an '80s Arcade
Funny Michael Jordan Shares NBC Air Time With Inflatable Penis
Funny 10 of the funniest deceased comedians of all time
Funny Men who look like old lesbians
Funny Nirvana meets Rick Astley in "Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up" (video)
Funny The ultimate wedding procession (video)
Funny 8 Things ‘The Lost Boys’ Could Teach ‘Twilight’ Vampires
Funny Tigers Manager Bears Strong Resemblance To Average Tigers Fan
Funny Grandma's Desktop (pic)
Funny 10 Michael Vick Signs I’d like to See on Television this Season
Funny Sacha Baron Cohen threatened by Palestinian terrorists over Bruno film
Funny "Welcome Back, Michael Vick" song
Funny Video: Kid calls out Soulja Boy, Diddy, Kanye
Funny I was a contestant on Jeopardy today.
Funny Seven-Year Old Kid Can Dance
Funny The 10 Best Seinfeld Characters Who You Never Saw
Funny is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
Funny A Gary Busey Family Photo
Funny (video)Tiger Woods farts; CBS is there
Funny The dirtiest names in baseball
Funny PGA Tour: Tiger didn't fart...then Tour takes down all vids due to 'copyright' reasons
Funny Dirtiest Names In Baseball
Funny Biden invokes Freedom of Information Act to find out when woman gets off work
Funny The Forty Funniest Animated Gifs Of All Time
Funny White Sox Fans...
Funny Tiger Woods Is Fartasstic
Funny The REAL Reason ESPN Hates Social Media
Funny, proudly collecting the greatest news fails ever reported.
Funny N00b Boyfriend
Funny Twitter is....
Funny If State Flags Were Honest
Funny 15 Really Creative Business Cards
Funny Sports anchor’s mic stays on while he pisses
Funny Twelve Ridiculous Athlete Car Poses
Funny 10 Pictures to Suggest that Bert and Ernie Are Gay
Funny An e-mail exchange between pirates
Funny Meet the Best Dancer at Lollapalooza 2009 (video)
Funny Drunk naked tourist ends up in wrong bed... woman hides in bathroom...police think it's hilarious
Funny The Five Stages Of Everyday Grief
Funny You know you had a pair too....
Funny A Gallery of Dogs Sniffing Celebrities
Funny The 25 Most Gangsta Babies
Funny The Fifty Funniest Internet Infographics
Funny (video) We're going streaking!
Funny The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers
Funny 25 Awesome Protest Signs
Funny Michelle Obama on Steroids (PIC)
Funny People of Walmart
Funny The 7 Greatest Talking Animals Of All Time
Funny Conspiracy theorist convinces Neil Armstrong that moon landing was faked
Funny Mom Smashes Her Face Into Street Sign
Funny An All-Star Selection of 20 Inebriated MLB Players
Funny The Timeless Wisdom Of Larry David
Funny Funniest/Weirdest Moments In Jeopardy History
Funny 25 Awesome Vanity Plates (Possible NSFW)
Funny What You Can Expect At Your Labor Day Barbecue: A Flowchart
Funny Jerry Lewis - Soft on Nancy O'Dell, Hard on Charo
Funny You Know You’re A 90’s Kid If…
Funny Awesomely Awkward Zach Galifianakis Internet Moments
Funny The NFL mentoring program does wonders
Funny (video) Bud Light Lime: Will you be getting it in the can?
Funny The Snuggie Goes to College
Funny Bud Light Lime: Can Confessions
Funny Cris Collinsworth Likes His Ladies Young and Extremely Stupid
Funny LSU Parking Lot Cop, Friend to Live Mascots
Funny That's Your Boyfriend: All Your Boyfriends
Funny (audio) President Obama calls Kanye West a 'jackass'
Funny 4 Awkward Moments in Facebook "Likes"
Funny Mark Grace=Life Coach
Funny Derek Jeter honored for having fewer hits than Harold Baines
Funny (video) Brandon Stokely's catch and Gus Johnson's PBP, Tecmo Bowl-style
Funny 'I'm Jim and I wear jorts.'
Funny Real life Ron Burgandy (NSFW Language)
Funny The 13 Funniest SNL Digital Shorts Of All Time: Pick Your Favorite! (VIDEO)
Funny The 56 Year Old Virgin
Funny St. Louis' John Hamm, Will Ferrell Stand Up For Insurance Companies
Funny The Funniest Protest Signs Of 2009 (PHOTOS)
Funny Hitler Reacts To Virginia Tech Beating Nebraska (vid)
Funny 50 Pics Of Drunken NBA Ballers With Randoms
Funny Sleeping Girlfriend vs. Severed Billy Mays Head
Funny If You Would Have Told Me Golf Was Sexy I Wouldn’t Have Believed You
Funny Minnesota Linebacker gets "caught in a sensitive area"
Funny Cereal Mascot Therapy Session
Funny  No First Date
Funny The Greatest SNL Characters Of The 90's
Funny Top 100 Internet Videos Of The 2000's
Funny The Best (Or Worst?) Personalized Jerseys Of The Year
Funny The Wonderful People of Wal Mart
Funny 11 vintage ads that wouldn't fly today
Funny Llamas (!) cause Dublin, Ireland highway backup
Funny The 25 Funniest Sportscenter Commercials
Funny The Mortal Kombat YMCA
Funny Unusual Marriage Proposal Doesn’t End Well
Funny What do women really think about sports?
Funny What he lacked in hissing, he made up for in ingenuity and love of steak.
Funny SNL Vs. Obama: Sketch Details All The President's Failures Since Taking Office (VIDEO)
Funny Andy Samberg - On The Ground
Funny Funniest Videos Of Fans Rushing The Field
Funny 'Late Late Show' host Craig Ferguson has a dilemma on his hands with jokes about his boss
Funny Superhero Facebook Status Updates
Funny What Doesn't Fit In This Picture? (Photobomb)
Funny 7 Great Clark Griswold Moments
Funny And this is why Nicole Eggert can still lifeguard…maybe?
Funny Never trust chicks who take pictures of themselves at strange and unique angles
Funny The Greatest Celebrity Photobombs
Funny Miguel Cabrera hits dismal .194 in fight with wife
Funny The 10 Best Things That Have Ever Happened Behind A News Reporter’s Back
Funny Rejected Playboy Cartoon Cover Girls
Funny Mike Miller becomes first undead transvestite zombie to play in NBA game
Funny 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Help a Girl Move
Funny Funniest Animal Photobombs Of All Time
Funny The Biggest Losers Craigslist Has To Offer
Funny Drunk Guy At The Store Gets Silent Film'd (vid)
Funny Nation's morons march on Washtington State
Funny What The World Would Be Like Tomorrow If The Internet Disappeared Today
Funny The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers
Funny When Women Drive...12 Worst Parking Accidents
Funny Halloween Costume Suggestions For Pro Athletes
Funny The Complete Man Code to Hitting People
Funny (video) World Series pressure doesn't appear to be getting to Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee
Funny How To Find A Masculine Halloween For Your Effeminate Son
Funny How Women Can Survive in the Economy
Funny The Ten Funniest Sideline Reporter Bloopers In Sports History
Funny Rejected Mortal Kombat Fatalities
Funny The Twenty Funniest Ebay Auctions Of All Time
Funny Internet Classic: Will Ferrell's The Landlord
Funny The latest SNL Digital Short, Firelight
Funny One of These Things Does Not Belong Here
Funny Ford Unveils New Car For Cash-Strapped Buyers: The 1993 Taurus
Funny 6 Insane Laws We'll Need in the Future
Funny Which Dating Site Should You Join?
Funny The 13 Types of Friends on Facebook
Funny 40 Seriously Funny Print Ads
Funny “The Early Show” host Debbye Turner forgot her protective eyewear
Funny Yankees trademarked 'Yankees Suck' chant back in 1996
Funny Tosh.O Web redemption video, Home Shopping Fail
Funny Greastest Freakout Ever Recorded
Funny Tennessee Titans 86 year old owner Bud Adams flipping the bird at the Buffalo Bills
Funny We know you have our DVDs and we want them back
Funny NFL fines Titans owner Adams $250K for 'double bird' salute
Funny The Daily Show's Best Sarah Palin Moments of 2009
Funny Fun with Athletes and Google Suggestions
Funny  Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter sit down Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis
Funny Tragedy has struck the White House as Obama's home teleprompter malfunctions during family dinner.
Funny The Top Ten Middle Finger Moments In Sports
Funny Two Worlds Collide, Featuring Andy Samberg & Reba McIntire
Funny The Breakdown of Twilight and Why Women Love It...
Funny 7 Surefire Ways to Ruin Thanksgiving This Year
Funny Career Path……
Funny 26-Year-Old To See Every Asshole He Ever Went To High School With On Night Before Thanksgiving
Funny The Great Malt Liquor Taste Test Of '09
Funny The 100 Funniest Sports Photos
Funny Be Careful Where You Advertise: 15 Unforntunately Misplaced Ads
Funny University of Michigan has a Strict Masturbation Policy
Funny Blondes Will Be Blondes
Funny Facebook Suggestions Are Getting Out of Hand
Funny  Colbert Talks Aliens with Vatican Astronomer
Funny (video) Neil Patrick Harris as 'Frosty The Inappropriate Snowman'
Funny The Eleven Greatest Edited-For-TV Movie Lines
Funny (video/language) Report: Most college males admit to getting really stoked
Funny The Best of Leon from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Funny New Christmas Music, II
Funny Get In the Holiday Season: Pics of Sketchy Santas
Funny White Sox pitcher - and STL native - Mark Buehrle wins auction to manage Cardinals for a day
Funny 20 Glamour Shots Gone Wrong
Funny The Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader Tiger Woods Chasing Skit
Funny Daily Show Explores the Self-Dumbing Down of Fox & Friends
Funny The Cat hits the streets of Detroit and finds....D-Bags
Funny The Boss Will Never Know
Funny *Gently Used* Flat Screen TV For Sale
Funny People With Extremely Unfortunate Names
Funny If The Internet Had Merit Badges
Funny Funniest Sports Pictures Of 2009
Funny Everything's Bigger in Texas
Funny Funniest Headlines Of 2009
Funny Most Memorable Mug Shots Of 2009
Funny 19 Depressing, Crazy and Downright Aweful Nativity Scenes
Funny When I grow up I want to be just like mom, a letter
Funny (video) Mark Wahlberg talks to Animals...and a tree....and a snowman
Funny Twenty Five Celebrities Busted....Creeping
Funny 10 year-old Villanova fan gives the finger to ESPN cameras (vid)
Funny The Miserable Truth About Santa Claus
Funny 30 greatest baseball players of the last 30 years and the sitcom they relate to
Funny The Miserable Truth About Santa Claus (make sure to click the links)
Funny  5 Most Entertaining HBO Characters Of 2009
Funny 2009 Darwin Award winners revealed
Funny Sad Cowbell Girl just needs more cowbell
Funny Streaker Planned BCS Championship Streak, Wants BCS Playoff System
Funny Patton Oswalt: Why Conan is better than Leno (audio)
Funny What Should I Get From The Vending Machine: A Flowchart
Funny Printers Are The Spawn Of Hell Sent To Make The World Miserable
Funny Gay Teen Worries He Might Be A Christian
Funny (video) A compilation of last night's late night talk shows
Funny 7 Modern Day Activities That Could Serve as Medieval Torture
Funny Hot Chick Gets Floured
Funny Board Game Rules For Children From Broken Homes
Funny SNL Digital Shorts Presents: James Cameron's Laser Cats 5
Funny Dusty Baker destroys Aroldis Chapman's arm within minutes of arrival
Funny UConn students go nuts with college basketball GameDay signs
Funny Funniest Craigslist Ads Of All Time
Funny Guy Who Has No Idea About Baseball Calls The Game
Funny Conan O'Brien's $1.5 Million Bugatti Veyron Mouse
Funny Where's Waldo: The Tiger Woods Edition
Funny 25 Great "What's Wrong With This Picture" Photos
Funny How To Suck At Facebook
Funny (video) Jimmy Kimmel's take on Jay Leno's appearance on 'Oprah'
Funny Brooklyn Cyclones baseball club to have 'Jersey? Sure' Night
Funny Team Leno is revealed: Oprah's audience members!
Funny Guy posts his sister’s hookup list to Facebook…and tags all the guys
Funny Pee-wee Gets An iPad!
Funny If People on the Internet Told the Truth
Funny The 8 Super Bowl party guests you must avoid
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Funny Nice legs (pic)
Funny Pancake junkies (15 Photos)
Funny U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion
Funny Taylor Lautner SNL Lab Partner Skit
Funny Your Badass New Roomate...On Craigslist
Funny The Fifty Funniest Moments In Facebook History
Funny Are You Ready for March Madness... To Expand to 4,096 Teams?
Funny KC Royals mascot accused of attacking fan by poking a hotdog in their eye
Funny Weekend At Bernies To Be Remade By Tim Burton
Funny Manny being Manny: Ramirez to endorse strip club-themed energy drink
Funny Sorry for your loss!
Funny The Ten Most Insane Tracy Morgan Interviews
Funny Post-Olympic hangover: Bar thinks they have curling figured out
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Funny Top 15 Classic and Hilarious Zach Galifianakis Moments
Funny Zach Galifianakis’ SNL Musical Monologue
Funny Meanwhile, in Finland...
Funny The Ten Funniest Red Carpet Moments In History
Funny Jimmy Kimmel Gets Evicted From The Handsome Men Club
Funny Facebook Games Translated for People Who Don't Care
Funny The Funniest Wrestling Photos Of All Time
Funny Videos: Mike Leach Locker Room Rants Released
Funny Funniest Public Access Prank Calls Of All Time
Funny Pretentious Selection Committee Member Thinks Only 6 Teams Deserve Spots In NCAA Tournament
Funny Amazing Piano Freestyle on Chat Roulette
Funny Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Ben Stiller
Funny Umm Coach?
Funny 6 Boss Buttons that will get you fired
Funny Eleven Funny Graphs About Twitter
Funny 50 Awesome Young Me/Now Me Photos
Funny 7 Things That Would Happen if ISPs Banned Porn
Funny Facebook Friends to Avoid in Case of Apocalypse
Funny Tina Fey does her best Tracy Morgan impersonation
Funny Chat Roulette and Lady Gaga Impersonations
Funny Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv #2
Funny Hitler HATES the Cubs!!
Funny Awesomely Clueless Soccer Reporter
Funny 50 Hilarious TV Screenshots and Freeze Frames
Funny 18 Funny ChatRoulette Screenshots
Funny Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber
Funny Police hunt 'The Midnight Knitter' wool graffiti bandit
Funny The Situation’s Vitamin Water Commercial Is Pretty Funny
Funny The 25 Most Hilarious Signs In Sports History
Funny We Don't Get Why This Sign Is So Funny
Funny Me Singing and Dancing and Singing to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Funny Why You Can’t Blame Children For Being Insufferable
Funny Internet Porn: Risks vs. Rewards [CHART]
Funny Albert Pujols Learns To Slide
Funny Taiwanese Superstar Sings with Shatner
Funny Awesomely Awesome Examples Of Unintentional Porn
Funny "I Think And1 Shirts Is Running Out Of Ideas"
Funny South Park Does Facebook
Funny Fuck Planet Earth
Funny Accurate Carnival Signs
Funny Note To Girlfriend After Running Out of Toilet Paper
Funny Adam Wainwright annoying entire ballpark by announcing pitch count out loud
Funny 25 People who look like cartoon characters
Funny Conan O’Brien’s Innermost Thoughts During His Interview
Funny Every Summer Music Festival You’ve Ever Been To
Funny  If Men Wrote Mother’s Day Cards
Funny Creative and Humorous Food Photography
Funny (video) Recently released MLBer Eric Byrnes hits rockets in softball
Funny Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians: Will Leitch Edition
Funny So she’s enjoying penis a little bit more, is she?
Funny Top Ten Alec Baldwin SNL Skits
Funny Seinfeld Trailer - "George" RE-CUT
Funny Behind The Burger: The Sad Reality of Ronald McDonald
Funny Dave Chappelle on “The Secret”
Funny NASCAR considers single 21,500 mile race for 2011 season
Funny The Fifteen Most Successful Streakers Of All Time
Funny Where The Streets Have Sexual Names
Funny 10 Greatest C-Bombs In TV History
Funny Best Mug Shot Photo Ever!
Funny Best Drummer In The World!
Funny The Funniest 80's Glam Metal Band Photos
Funny A Timeline of 'Getting Lucky' (Chart)
Funny In the era of conference expansion, no one seems to want Kansas
Funny Will Ferrell and friends harass, cheer the Royals
Funny These Are All The Things Daniel Tosh Hates
Funny 13 Homemade "Sorry We're Closed" Signs
Funny Alfred Hitchcock Busts Out A "That's What She Said" Joke
Funny Speaking of interns: Joe Buck intern horror story - with a Joe Buck rebuttal
Funny Some Funny Animated Soccer Gifs To Start The Day
Funny Argentine soccer stars Messi and Tevez want to get Oasis back together
Funny How the Movie Rating System Actually Works
Funny Jon Stewart Debates the USA's World Cup Win with John Oliver
Funny Tea Bagging by the Phanatic!
Funny Steve Martin's "Leaked" Tour Rider Puts Rock Stars To Shame
Funny Retail Rage of the Day
Funny The New Old Spice Commercial Is Pretty Awesome
Funny Ex-champ Kobayashi arrested at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
Funny Hottest Gadgets of the 1980’s
Funny Funniest Sports Announcer Videos
Funny You stay classy, Reuters
Funny Ron Artest Decrees That You Shall Call Him “No Perm Ron” (Twitter)
Funny Reuters, are you kidding me? [PIC]
Funny If Video Games Had Super Easy Mode...
Funny Apparently, there's more than one way to blow a house down. Oh yeaahh! (Pic)
Funny How to trick people into thinking you're good looking
Funny Seems pretty win-win for all parties involved. (Pic)
Funny Did you guys know that most airlines charge for sex?
Funny Ever seen a car? Ever seen a car on weed?
Funny 50 Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names
Funny The Most Homoerotic Sports Photos Ever Taken
Funny Winnipeg resident repeatedly dials 911, demanding that NHL's Coyotes return to province
Funny Massive hit-and-run prematurely ends Tour De France
Funny The Five Most Endangered Words on the Internet
Funny Iceland Soccer Celebration FTW
Funny Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis & Steve Carell
Funny Shocking Google Search Results
Funny (video) Eva Mendes releases sex tape
Funny Why Will Ferrell is Kind of a Big Deal
Funny Tim Lincecum challenges Colby Rasmus for best nose pick in MLB
Funny  The 6 Most Atrocious Uses of Facial Hair in Music History
Funny Justin Bieber stops a flying water bottle with his head
Funny  Airline Steward at JFK Pulls Emergency Chute, Flies Coop
Funny Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)
Funny 10 iPhone Apps That Could Replace Your Girlfriend
Funny Someone Hacks Axl Rose's Twitter, Cancels Guns N Roses Shows
Funny Jon Stewart dated Jennifer Aniston: He relives their date
Funny TTP's 12 Girls You’ll Meet in College
Funny 12 Girls You'll Meet in College
Funny 2011 Alternate Superbowl Predictions
Funny If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses – Part 2
Funny Between Two Ferns With Seth Galifianakis & Sean Penn
Funny Mets GM Omar Minaya Flies Coach, Gets Heckled
Funny Justin Bieber 'Narrowly Escaped' Being Arrested
Funny Microsoft celebrates Windows Phone 7 RTM with funeral parade for BlackBerry and iPhone
Funny Louis CK Talks About Meeting Bristol Palin On The Tonight Show
Funny The Five Most Racist Star Wars Characters
Funny 50 Things You Should Never Say on a First Date
Funny The 25 Funniest Imitation Product Names
Funny Porn Presentation at Pa. High School
Funny 12 Funny Roller Coaster Photos
Funny 9 Most Embarrassing Sports Celebrity Endorsements (Videos)
Funny The Michael Cera School Of Acting
Funny Funniest Wrong Exam Answers Of All Time
Funny Colombian Parrot Arrested For Tipping Off Drug Dealers
Funny Mariah Carey Falls On Stage While Performing in Singapore
Funny 6 Online Dating Sites That Will Shrivel Your Junk
Funny 10 Books That Will Make You Dumber
Funny Between Two Social Networks With Zach Galifianakis
Funny Five People Who Would Make Great Family Feud Hosts
Funny Martian Chronicles: The Lil Wayne Simile Counter
Funny 10 Worst WWF Outfits of the 90s
Funny NHL To Allow Finishing Moves In Fights This Season
Funny The Monster Your Man Could Smell Like
Funny Cigar guy unmasked: Global phenomenon is a (rather embarrassed) City analyst who lives at home with his mum and dad
Funny 'Sesame Street's Old Spice parody
Funny Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis & Bruce Willis
Funny 12 Old Politically Incorrect Ads
Funny Be Careful who You Kiss when You are Drunk
Funny The Fifty Funniest Jokes Ever Told
Funny 20 Illustrated Sexual Euphemisms
Funny “For Sale” Signs Taking It To The Next Level
Funny If Your Kids Still Need a Costume...
Funny The Five Worst Shows That Ever Aired on MTV
Funny Snoop Dogg Looked Cooler Than You Did On Halloween
Funny 39 Awesome Durex image Ads
Funny Zach Galifianakis Lights Up a Joint on 'Real Time' (VIDEO)
Funny The 10 Most Annoying Cubicle Habits, As Reported By Your Co-Workers
Funny The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters
Funny What Your Phone Says About You
Funny Conan Reveals What He's Been Up To The Past 9 Months
Funny Brian Wilson is Kenny Powers in Real Life
Funny The 2010 Jheri Curl Hall of Fame
Funny A map of the world as it really is...
Funny 21 Funniest Facebook Conversations of All Time
Funny Ok, These Supercuts Are Getting Ridiculous Now...
Funny Unintentionally Amusing Book Covers
Funny The Simpsons Give Fox News A New Tagline
Funny Adult Swim's Ten Greatest Moments In Family Togetherness
Funny 9 Hilarious Athlete Cameos (In Honor of Leslie Nielsen and The Naked Gun)
Funny Who has cinema's biggest forehead?
Funny How to tell the difference between a plumber, gangsta, and a tramp
Funny The 40 Best Mug Shots Of 2010
Funny The 75 Best Protest Signs Of 2010
Funny The 40 Funniest Celebrity Candids Of 2010
Funny Tron Jeremy (Video)
Funny You're the Best Chinese Hurdler Around (Video)
Funny  How different age groups celebrate Christmas
Funny A Humorous Gallery Of Signs With Spelling Mistakes
Funny If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses
Funny SNL went Pro Bowl Shuffle this weekend
Funny How to make your shopping cart suck less
Funny Saturday Night Live - Digital Short: Andy and Pee-Wee's Night Out
Funny Clay Ozzy Prefers Tea
Funny The Man Who Played Mark Zuckerberg In 'The Social Network' Is Confronted By The Man Who Plays Mark Zuckerberg On SNL...And Mark Zuckerberg
Funny Snow Sense of Humor: Blizzard Pics to Make You Smile
Funny The Funniest Videobombs In Sports History
Funny Scratch 'Harry Baals' off list of names for government center
Funny SNL: George Washington Travels To The Present Day
Funny Six Awards That Would Actually Make The Oscars Worth Watching
Funny 10 Movies You Never Thought Would Be Nominated For An Oscar
Funny Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway?
Funny 8 Examples of Horrific Fine Print
Funny Jennifer Aniston Makes Viral Video for Smart Water
Funny An Honest Look at Your Twitter Page
Funny Zach Galifianakis: SNL Monologue
Funny Comedian Daniel Tosh Argues That Barry Bonds and Other Roiders Are HOF'ers
Funny Men accused of assaulting man who tried to snap a mohawk photo
Funny The Top Ten Stand-Up Comedy Bits Of All Time
Funny Morgan Spurlock sells out in 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold'
Funny How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police
Funny Gotta get in the right stance for a fight
Funny 'Fat Ho Burgers' Offends Gospel Cafe and Book Shop
Funny The 25 Funniest Dildo Photos Of All Time
Funny Can Your Mac Do This?
Funny Mary Kate & Ashley Are Adorably Racist
Funny The Terrible C-Word
Funny 15 Most Hilarious Auto Corrects Gone Wrong
Funny 5 Terrible Situations for the Socially Awkward Man
Funny The Nine Most Hilarious Mascot Pranks
Funny UNLV Coaching Job Mocked in Craigslist Post
Funny This Kid's Fruit Gushers Reviews Are Legit
Funny George Carlin on God, Cellphones, and Balls [VIDEO]
Funny 5 Comedy Movies Where I Laughed Out Loud the Most
Funny The Future (According To Google Search Results)
Funny Astros fan learns there’s no such thing as 315 free donuts
Funny The 25 Weirdest Mugshots in Sports
Funny 19 Warnings Signs for Common Awkward Moments
Funny Why Americans should care about the royal wedding
Funny Donald Trump Shouts ‘F Word’ Multiple Times In Las Vegas Speech
Funny 50 Ways To Bore, Irritate, Or Confuse A Man
Funny Seth Meyers Destroys Donald Trump: 7 Best Jokes (Video)
Funny Porn stars also reacted to the news of Osama bin Laden's death
Funny Google Reviews of Osama Bin Laden's Hideout Compound
Funny A Compilation of Awkward High Fives
Funny Puck Daddy’s salute to awesome Beer League teams, Vol. 1
Funny Jerry, Master Of His Domain
Funny Ten Videos Of Dogs Watching Television
Funny Obama Learns Photoshop
Funny 50 funniest movie title translations
Funny The Ten Best (And Most Unrealistic) Graduation Speeches In Fictional History
Funny Twitter’s New Comedy Genre: The 140-Character One-Liner
Funny Porn Stars Wondering if They Made Bin Laden's Stash
Funny Guy Tells His 81 Year Old Grandpa Twitter is a Search Engine... these are his results
Funny Lonely Island Ft. Michael Bolton
Funny Woman Steals Identity, Hides It in Her Vagina
Funny 11 Stupidest Criminals Ever
Funny Pizza Box Laptop
Funny The Nine Funniest Kiss-Cam Moments In Sports History
Funny Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna)
Funny Excited Padres Ask Manager If Cardinals Can Sleep Over
Funny Animals Dressed As Other Animals, The Website
Funny Fifty Funniest Street Signs & Street Sign Juxtapositions
Funny Your Beautiful Gear: Portman Kunis United
Funny Daniel Tosh Gets A "Senstive Nip" Training Session For His Staff
Funny Spanish Town of Ayelo Claims to Have Invented Coca Cola
Funny Funny Parenting
Funny LeBron Doesn't Care for Reporter's Question
Funny Titanic II Sinks on Maiden Voyage
Funny Women Steal $600 of Blue & Gouda Cheese
Funny If Other NBA Basketball Equipment Could Talk
Funny The Five Ways Retired Mothers Use the Internet
Funny  Wannabe Knight On Horseback Allegedly Smashes Through Woman's Door In Drunk Attempt To Sweep Her Off Her Feet
Funny 15 Years Ago Vs. Now
Funny The Whole Foods Rap Video in case you missed it
Funny Zach Galifianakis Multipanels, Screen Captions, Image Macros...
Funny Erection Boosting Condom to Enter the Market Soon
Funny Elite Canadian Athlete Apologizes for Rioting (and lighting a police car on fire)
Funny Dating Site Causes Outrage by Dumping 30,000 Ugly People
Funny Top Ten 2011 Graduation Speeches
Funny 5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings
Funny 12 Reasons why sports fanatics are D! U! M! B!
Funny A Gallery Of The Greatest Senior Pranks Ever Committed
Funny #DescribeYourVaginaWithaMovieTitle: The Top Ten Tweets
Funny Here Is A Gallery Of Dogs With Human Bodies
Funny The Forty Funniest Amusement Park Ride Souvenir Photos
Funny The Internet’s New Favorite Haircut
Funny Hilarious Voiceovers On Animal Documentaries
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Funny Jordan Responds to Camper's Challenge
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Funny Ohio Woman To Pay Fines After Breast-Milk Spraying
Funny Talkin Porn (With Porn Stars!)
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Funny Dancing Whale
Funny The Louis CK/Dane Cook Scene From Last Night's "Louie" Was Outstanding
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Funny Come moving time, my wife starts to really appreciate my hobbies.
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Funny Fake
Funny Best 25 Sports Signs Of 2011
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Funny Herderpedia
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Funny 11 Products That Mean Unfortunate Things in Other Language
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Funny This fake websites supercut is amazing (vid)
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Funny Ship My Pants
Funny Ferrari Pee Prank Goes Wrong
Funny Buffalo Sabres’ John Scott videobombs post game interview (VIDEO)
Funny Kid Dancing and Rapping "I'm Sexy and I know it!"
Funny  If Orgies Were Like Relationships
Funny Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions
Funny The Funniest Stand Up Comedians in Entertainment
Funny Lie Witness News - Coachella 2013
Funny The 10 Greatest Wrestler Glamour Shots of All Time
Funny 17 Examples of Sports Video Game Cover Art That Make Other Art Embarrassed to Be Art
Funny This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
Funny Prankster Asks NFL Fans About Fake Players
Funny Escaped Lion Prank
Funny 12 Funny Texts You Missed While You Were Sleeping
Funny This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
Funny 12 reactions people from the past would have to modern things
Funny Stop What You’re Doing & Watch This First Pitch From Stetson-Florida State [UPDATE]
Funny The Gold Coast Suns Got A Vaginal Rebranding
Funny BBC radio host Paula White hauled off air for being 'drunk' during last show
Funny The Most Awful Backyard Wrestling Fails
Funny Singer Of National Anthem Forgets Words, Powers Ahead Anyhow
Funny The 25 Funniest 'Forever Alone' Photos
Funny Cricket Prank Bans Seniors From Graduation
Funny 15 Animals Who Are Absolutely Terrified Right Now
Funny “It’s a New Set of Downs!”: How the Pro Bowl May Look If the NFL Makes It a Game Show
Funny Cincinnati’s baseball team is employing next-level photobomb techniques
Funny This Might Be The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened On A Jumbotron
Funny The 10 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Week
Funny I Do What I Want
Funny Pranksters who taped NFL GMs now face federal wiretapping charges
Funny Workout FAIL: 20 GIFs of Exercise Mishaps
Funny Teachers like to have fun too (31 Photos)
Funny Husky Invades NCAA Tournament Game, Is Cutest Idiot On The Field Ever
Funny 29 Signs You Didn’t Do Any Extracurricular Activities As A Kid
Funny 27 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Text
Funny Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate
Funny NESN’s Dennis Eckersley drops “s-bomb” on air after Red Sox game
Funny 5 Terribly Awkward Postgrad Dating Scenarios
Funny 10 High School Stereotypes You Forgot About
Funny 10 Things Every Bro Wants to Do Before The World Ends
Funny Bro Asks Porn Stars ‘What Sexual Act Would You Donate to Raise Money for Oklahoma Tornado Victims?’
Funny 37 Animals Having A Worse Day Than You
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Funny Honest Music Festival Commercial
Funny Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate
Funny The Anchorman 2 Trailer is Finally Here
Funny The Official Music Video For "Channing On My Tatum"
Funny Dear Prudence: Errant Dildo
Funny 10 Horrible Hammock Accidents
Funny Stanley Cup: Joel Quenneville's House Toilet Papered ... Again
Funny Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, and Chris O’Dowd Battle Huge Fly
Funny Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, and Chris O’Dowd Battle Huge Fly
Funny 'Step Brothers' Gag Reel
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Funny Here's Matt Harvey Asking New Yorkers What They Think Of Matt Harvey
Funny Groom Tricked With Elaborate Bungee Jumping Prank At Bachelor Party
Funny Unicorn Mask-Wearing Porn Star Kicked Out Of PNC Park For Sexy Dancing
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