Dumbass! Amy Winehouse orders 48 bottles of Jack Daniel's for weekend gig
Dumbass! IAAF asks jumper accused of drinking at meet to explain conduct
Dumbass! Note to self: Remove explosives from boxes before intending to dispose of them
Dumbass! Verizon Wireless tech accused of $220K in sex calls
Dumbass! Man who was locked out of his apartment tried to climb through a window, got stuck and suffocated
Dumbass! Actor Jerry O'Connell apologizes for calling his wife Rebecca Romijn 'huge'
Dumbass! 7 College Scholarships That Require Absolutely No Talent
Dumbass! Two charged with 'SNWI' -- swimming naked while intoxicated
Dumbass! Saudi cleric claims Mickey Mouse must die because he's 'one of Satan's soldiers'
Dumbass! Note to self: When lighting a cigarette near a railroad track, pay attention
Dumbass! Man blames crack habit for stealing beer cans
Dumbass! Bus driver suspended for lewd texting
Dumbass! Crazy Dj Stays On Air while booth burns
Dumbass! Elderly man gets robbed by police recruiting center, quickly captured
Dumbass! Down Home Political Talk
Dumbass! Intoxicated Iowa man hugs police officer, charged with assault
Dumbass! Jets Tailgates Are Hot!
Dumbass! Planes circle isle after controller overslept
Dumbass! Stay classy: Cubs fan throws baseball at Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez during game, arrested
Dumbass! Man impersonating friend arrested on friend's warrant
Dumbass! 2 JetBlue pilots charged in attack on cabbie
Dumbass! Former Rams RB Lawrence Phillips sentenced to 10 years in jail
Dumbass! Meet The Man Who Felled Kimbo
Dumbass! O.J. had an acquittal party planned
Dumbass! Coconut Smasher......Fail.
Dumbass! Undecided Voters Are Stupid, Some are Cubs Fans, Jokes Daily Show
Dumbass! Skinny-dipping tailgater accused of kneeing cop
Dumbass! So which Cub flooded the visitor's dugout at Dodger Stadium?
Dumbass! (video) Putting the Stanley Cup on a pedestal -- You're doing it wrong, Def Leppard
Dumbass! Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding (video)
Dumbass! 6 Famous People Who Pissed Away a Fortune
Dumbass! 14-year-old shot during Mich. toilet paper prank
Dumbass! New father secretly names his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin
Dumbass! Drunk tries to hijack plane
Dumbass! SI.com ranks the NFL stadiums; somehow Giants Stadium is ranked higher than where the Jets play
Dumbass! Landmark Citgo sign suffers $5,000 in damage in minor fire
Dumbass! Palin smiles as Saturday Night Live mocks her anew
Dumbass! Bigfoot Hoax Body & Display: Original 2008 - BUY IT NOW
Dumbass! Sal goes to Harlem and asks people who they are voting for. Pretty damn sad.
Dumbass! Guy becomes Chewbacca when he's tazed (vid)
Dumbass! Burglar botches theft of ammonia by dialing 911
Dumbass! Bill Cosby loses his mind on ESPN 2, 5, and 6
Dumbass! Hilary Duff Wants You to Reach Out and Touch Her
Dumbass! John Daly passes out drunk at a North Carolina Hooters, jailed to 'sober up'
Dumbass! The Unauthorized History Of White Boy Dreadlocks
Dumbass! From $603,000 to $1 In 60 Seconds (vid)
Dumbass! Cops: Fake tips at go-go bar lead to counterfeiting bust
Dumbass!  FBI: Airline Passenger Restrained With Duct Tape
Dumbass! Never clean cobwebs off with a blow torch
Dumbass! When robbing a gas station, it's a good idea to bring the money with you
Dumbass! Worst Throwback Jersey Ever
Dumbass! 7 Rock Stars That Need an Ass-Kicking
Dumbass! Cubs final bids due by Thanksgiving
Dumbass! "Our First Colored President"
Dumbass! Lawyer sues his estranged wife for cheating on him and giving him herpes; one problem: she tested negative
Dumbass! FCC Spends $350k to Sponsor Race Car; Vehicle Catches Fire
Dumbass! In letter to Davis, Fassel says he wants to coach Raiders
Dumbass! Venezuela president Chavez wiretaps his opponents, boasts audio in campaign ads
Dumbass! Oregon Woman Loses $400,000 to Nigerian E-Mail Scam
Dumbass! She Can't Celebrate Correctly
Dumbass! 'Big Three' auto leaders travel to Washington to plead for a bailout in style
Dumbass! Bronx Mowgli
Dumbass! NFL's Joey Porter on Michael Vick: 'It's not like he was fighting cocker spaniels'
Dumbass! Teacher sues city after being fired for affair with runway model student
Dumbass! Man shoots teen in the ass because he 'looked at him in the wrong way'
Dumbass! Crazy Gideon’s Insane Deals (vid)
Dumbass! Burress' accidental shooting self-inflicted, according to reports
Dumbass! Nursing home worker calls in sick, robs place later in the day
Dumbass! 7 Sportsmen who have blown a fortune
Dumbass! Plaxico Burress Saga Turning Into Awful Russian Novel
Dumbass! 50 Cent and his boys locked out of their Rolls Royce, use hanger to try and get it open
Dumbass! 10 Dudes Who Cry Like Girls (vids)
Dumbass! A Journey Through Yahoo Answers’ Finest
Dumbass! Woman 'pregnant' with monkey convicted of smuggling
Dumbass! Bush's Final F.U. To America
Dumbass! Kevin Federline partying with weed and hookers
Dumbass! Marbury buys ticket to Knicks vs Lakers
Dumbass! SoCal Woman Stuck on Tracks Called 911 Instead of Getting Out of the Car
Dumbass! Stephanie Tanner is an unfit mother
Dumbass! Man stands accused of going on Listerine-induced bender at a Florida Walmart
Dumbass! Lonely, drunk German man jumps into polar bear cage, manages to live
Dumbass!  Man Arrested for Flashing Gang Signs on Santa's Lap
Dumbass! Rice: People will soon thank Bush for what he's done
Dumbass! Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S., scroll down for map
Dumbass! 'Diddy' wants Ciroc to be the 'official vodka of NYE', paint the ball purple for $1M
Dumbass! The 2008 Sex Scandal Teacher Starting Lineup
Dumbass! Vikings' Punter Considers Changing His Name To 'World Of Warcraft'
Dumbass! Man arrested for exposing himself to minor; decides to demonstrate what he did by exposing himself to cops
Dumbass! E-bay users are this stupid?
Dumbass! David Letterman breaks out the archive footage to see which of Bush's promises have come true
Dumbass! Rey Maualuga Needs To Be Taught Some Manners
Dumbass! Chargers WR Jackson arrested on suspicion of DUI
Dumbass! Man who threatens bomb on L.A.-bound flight gets his lunch handed to him by passengers
Dumbass! Kids stand accused of stealing car -- to get to school
Dumbass! Man waits in line wearing ski mask to rob bank; Officer: Unusual for robber to wait in line at a bank
Dumbass! Coolio: Computers came from space, movie 'Independence Day' is 'gonna happen'
Dumbass! Best Female Driver Ever (vid)
Dumbass! Man Spends 26 Years Solving Rubik’s Cube
Dumbass! Epic high five fail for Ryan Seacrest
Dumbass! Couple quit jobs, move after bank erroneously gives them $177K
Dumbass! Cat Banned from Post Office for Not Paying Taxes
Dumbass! Knoxville Pinned in Airport Grenade Incident
Dumbass! Craigslist: Only True Millionaires Need Apply
Dumbass! Ten Stiff Drinks for Bush's Last Day
Dumbass! 2 Girls. No Cups. 1 Passed Out Kyle Orton.
Dumbass! Mariah Carey is a lunatic
Dumbass! The 5 Worst Sources of Advice on Television
Dumbass! Former Braves pitcher John Rocker ejected from hotel grand opening for tossing a racial slur at a radio personality with St. Louis ties
Dumbass! John Rocker Adds Jews to Hate List
Dumbass! Ex-Beatle McCartney to get married again?
Dumbass! Man loses penis while trying to rape raccoon
Dumbass! Uncensored Mike Tyson Moments
Dumbass! D.C. 'Mayor for Life' Marion Berry didn't pay his taxes -- again
Dumbass! The 6 Most Pathetic Attempts to Get Super Bowl Tickets
Dumbass! Sure sign of guilt during DUI check: 'Can I do [test] like I'm doing gymnastics?'
Dumbass! “That’s like clubbing baby seals"
Dumbass! Former Falcon Jamal Anderson Arrested For Coke And Pot
Dumbass! Man arrested for calling 911 after restaurant runs out of lemonade
Dumbass! Florida driver gets 50 traffic citations in one day
Dumbass! Deputy who fired shots in wrong house acted 'reasonably and lawfully'
Dumbass! Drunk teen drives car through home, pleads with owner not to tell his mom
Dumbass! Man riding lawn mower dies in highway collision
Dumbass! Lil Wayne Celebrates His ESPN Blog With A Tattoo
Dumbass! Latest Jersey pastime: sending balloon-borne red flares into the nighttime skies near Newark Airport
Dumbass! Inmate sues NASCAR for $23M, blames them for his crimes
Dumbass! Sen. Jim Bunning tells audience that Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg will be dead in nine months
Dumbass! Bong blamed for fire at MU fraternity house
Dumbass! What do you when your car breaks down? Don't build a fire inside to keep warm
Dumbass! Woman traded two children for $1500 cockatoo
Dumbass! Wal-Mart worker burns self to death in parking lot
Dumbass! The 25 Most Awesome Sports Streakers
Dumbass! Man wins 12-hour sex orgy bet after guzzling Viagra; dies shortly after
Dumbass! Ex-NFLer Strahan doesn't trust girlfriend, puts tracking device on car and gets caught
Dumbass! Counterfeit bills for Girl Scout cookies is pretty low
Dumbass! Chris Brown Parties After Arraignment
Dumbass! Ten Reasons Why T.O. Should Take His Ass To Canada To Play
Dumbass! Philly Eagles employee axed thanks to Facebook post criticizing his employer
Dumbass! Nickelodeon: If Chris Brown Wins, Blame Kids
Dumbass! Matt Jones is a party that won't stop
Dumbass! Woman injured by power sex toy
Dumbass! Dying woman spends £40,000 on plastic surgery.. to look like Demi Moore
Dumbass! Travis Henry doesn’t have money to pay for his nine kids
Dumbass! Ten at daycare center in Arkansas drink windshield wiper fluid after worker confused it for Kool-Aid
Dumbass! Barkley is better at drinking and driving than you thought
Dumbass! St. Louis parking officials fail to renew PO Box
Dumbass! Alex Rodriguez Loves Himself In Details Magazine
Dumbass! Manny takes a swing at cricket
Dumbass! Seattle fire official misuses position by demanding Hannah Montana concert tix
Dumbass! A Few Extremely Entertaining Adult Flim Star Interviews
Dumbass! Naked Burglar Found Stuck in Oven Vent
Dumbass! Word of advice: Don’t score against your own team TWICE
Dumbass! McLovin' Drops an F-Bomb on Kimmel to Stunned Silence
Dumbass! Madame Kristin Davis Provided Alex Rodriguez Prostitutes; Thought He Was Sweet
Dumbass!  The 10 Worst Cheap Shots in Sports
Dumbass! Haha, I like the part where she falls face first into the ground.
Dumbass! Fan calls, threatens NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets
Dumbass! Cop admits to having sex with prostitute while on duty and in uniform; loses pension
Dumbass! Britney Has Holiday Wishes For You
Dumbass! Local News Gets Pranked With Fake Birthday Names
Dumbass! Former Georgia safety urinates in police car
Dumbass! This Is Why You Shouldn't Loan Out Your Home For Drug Murders
Dumbass! He is Dancing With More Than A Star
Dumbass! Oops! UCSD Sends Acceptance E-mail to Wrong List
Dumbass! Caught on tape: Genius lights match near gas pump causing fire
Dumbass! Flores And McKendry Share An Awkward Moment Involving The Playboy Mansion
Dumbass! Man Swallows Scissors
Dumbass! Would-be groom drops engagement ring on Brooklyn Bridge
Dumbass! If you're going to cheat on your girlfriend, there are better places to do it than on a plane with her asleep in the seat next to you
Dumbass! Mother of the Year candidate: Women breast feeds newborn while driving, drunk no less
Dumbass! 8 Awesome Videos of Athletes Looking Like Total Jackasses Off the Field
Dumbass! Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain's DUI video is here for all to enjoy
Dumbass! The Octo-Mom Is The 2009 National Douchebag Champion
Dumbass! Man sold 14-year-old daughter for beer and meat
Dumbass! Billy Bob Thornton's fantastic meltdown on Canadian radio
Dumbass! Britney Spears: "Don't Smoke Weed!"
Dumbass! Teen racks up $4,756.25 cell bill, thanks to 10K in text messages
Dumbass! The Customer is Always Right
Dumbass! Off-duty Florida cops egg hooker, caught by on-duty cops
Dumbass! Bruce Pearl "Raps". Of Course He Does.
Dumbass! Keep it classy Chicago: Dead Goat Hung at Wrigley Field
Dumbass! Boy, 2, found near alligators as babysitter slept on toilet
Dumbass! Hulk Hogan: 'I totally understand O.J.'
Dumbass! There Should Be A Law Against Patriots Fans Getting Tattoos
Dumbass! Worst overdubbed profanity replacement in TV history
Dumbass! Shepherd Smith drops F-bomb during Freedom Watch: We do not F***ing torture!!!
Dumbass! Vancouver newspaper blog asks fans to send in their best routes for a Stanley Cup parade
Dumbass! Don't Go Getting All Gay On Jim Palmer
Dumbass! Milton Bradley: 'I Never Had A Problem In My Life Until I Started Playing Baseball'
Dumbass! Tony Danza really hates live television
Dumbass! Psycho Jumps off Roof Wearing Only Bubble Wrap
Dumbass! The Shadow Hare patrols the streets of Cincinnati
Dumbass! Police Officer Sues Man Who Bit Him During Fight Outside Wrigley Field
Dumbass! 7 Clearly Fake News Stories That Fooled The Mainstream Media
Dumbass! Don’t Worry “Jay Cutler” Is Safe From Swine Flu Thanks To The Jews
Dumbass! Celtics Fan Doesn’t Take This Playoff Drunk & Disorderly Arrest Very Well
Dumbass! 50 truly awesome Star Trek nerds
Dumbass! Smuggler's Plot For The Birds
Dumbass! How not to hitch a ride from a cop: throw rocks at the police cruiser
Dumbass! The Perfect Faceplant
Dumbass! The most misquoted movie lines of all time
Dumbass! MLB TV's Super Hilarious Matt Vasgersian Reminds Everyone That He Hates St. Louis
Dumbass! Citi Field’s First Streaker Covers Dong With Stuffed Animal, Goes Ty Cobb Into Second Base
Dumbass! ASU Snubs Obama
Dumbass! Suspect Stops at Taco Bell During Chase
Dumbass! Michael Irvin Didn’t Have Plane Sex Parties
Dumbass! Rookie Millionaire Versus Obsessive Super Fan - Who Ya Got?
Dumbass! The National League Central Has Cornered The Market On Landscaping, Offensive T-Shirts
Dumbass! Amy Winehouse makes third visit to hospital in as many months
Dumbass! Police say man used horse tranquilizers to sleep
Dumbass! Dennis Eckersley curses on NESN broadcast
Dumbass! Thieves steal ambulance on emergency call
Dumbass! Jose Canseco "fights" 7-foot-2-inch Hong Man Choi in Yokohama
Dumbass! Vince Young makes it drizzle
Dumbass! No Gatorade Machine Is Safe From Zambrano's Wrath
Dumbass! Deposition of Woman Who Falsely Accused St. Louis Cop of Doing Coke Amongst Other Things
Dumbass! Lost phone leads to triple murder suspect
Dumbass! Tony Kornheiser Likes To Think People Liked Him On MNF
Dumbass! Ralph Wilson Chooses Chris Berman For HOF Induction
Dumbass! Chad Johnson Loves His Quarterback, Uncomfortable Sexual Metaphors
Dumbass! WGN Reporters Like Dunking On Kids
Dumbass! Fifty Greatest Caucasian Gangsta Photos Of All Time
Dumbass! Do not make me contact my lawyer...
Dumbass! Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun At McD's; Order took 'too long'
Dumbass! Man Arrested Mid-Hairdo
Dumbass! Twitter bath death
Dumbass! John Daly runs his RV into Bankhead Tunnel
Dumbass! Oahu firefighters cause blaze at own fire station
Dumbass! Drunk golfer takes to the streets -- in a golf car
Dumbass! ‘WTF Were They Thinking’ Tattoos
Dumbass! Michael Jackson Dies. Chad Johnson Says It's "Just As Sad As 9/11."
Dumbass! Man Falls From Hockeytown's Roof...Reader Has Enthusiastic Report
Dumbass! I guess he REALLY needed video of this moment (pic)
Dumbass! Reporter freaks out on live TV
Dumbass! Irresponsible (yet hilarious) Fireworks Usage
Dumbass! Roddy Piper Pinned for DUI
Dumbass! (video) CFL player pays tribute to Michael Jackson in a unique way
Dumbass! Gambler sues casino for losing $23M fortune
Dumbass! Ryan Dempster: TwinkleToes
Dumbass! Mel Gibson Hoping You'll Pay $12 to Watch Him Have Conversations with a Puppet
Dumbass! Teen Girl Falls In Open Manhole While Texting
Dumbass! Warning: Don't Give Sidney Crosby Money On MySpace
Dumbass! The Dog Ate My Drug Test: The 12 Dumbest Athlete Excuses Ever
Dumbass! Antoine Walker Arrested for Taking Huge Gamble
Dumbass! Lance Briggs Is The New Travis Henry
Dumbass! Beckham Booed; Soccer Stud Charges Crowd
Dumbass! Lady Gaga wears Kermit the Frog, Yes
Dumbass! Former ML'er A Texas-Sized Deadbeat Dad
Dumbass! Visa Accidentally Bills North Salem Teen $23 Quadrillion
Dumbass! Drunk thinks he is checking into a theme hotel
Dumbass! Garth Brooks Takes Coin Toss to the Face
Dumbass! Fan selling LeBron high school scrapbooks for $250,000 on eBay
Dumbass! N.H. sports writer busted on pimping charges
Dumbass! We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!!
Dumbass! Hawaii Coach Apologizes For Accusing Notre Dame Of Gayness During Dance Routine
Dumbass! Mariners nixed three-way Felix Hernandez trade sending SD slugger Adrian Gonzalez to SEA
Dumbass! Dude Fails At Impressing Chicks
Dumbass! Petland Shuts Down Akron Shop After Worker Drowns Rabbits, Poses For Pics
Dumbass! Michael Crabtree's advisers threaten 49ers with holdout, draft re-entry
Dumbass! Reggie Miller Goes After Another Man's Girl, Gets A Restraining Order For His Trouble
Dumbass! WOMAN: I was duped into changing man's diapers!
Dumbass! Frustrated Russian throws cup at Mona Lisa...
Dumbass! Vernon Davis Continues To Piss Off The World
Dumbass! Cubs Fan Spills Beer on Shane Victorino, Blames Bartman
Dumbass! Costco pulls racist doll from stores
Dumbass! Kurt Angle Busted for Alleged Harassment
Dumbass! College student passes sherrif's deputy at 153 MPH. Resulting crash leaves skid marks along highway
Dumbass! Online Bookie Pays Out Big on Tiger's Win...Wait, He Lost?
Dumbass! So, About the West County Doctor who Tossed 466 Medical Records in a Dumpster
Dumbass! Pauly Shore's Ballistic On-Set Tirade
Dumbass! Blue Jays pitcher Brett Cecil makes all-time bonehead error
Dumbass! One Woman’s Embarrassing Facebook Message
Dumbass! Nice Tattoos, Michael Beasley, But What Is That On Your Table?
Dumbass! Missouri man arrested after threatening to shoot people at Wal-Mart
Dumbass!  Lottery Tragedies
Dumbass! Joe Francis Goes Wild, Beats Up Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole
Dumbass! Whitney Houston really sucks
Dumbass! will.i.am wants a tryout with the Miami Dolphins
Dumbass! Chargers LB Merriman arrested
Dumbass! Trapped Girls Updated Facebook Status Instead of Calling For Help
Dumbass! Why Your Mom Shouldn't Be On Facebook
Dumbass! Boxing promoter Bob Arum gives his thoughts on MMA
Dumbass! Lenny Dykstra's Entire Career Is Now Up For Sale
Dumbass! Speeding driver gets 56 tickets... in 13 minutes
Dumbass! 11-year-old boy fakes kidnapping to hide bad grades. Was that wrong? Should he not have done that?
Dumbass! What NOT to do while the President is taking an awesome pic
Dumbass! Baylor U. Tailgate Beer Thief Caught In The Act
Dumbass! Ten Most Confusing Google Street View Accidents
Dumbass! Imperial, Mo. Man Fatally Shoots Himself While Teaching Girlfriend Lesson on Gun Safety
Dumbass! Drunk Dialing Hall of Fame
Dumbass! Redskins Rookie Sorry for "Dim Wits" Tweet... Apologizes to Fans...
Dumbass! KU Basketball Player Tyshawn Taylor injured in a fight with KU's football team
Dumbass! Skeletons Depicting Steve McNair, Sahel Kazemi Pulled After Uproar
Dumbass! Tenn. coach apologizes for KKK joke at fundraiser
Dumbass! Bad idea: Robbing a house; Worse idea: Drinking a bottle of wine and passing out while doing so
Dumbass! Remove Your Site From Google or I’ll Sue
Dumbass! Billboard For FOX NFL Sunday Promotes Game That Doesn’t Air On Fox Or On Sunday
Dumbass!  Pet bear kills Pennsylvania woman
Dumbass! Drunken British dwarf glues penis to vacuum cleaner
Dumbass! OSU's Dez Bryant rule ineligible
Dumbass! 20 Tattoos You Don’t Want To Get
Dumbass! Passout At A Football Game, Pay The Price
Dumbass! Jesse McCartney's National Fail
Dumbass! Jimmy Kimmel Pulls a Letterman, Goes Public about Sleeping with Employee
Dumbass! Dad of 11 kids gets 13 years in jail for 62 grams of crack
Dumbass! 'Neighbour from hell' Madonna accused of turning her NYC home into rehearsal space
Dumbass! Ocho-Cinco Writes Bad Checks To Hookers
Dumbass! Burglar checks Facebook & forgets to log out
Dumbass! Farrakhan suspicious of H1N1 vaccine
Dumbass! Wii-jected -- HSN Host Smashes Tennis Demo (vid)
Dumbass! Attn A-Rod: The 10 Commandments Of Sports Ass Smacking
Dumbass! Antoine Walker Did Not Manage His Money Well
Dumbass! Bob Griese Suspended 1 Week for Montoya 'Taco Comment'
Dumbass! ECHL's Bakersfield Condors will wear Jacko jerseys
Dumbass! Man Sues Axe for Not Getting Him Laid
Dumbass! Blame it on Macys - Why the Phillies lost
Dumbass! Vicente Padilla Shot In Hunting "Accident"
Dumbass! Michigan State: It's the Bomb Yo!
Dumbass! T.O. Acknowledges His Own Irrelevance
Dumbass! McRobber orders burger with cash
Dumbass! Police Arrest Suspected Drunk Pilot At Heathrow Airport
Dumbass! Mike Tyson Arrested For Battery at LAX
Dumbass! Fla. man calls 911 seeking phone sex
Dumbass! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Make British Kids Cry
Dumbass! FOX NBA announcing team suspended after mocking first Iranian-born player in league
Dumbass! 911 Call: A Dumb Man Wants Police Escort To Visit Lil Wayne
Dumbass! Keith Ballard Injures His Own Goalie
Dumbass! Chad OchoCinco Has No Game
Dumbass! Suspect says he was forced into robbery attempt to pay off drug deals
Dumbass! Woman Calls 911 to Get Her Burger Made Correctly
Dumbass! Nicholas Cages getting sued for being sued
Dumbass!  Pretty Good Time Ambulance Driver (Video)
Dumbass! Teen's Cell Phone Bill Tops $20,000
Dumbass! AP: Teens Tried to Carjack Officer
Dumbass! Rev. Fred Phelps: "God Hates Lady Gaga" Almost As Much As "God Hates Fags"
Dumbass! Saints player 'tweets' during DUI arrest
Dumbass! Reports: NBA stars draw guns in argument over gambling debt
Dumbass! The dumbest 911 call of the decade
Dumbass! Bono has a new crusade: Internet controls to protect artists and their work
Dumbass! Video of the hoosier Rams fans falling out of the stands
Dumbass! The Inebriation of Mimi -- Mariah's Sloshy Speech
Dumbass! The Ten Drunkest Awards Show Moments
Dumbass! Behold: Dubya-Emmitt Summit At Cowboys Game
Dumbass! Ravens Fan Pays For Treason With Mild Electrocution (vid)
Dumbass! Gilbert Arenas Charged with Felony
Dumbass! Man Poses As Unknown Minor Leaguer To Steal Truck
Dumbass! ESPN's Mike Greenberg celebrates MLK Day with a real bad slip up
Dumbass! McGraw-Hill CEO confirms release of Apple tablet prior to Wednesday's announcement
Dumbass! WWE Star Chris Jericho Arrested in Kentucky
Dumbass! The Top Ten Superbowl Disgraces (That Have Nothing To Do With Game Play)
Dumbass! The Kendra Wilkinson Upset
Dumbass! John Mayer's Sexually, Racially Charged Playboy Interview Sparks Outrage
Dumbass! John Wall Jersey Misspelled For UK Photo Shoot
Dumbass! Just when you think you’d seen it all from the Bengals….Pacman Jones working out
Dumbass! High School Kid Punished For "Killing Hookers" Fanpage on Facebook
Dumbass! (video) Oprah Winfrey greets Drew Brees by trying to rub the birthmark off his face
Dumbass! Cubs Scalping Own Tickets Now
Dumbass! Six Sexual Records NOT To Be Proud Of
Dumbass! Raiders Taking "Football" Literally
Dumbass! Bikini-clad woman covered in Jell-O arrested for suspected drunken
Dumbass! Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder, arson
Dumbass! Tony Kornheiser Does Not Seem to Approve of Hannah Storm’s “Go-Go Boots” and “Very Very Tight Shirt”
Dumbass! Porn Star Mistress Wigs Out over Tiger's Apology
Dumbass! Pitt football player gets kicked off team mysteriously; now we know why
Dumbass! Quote of the Day: Former President Bush
Dumbass! 'Bachelor' Winner -- Cruisin' for a Boozin'
Dumbass! Stevie Williams feels, like, so betrayed that Tiger was banging tail around the world
Dumbass! New York Yankees upset with Alex Rodriguez, and YES coverage lets it show
Dumbass! Darnell Dockett goes on Twitter spree after Cardinals gutted by FA
Dumbass! Sidney Crosby Hates America (But You Already Knew That)
Dumbass! Woman Feeds Bear at Zoo, Loses Fingers
Dumbass! Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The E-Trade Baby For 100 Meellion Dollars
Dumbass! NBA Owner Accused of Screwing Pregnant Nanny
Dumbass! Pujols for Howard? ESPN says Phillies may make the offer
Dumbass! Rays want Fridays at Trop to be 'baseball nightclub'
Dumbass! Wyclef's Mistress, Received $105,000 From Yele Haiti, Blogs Allege
Dumbass! Oops! Dallas PD Sends Drugs to CityStore
Dumbass! Remember the kid who quit H.S. for playing basketball? He quit on Israeli team
Dumbass! Man Jumps From Moving Car To Avoid His Ex Girlfriend
Dumbass! Must Be Baseball Season; Cubs' Lee Hurt While Eating
Dumbass! Tyra Banks Goes Insane (vid)
Dumbass! NFL Star Joey Porter Arrested for Assaulting Cop
Dumbass! Airlines Losing 3000 Bags Every Hour of Every Day
Dumbass! White Powder Puffs From Lindsay Lohan's Shoes
Dumbass! Post-Palin Alaska has largest debt burden in US
Dumbass! Javon Walker: I offered to give the Raiders their money back
Dumbass! Barkley Flips Off TNT Audience, Offers No Apology
Dumbass! I Think He Likes Brenda
Dumbass! MSNBC's David Schuster gets suspended from network - for taping a pilot for CNN
Dumbass! Andy Dick 911 Call: 'He's Absolutely Loony'
Dumbass! Scott Stapp Ruins Baseball
Dumbass! Think Blues Fans Are Angry? Check Out This Sharks Fan
Dumbass! Wrong Joker Punk!
Dumbass! Apple co-founder who sold his share for $800 has no regrets
Dumbass! Mom charged for pain pill sandwich
Dumbass! Dont mess with the handicapped!
Dumbass! Could This Be The Most Blatant Dive In Soccer History?
Dumbass! You Really Don't Want to Fly Uzbekistan Airlines
Dumbass! Penalty Box in Haiku: Heckler Gets A Face Full
Dumbass! Oh blondes!
Dumbass! NBC Falls For Stupid NHL Pizza Crawl Story
Dumbass! Bank Robber Caught After Teller Recognizes Him
Dumbass! Today's crazy market swing might be blamed on trader error
Dumbass! So, About That Cubs-Lighting-Their-Farts Story
Dumbass! Fad Dad Faceplants Into A Car
Dumbass! Man arrested for growing pot in TV
Dumbass! High School Hoops Star Busted For Being 22 Years Old
Dumbass! UScream: NFL Lineman Showers Live On Internet
Dumbass! Casino Valets Gives Ferrari F430 To Wrong Owner
Dumbass! Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses Was 'Sabotaged'
Dumbass! Amar'e Stoudemire's mom did not have a good weekend
Dumbass! Police: Man sucked into sausage seasoning machine
Dumbass! Most Obnoxious Wedding Themes Of All Time
Dumbass! BRITNEY SPEARS wants to be FROZEN after her death - so she can be brought back to life later
Dumbass! Jesse James' Excuse: I'm The Victim of Child Abuse; Shame Drove Me To Cheat
Dumbass! World Series ring, team-issued phone allegedly stolen from Staten Island Yanks coach during wild night of partying
Dumbass! Strasburg, VA wants to be Stephen Strasburg, VA
Dumbass! What's More Pathetic Than Getting A Juggalo Tattoo?
Dumbass! Maybe This Is Why Blockbuster Is Dying
Dumbass! Tech Support People Don't Have Easy Jobs
Dumbass! 'American Pie' star busted for DUI -- again
Dumbass! Chinchilla and Crocodile NBA Jacket
Dumbass! Miami Woman Wills $3 Million & Mansion to Chihuahua
Dumbass! Vuvuzela Man Cheers For Everybody
Dumbass! PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Takes A Trip Bookmark and Share
Dumbass! Coast Guard rescues unwitting drunk man one mile offshore, drifting on pool floatie
Dumbass! Dog Gets Revenge on Vuvuzela-Using Owner
Dumbass! 'Billy The Marlin' goes for the awkward celebratory moment
Dumbass! Married Soccer Star Landon Donovan Gets British Woman Pregnant
Dumbass! Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand blows .21; arrested for drunk driving
Dumbass! Woman blames vampire for car crash
Dumbass! Chris Simms got caught for having some marijuana
Dumbass! Here's Video Of Kobayashi Getting Arrested At The Coney Island Hot-Dog-Eating Contest
Dumbass! JaMarcus Russell Arrested For Purple Drank
Dumbass! Video: Dumbass Tries Swiping World Cup Trophy
Dumbass! Kenyon Martin gets weird tat to cover up lips tat of his ex-GF
Dumbass! America's Dumbest Student-Athlete Nominee: Jordan Vandenberg, North Carolina State
Dumbass! When World Cup Third-Place Final Celebrations Go Wrong
Dumbass! Man tries to pay tax with 200,000 pennies
Dumbass! Drinking vodka through your eye -- the new hot trend
Dumbass! Stoughton cop resigns after he left beat to see dwarf porn star
Dumbass! Grambling Coach On NFL Agents: 'Shoot Their Ass'
Dumbass! Woman hits ex-boyfriend in parking lot - after their civil court hearing
Dumbass! Report: 'Jersey Shore' start Snooki arrested on drunk and disorderly charges
Dumbass! NBA Rookie Of The Year Arrested At Gunpoint After Driving 120 MPH
Dumbass! Albert Haynesworth skips conditioning test - again
Dumbass! Enthusiastic Cavs Sportscaster Now Rape Suspect
Dumbass! Carlos Zambrano Gives His Chocolate Stick A Lick For Good Luck
Dumbass! The 18 Dumbest Dames of 2010 (So Far)
Dumbass! Ted Nugent Pleads No Contest to Baiting Young Deer
Dumbass! Aerosmith's Steven Tyler falls off stage again
Dumbass! Roger Clemens Is Indicted in Performance Drug Case
Dumbass! Lady calls for baboon on the loose in Florissant Missouri-Hoax
Dumbass! Woman drives while watching porno...
Dumbass! Early Winner For Deserved Maiming Of The Year Award
Dumbass! Yelm soldier gets 2 months for holding girl's head underwater
Dumbass!  Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart Busted For Stealing Pills
Dumbass! Devon James Fired In Las Vegas
Dumbass! You Can Buy Strippers At Wal-Mart Now? Awesome.
Dumbass! Worst Politician Names Of All Time
Dumbass! Mayweather Jr. hit with four felony counts
Dumbass! Dumbest Dudes Of 2010
Dumbass! 10 Misspelled Tattoos
Dumbass! Mom Gets Her 4 Year Old Stoned With Pot Brownie, Says It’s No Big Deal
Dumbass! The Ten Most Ridiculously Racist Remaks from Sports Personalities
Dumbass! KY Beauty Queen Loses Her Mind and Crown, Goes on Rampage
Dumbass! Felipe Alvarez gets full Andres Escobar shirt tattoo, is hardcore
Dumbass! Tiger Woods Mistresses in Mega-Bitch Fight
Dumbass! George W. Bush Is Back in the Rangers Front Row
Dumbass! Finnish TV anchor Kimmo Wilska drinks beer on set; gets fired
Dumbass! The Top Ten Celebrity Lessons On How Not To Cheat
Dumbass! Wildcat Rips Own Fans Via Twitter After Win Over Gamecocks
Dumbass! Olympic 400m dope cheat LaShawn Merritt blames penis growth pill
Dumbass! JaMarcus Russell: “I Don’t Where It Went Wrong”
Dumbass! 23 Athletes Who Went From Glamour to Slammer
Dumbass! Drunk man attacks policeman with a dildo
Dumbass! Lawyer quits job to watch the Texas Rangers in the World Series
Dumbass! Criminals are stupid people
Dumbass! The 25 Wackest Rapper Crimes Of All Time
Dumbass! Jack Johnson Hid $80k In Wife's Bra As FBI Listened In
Dumbass! Sooooo Tired of Writing This BS Paper... (fb Status)
Dumbass! Facebook-banning NJ pastor acknowledges threesome
Dumbass! Fan Runs on the Field During Third Quarter of Jets-Texans Game
Dumbass! Brandy Pearl compares her husband Bruce to Jesus
Dumbass! Intoxicated passenger drops cruise ship anchor
Dumbass! Nashville billboards claim Jesus will return May 21, 2011
Dumbass! Antrel Rolle compares booing players to booing soldiers coming home from Iraq
Dumbass! Cincinnati Bearcats Mascot Throws Snowballs, Figures Out How To Piss Off Cincy Cops Who Are Trying To Stay Warm
Dumbass! Cuff ‘Em: Boston Bruins Fans Throw Beer, Brawl With Punks Who Won’t High Five Them At Bruins Game
Dumbass! This Hanukkah, Balducci's Suggests You Try a Ham
Dumbass! Two U. Of Oregon Dropouts Arrested For Lee Corso Head Theft
Dumbass! Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin’s nightmare camping trip
Dumbass! The Absolute Worst Christmas Cards, A Tribute
Dumbass! Jets coach admits to tripping Dolphins player on sidelines
Dumbass! The Most Ridiculous Deaths of 2010
Dumbass! Uh-Oh, Guys: Jose Canseco's Tweeting About His Tombstone Again
Dumbass! Man Robs Driver at ATM in Front of TV Camera
Dumbass! FIFA President Causes Stir With Gay Sex Comments for 2022 World Cup
Dumbass! Top 10 Gifts NOT To Buy Your Girlfriend / Wife
Dumbass! Postal worker arrested for delivering mail while naked
Dumbass! Gwyneth Paltrow Planning 4-Year Old Son's Wedding
Dumbass! Did Randy Moss Bash Jeff Fisher on Nashville Radio?
Dumbass! Rick Pitino doesn’t know much about concussions
Dumbass! The Fifty Biggest Brain Farts In Sports History
Dumbass! VIDEO: Renardo Sidney Fights Mississippi State Teammate in the Stands
Dumbass! You can order your Wisconsin 2011 Rose Bowl Champion t-shirts right now on ESPN.com
Dumbass! New Orleans Saints' Robert Meachem injured in collision with photographer
Dumbass!  Good News! Jose Canseco Has Been Testing A New Supplement For Us
Dumbass! Hawkeyes Overcome Adversity, Drugs
Dumbass! New Year's Eve Dos and Don'ts
Dumbass! The 5 dumbest criminals who were foiled by Facebook
Dumbass! 22-year-old asleep in the back seat while car is stolen
Dumbass! Paul Pierce’s Ex-WAG Chantel Calloway Arrested Minutes After Atlanta Bank Robbery
Dumbass! Montel Williams Busted With Drug Pipe
Dumbass!  Packers Fan Fails To Get High-Five From Aaron Rodgers But Tastes Lambeau Field
Dumbass! Thief steals pizza & wings from delivery man, doesn't take money
Dumbass! Man sues after alias lands him year in jail
Dumbass! These Two Douchebags Risk Jail Time To Steal $30 Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card & Other Memorabilia
Dumbass! Man Says Penis Enlarger Never Worked, Even After 500 Hours Of Use
Dumbass! Sportscaster & Former NFLer Mike Adamle Can Add DUI To His Impressive Resume
Dumbass! Dumbest places to 'do it'
Dumbass! Amar’e Stoudemire wants ladies to keep their legs closed
Dumbass! Awesome! Jose Canseco signs softball deal and will swing a ‘Juiced’ bat
Dumbass! Thief returns with shotgun and painted mustache for second robbery of same 7-Eleven
Dumbass! Moron Sues Escort Service for Insufficiently Brief Blowjob
Dumbass! The Jay Cutler PR Plan: Just Have Coach K And Philip Rivers Criticize Him
Dumbass! The Worst Rapper Tattoos Of All Time
Dumbass! DeShawn Stevenson pierced his Abraham Lincoln neck tattoo
Dumbass! Woman Suing Diddy For $1 Trillion For Causing 9/11
Dumbass! Crosby ‘Way More Talented Than Gretzky’? Uh, NO
Dumbass! The Dumbest Moments Of The 2010 NFL Season
Dumbass! The Six Greatest Drunken Award Show Moments
Dumbass! The Fourteen Dumbest Valentine's Day Traditions
Dumbass! Former porn star wants condoms in porn, she has herpes
Dumbass! Songs to NEVER Include on a Valentine's Day Mixtape
Dumbass! Because You Haven't Heard His Story Enough, Michael Vick is Oprah-bound
Dumbass! Backup Chargers WR Resists Arrest, Asks: "Do You Know Who I Am?"
Dumbass! Ok. State coach Mike Gundy hearts Justin Bieber, too.
Dumbass! Burglar Kills Goldfish During Burglary To Avoid 'Any Witnesses'
Dumbass! Colorado Eagles hockey coach strips on ice
Dumbass! Alleged Deodorant Thief Busted
Dumbass! The Top Ten Etiquette Tips For Social Functions
Dumbass! The 51 Dumbest Tourist Traps In America
Dumbass! Charlie Sheen Slams Alcoholics Anonymous, Says His Rate For Beating Addiction Is 100%
Dumbass! The Top Ten Charlie Sheen Moments
Dumbass! Hockey Coach Who Stopped Team Bus At Post Office To Mail 20-Pounds Of Weed
Dumbass! Man Trapped Woman In Fold-Out Couch
Dumbass! Top Flops: The Funniest Soccer Flops Ever
Dumbass! Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Would Get Up Mid-Haircut And Stab Someone With Scissors?
Dumbass! Man jailed for creating 35 websites to insult ex...
Dumbass! Chad Johnson Wants To Fight Anderson Silva
Dumbass! On dare, boy jumps off Golden Gate Bridge -- survives...
Dumbass! Man Accused of Calling 911 and Explicitly Describing Viagra Overdose
Dumbass! Courtney Love Considered Snorting Cobain's Remains
Dumbass! Burrito price hike leads to gun fight
Dumbass! Las Vegas Prosecutor Who Went After Paris Hilton for Cocaine, Caught with Crack
Dumbass! Woman charged for hiring a hitman via hitmanforehire.com & paying him via Paypal
Dumbass! Lindsay Lohan: I'm Goin' To Trial!
Dumbass! The Thirty Dumbest Universities In America
Dumbass! Are These Guys The World's Worst Burglars?
Dumbass! USC Students Busted Having Sex On Roof Of Campus Building
Dumbass! Anyone Want To Call Jose Canseco?
Dumbass! Jose Canseco Delivers the Greatest Tweet Ever
Dumbass! The 100 Most Ridiculous Yahoo! Answers Of All Time
Dumbass! I Have a Hunch They Might Regret This
Dumbass! Charlie Sheen Booed Off Stage in Detroit
Dumbass! 117 Reasons Celebrities Shouldn't Get To Pick Baby Names
Dumbass! Hugh Hefner Won't Make Crystal Harris Sign a Prenup
Dumbass! Fake Massage Parlor Inspector Demands Happy Ending
Dumbass! Mug Shot Released Of Football Player Arrested For 'Illegal Viagra'
Dumbass! Ohio man charged for barking at police dog
Dumbass! Daily WTF: Tattoo Edition
Dumbass! Stupidest Hockey Player Ever
Dumbass! Man Admits to Robbing Bank to Pay Court Fine
Dumbass! Bobby Carter Masturbates on Woman in the Cereal Aisle of Grocery Store
Dumbass! Royal's Tarp Guy vs. Tarp...WHO YA GOT!?!?
Dumbass! Reds’ pitcher Mike Leake arrested for stealing $60 worth of stuff from a Macy’s
Dumbass! Don’t Get a Crime Scene Tattooed on Your Chest
Dumbass! Anthony Garcia, Dumbest Killer Ever, Got Murder Scene Tattooed on His Chest
Dumbass! The 20 Dumbest (Alleged) Drunks Of All Time
Dumbass! Fan’s plan to propose to Ryan Braun backfires in a big way
Dumbass! Man Sues Goldrush Strip Club, Claims He Got So Drunk He Put $18,930 on His Credit Card
Dumbass! Ten Videos Of People Running Into Screen Doors
Dumbass! Denver Toddler Hospitalized After Eating Pot Cookies
Dumbass! A History of (Supposed) Unpatriotic Acts by Athletes
Dumbass! Man Dressed as Batman Busted by Police as He Dangled from Rooftop
Dumbass! Oregon State Sports Reporter Eats Napkin While Drunk At Denny’s
Dumbass! Facebook-Loving Couple Names Baby "Like"
Dumbass! Yale’s ‘George Bush Frat’ Gets Suspended
Dumbass! Letters to E.T.
Dumbass! Dumb Tweets @ Brands
Dumbass! Preacher Says World Will Actually End in October
Dumbass! Dumb Kentucky woman wields sword at Pizza Hut
Dumbass! How Nazi Scientists Tried to Create an Army of Talking Dogs
Dumbass! Woman Attacks Roommate With Butter
Dumbass! Man Accused Of Attacking Girlfriend With Forklift In Massachusetts
Dumbass! 17-year-old boy sells one of his kidneys for iPad 2
Dumbass! Zachary Briggs IS Available For Your Porn Movie
Dumbass! Watch This Guy Rollerblade Down A Playground Slide
Dumbass! Joseph Hayes Pulls Gun At Child's Birthday Party After Cake Runs Out
Dumbass! The Nine Dumbest Masks Used By Robbers
Dumbass! Man Shoots Finger Off To Get Rid Of Wart
Dumbass! Eight million gallons of water drained from reservoir after man urinates in it
Dumbass! Kerry Rhodes Gets Drunk Off 3 Glasses Of Wine On An Airplane
Dumbass! Utah man updated Facebook status during standoff
Dumbass! Men Say 'I Love You' Before Women Do
Dumbass! Michele Bachmann Mistakenly Says She Has The 'Spirit' Of A Serial Killer
Dumbass! TV Reporter Caught Smoking While Covering Oil Fire
Dumbass! Woman Who Tried to Swim Away From DUI Crash Charged With Murder
Dumbass! Woman tries to sneak boyfriend out of jail -- in a suitcase!
Dumbass! Your Dumb News Round-Up Of The Day
Dumbass! Yes, this email about “Dereck Jetter” really did just come into my inbox
Dumbass! The Worst Face Tattoos Of All Time
Dumbass! Photos Of People Being Mauled At The 2011 Pamplona Bull Run
Dumbass! The 10 Dumbest Sex And Relationship Studies Ever Conducted
Dumbass! Man grabs angry snapping turtle from water, almost gets face bitten off
Dumbass! At what point does standing over an open mineshaft with a gallon of gas and a match sound like a good idea?
Dumbass! Photo: Sam Shields gets a Super Bowl ring tattoo on his neck
Dumbass! The Ten Dumbest Things Comic Book Fans Do
Dumbass!  Phoenix Police: Man Stole Ambulance Outside Fire
Dumbass! Repo Games Backfires When Hosts Get Shot At
Dumbass! Villagers Mistake Monkey For Alien [PICS]
Dumbass! Iowa Man Arrested At His Own Wedding
Dumbass! The Very Worst of the Sex Advice in This Month's Maxim and Cosmo
Dumbass! Cop Pulling DARE Trailer Charged With DUI
Dumbass! The Dumbest Urban Legends Of All Time
Dumbass! Forgetful dad drives off with $5,000 on top of car
Dumbass! Darius Miles: Ex-NBA Player Arrested for Gun at Lambert Airport
Dumbass! The Twenty Funniest Masturbation Arrests Of All Time
Dumbass! The Dumbest Tattoos Of All Time
Dumbass! To Trough Or Not To Trough?
Dumbass! Babysitter Drove With Infant In Truck Bed
Dumbass! Keegan Bradley Really Respects the PGA Trophy
Dumbass! Texan robber channels Blackadder and pops some underpants on his head
Dumbass! Man Chooses Texas Rangers Over Hot Girlfriend, Probably Made Wrong Choice
Dumbass! Man Busted For Allegedly Peeing On Supermarket Floor, Said He Couldn't Hold It In
Dumbass! Dog Eats $10,000 In Diamonds
Dumbass! 6 People Who Single Handedly Screwed Entire Economies
Dumbass! The Five Dumbest Moments From The MTV Video Music Awards
Dumbass! Why Did I Watch Fourteen Hours Of The Weather Channel? I'm Not Sure.
Dumbass! The Ten Dumbest College Classes In America
Dumbass! NFL Player Nabbed Driving 147 MPH
Dumbass! The Most Absolutely Ridiculous Ways To Get Your Buzz On
Dumbass! Gumby Tried to Rob a 7-Eleven
Dumbass! The Eight Dumbest Scam Victims Of All Time
Dumbass! The Duckface isnt cool
Dumbass! Multi-Millionaire Rep. Says He Can’t Afford A Tax Hike Because He Only Has $400K A Year After Feeding Family
Dumbass! Three Idiots Arrested For Stealing a 30-Pack Of Tecate in the Worst Heist Ever
Dumbass! The Five Dumbest Doritos-Related Arrests Of All Time
Dumbass! Caught on Camera putting 54k of jewellery down her SKIRT !
Dumbass! The Ten Dumbest Celebrity Product Endorsements
Dumbass! New York man takes Wicker Man cosplay too far
Dumbass! Terry Francona Gave A Boston TV Station An Interview, But His T-Shirt Probably Says More Than He Did
Dumbass! Michael Oher Would Appreciate It If You’d Tell Him Who This Steve Jobs Guy Was
Dumbass! The dumbest dance party of all time
Dumbass! The Seventeen Dumbest Things That Protesters Do
Dumbass! Cops on Twitter? LAPD Detective Tweets Photo of Dead Body, Writes, 'It Never Ends'
Dumbass! The Fifteen Dumbest Sex Myths
Dumbass! Arizona Streaker Jacen Lankow's Post ESPN Footage Fate
Dumbass! The Beavis and Butthead Video Glossary
Dumbass! Why girls should not jump car batteries
Dumbass! Man Mistakes The Moon For UFO, Dials Emergency Line (AUDIO, POLL)
Dumbass! Pizza Workers Burn Down Rival Store -- Get Caught
Dumbass! Oh, No. No, No, No. (Man Gets A Texans Super Bowl Champions Tattoo)
Dumbass! The 25 Funniest Video Game Freakouts Ever Recorded
Dumbass! Pro Tip – While Having A Threesome Try Not To Throw Televisions At Your Wife
Dumbass! Man Arrested After Calling 911 Five Times To Complain About His Broken iPhone
Dumbass! Early Morning McDonald’s Menu Changeover Prompted Wisconsin Woman's Meltdown
Dumbass! The 7 Dumbest Things Students Do When Cramming for Exams
Dumbass! Lady Gaga Only Pees in Trash Cans
Dumbass! Dumb, Criminal And Topless Is No Way To Go Through Life
Dumbass! The Fifty Dumbest Quotes In Sports History
Dumbass! A Montage Of Many Unmanly Moments
Dumbass! Life Lesson: If A Squirrel Runs Up Your Pants, Shooting It Is Not The Answer
Dumbass! Investment Manager's Embarrassing Email Lands On Reddit, Goes Viral
Dumbass! Stripper shenanigans end in dumbest lawsuit ever
Dumbass! The Fourteen Dumbest People Of 2011
Dumbass! Headline Of The Year: "Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies"
Dumbass! Why Do People Search for Facebook?
Dumbass! Facebook Photos Lead Police To Suspects In Burglary
Dumbass! Rangers C Yovit Torrealba Suspended From Winter League After Striking Umpire In The Face
Dumbass! Man Tries To Steal Woman's Heart With Stolen Ring
Dumbass! The 10 Stupidest Crimes of 2011
Dumbass! Texting and Dating, or Texgate lol 2011
Dumbass! The Other 1%: People Who Still Use IE6
Dumbass! The Twenty Dumbest Products On Amazon.com
Dumbass! Sex Shop Broken Into; Cash Untouched
Dumbass! The 100 Dumbest Plays In Sports History
Dumbass! Women attacked by flesh-eating bacteria after injecting 'bath salts'
Dumbass! Stupid High School Kids (and Teachers) Freak Out Over Wikipedia Blackout
Dumbass! 25 People Who Thought SOPA Was About Soap
Dumbass! Apparently A Lot Of People Think You Can Search The Web Through Google's FaceBook Page
Dumbass! Biden’s oops moment in SF: “Giants on their way to Super Bowl”
Dumbass! The Five Dumbest Moments In Super Bowl Half Time History
Dumbass! Maine football coach resigns after accidentally posting naked photo of himself on Facebook
Dumbass! The Twenty Dumbest Moments From The 2012 Presidential Primaries
Dumbass! Groupon Pulls Deal for Serial-Killer Walking Tour
Dumbass! Marlins President Calls Miamians Stupid, Jose Reyes Greedy
Dumbass! When Stage Diving, Know Your Audience
Dumbass! AHL’s Steve MacIntyre Loses His Marbles, Attacks Goalie Twice (Video)
Dumbass! Chelsea vs. Math... WHO YA GOT!?!?
Dumbass! The Top Seven Police Officers Caught Having Sex
Dumbass! Woman falls off pier while texting
Dumbass! The Dumbest Sex Advice From The 1960's
Dumbass! Thief Accidentally Dials 911 During Crime
Dumbass! The Ten Dumbest Things About Bodybuilding
Dumbass! Burglary Suspects Claimed To Be Capturing Snakes 'Like Steve Irwin'
Dumbass! Jose Canseco Submits His Resume One Tweet At A Time
Dumbass! 9 Ridiculous Car Accidents Caused By Google Maps & GPS
Dumbass! A Gallery Of Horrible People Wearing Horrible Shirts
Dumbass! Guess What Happens When You Put A Picture Of Yourself Stealing Gas From A Cop Car On Facebook...
Dumbass! The 11 Dumbest Internet Memes
Dumbass! Dontrelle Willis Goes AWOL From Orioles’ AAA Team
Dumbass! Artest on almost knocking out Harden: "I don't blame Harden. He just has bad timing"
Dumbass! There is Something Seriously Wrong with Texas Rangers Fans
Dumbass! Steelers draft pick thought Ben Roethlisberger was a team secretary
Dumbass! The Dumbest Celebrity Tweets Of All Time
Dumbass! The 20 Dumbest Alleged Drunks Of All Time
Dumbass! Robert Griffin III™ trademarks RG3™
Dumbass! Toronto Blue Jays' Brett Lawrie Throws Helmet at Umpire...Fan Throws Beer!
Dumbass! The Twelve Dumbest People To Have An Affair With
Dumbass! The Dumbest Things That Americans Eat
Dumbass! Wig, Sunglasses And $115,000 In Chips Dropped In Botched Casino Heist, Las Vegas Cops Say
Dumbass! Penguins fan suing team for sending him too many text messages
Dumbass! Mets Fan Who Joined On-Field No-Hitter Celebration Jailed, Misses Son's 1st Birthday Party
Dumbass! The Thirteen Dumbest Quotes By Celebrities Trying To Sound Intelligent
Dumbass! Woman Forgets how Automatic Sliding Door Works
Dumbass! 10 Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions
Dumbass! Tampa Bay's Joel Peralta Ejected For Having Pine Tar on His Glove
Dumbass! This is Why We Don’t Play With Lighters At Gas Stations
Dumbass! Terrell Owens Skype Sexcapade
Dumbass! Leader Forgets To Run Last Lap -- Great Announcer Commentary
Dumbass! The Funniest Masturbation Arrests of All Time
Dumbass! Boy obsessed with Britney Spears spends $60,000 to get sex change to look like her
Dumbass! CFL Player Loses Touchdown After Celebrating Too Early
Dumbass! Greek Athlete Expelled From Olympics For Racist Tweet
Dumbass! Teen Allegedly Offers Cop $15 To Buy Fake ID Back
Dumbass! Jose Canseco Is Finally Offering His Opinions Beyond 140 Characters
Dumbass! Man Arrested For Asking 911 Operators To Help Him Go On A Beer Run
Dumbass! Meet The Blowtorch-Carrying Gay Marriage Opponent Who Set That General Mills Lawn On Fire
Dumbass! 19 Politicians Completely Losing Their Shit
Dumbass! Fool on Wheel of Fortune
Dumbass! Belgian Cyclist Gijs van Hoecke Wins Olympic Gold In Getting F-ed Up!
Dumbass! The Worst Celebrity Hairdos of All Time
Dumbass! Sliding Glass Door vs. Drunk Guy... WHO YA GOT!?!?
Dumbass! Thief breaks into Safeco Field store, makes off with 16 Ichiro jerseys
Dumbass! Hey kid, don’t drive through a nice neighborhood shooting a stolen gun and then post a video of it to YouTube
Dumbass! The Dumbest Animals in the World
Dumbass! Tuh-Tuh-Tuh TODAY JUNIOR
Dumbass! Kent State Player Carries Football 58 Yards -- The Wrong Way
Dumbass! 15 Criminals Who Got Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes
Dumbass! Never Taunt A Man Who Just Punched You Repeatedly In The Face
Dumbass! Man accidentally shoots off his penis and testicle
Dumbass! NBC’s ‘Today’ Skips 9/11 Moment Of Silence For Kardashian Interview
Dumbass! A North St. Louis Woman Set Herself on Fire After a Gas Fight
Dumbass! Reporter Says Dead Man will Recover
Dumbass!  Jose Canseco Is Sorry
Dumbass! Nerlens Noel Dunk Nearly Kills Child, Nerlens Noel, Every Kentucky Fan In The Country
Dumbass! The 'Humping Random People' Prank
Dumbass! Longest...Bid...Ever! - The Price Is Right
Dumbass! Please Move The Deer Crossing
Dumbass! Assistant Coach Doesn’t Like Unsportsmanlike Conduct Call, Punches Ref Because ‘Sportsmanship’
Dumbass! 13 Idiots Who Climbed the Fence at the Zoo
Dumbass! Craziest Ending to a 5th Grade Football Game You’ll Ever See
Dumbass! PSA For People Who Don’t Watch Wrestling: Do Not Use The Chris Benoit Groupon
Dumbass! Three Idiots Jumping Around Behind a CNN Reporter During Hurricane Sandy
Dumbass! 13 of the Unluckiest Halloween Arrests
Dumbass! No One Knew How To Turn Off The Fog Machine At The Pistons-Rockets Game
Dumbass! Steve Spurrier Doesn't Know How Old You Have To Be To Vote
Dumbass! College Golf Coach Goes on Amazing Tirade
Dumbass!  Dumbest People To Have An Affair With
Dumbass! 25 Things Men Should Never Do on Social Media
Dumbass! Facebook Law For Idiots
Dumbass! A Gallery of Guys With Hilariously Photoshopped Girlfriends
Dumbass! HBO’s Jim Lampley Compares Pacquiao Knockout To Tsunami
Dumbass! Jose Canseco's New Year's Resolutions Are Amazing/Insane
Dumbass! Parents Won’t Let You Surf The Web? Feed Them a Drug-Filled Milkshake
Dumbass! The Drunkest Athletes Ever Photographed
Dumbass! Faceplam Overload
Dumbass! Man’s Boner Freezes From Drunken Sex With A Snowman
Dumbass! Youth Hockey Coach Jumps on Ice to Yell at Refs, Fall on Ass
Dumbass! How to Embarras Yourself in a Super Market in One Easy Step
Dumbass! Lie Witness News: Super Bowl Commercials
Dumbass! 50 Horrible Photos Taken by 'Professional' Photographers
Dumbass! Teacher Etiquette Update: Don’t Smoke Pot Under The Bleachers At A Wrestling Tournament
Dumbass! Jose Canseco Explains Gravity via Twitter
Dumbass! Professor Forgets to Turn Projector Off While Watching Porn
Dumbass! The Raiders’ Desmond Bryant Came Through With A Mug Shot For The Ages
Dumbass! The Absolute Worst Pictures of Men With Cats
Dumbass! Lie Witness News: The New Pope
Dumbass! Prankster Arrested For Jumping Over a Cop
Dumbass! Kids Trapped Inside Claw Machine Games
Dumbass! Dad Falls For Same April Fools Prank Every Year
Dumbass! Girl Nearly Dies Retrieving Phone From Subway Tracks
Dumbass! Bills WR Stevie Johnson Suggests On Twitter That North Korea Bomb Foxboro, Mass
Dumbass! Terry Francona gets lost on two-block walk to Cleveland Indians home ballpark
Dumbass! Pro-Gun Radio Host Tells Newtown Victims’ Families ‘Go To Hell!’
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Dumbass! Naturally, Someone Believes That Joe Paterno Might Have Faked His Death
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Dumbass! Drunk Man Gets Back at Angry Girlfriend by Cutting Off His Own Penis
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Dumbass! Soccer Player Scores, Takes Off Shorts To Celebrate, Gets Red Card
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Dumbass! Thief Attempts to Rob Convenience Store in Front of Cop
Dumbass! The 6 Most Aggressively Stupid Acts of Human Endurance
Dumbass! Milton Bradley Is Now A Convicted Wife Beater
Dumbass! VIDEO: Orioles Bros Being Arrested For Assaulting Yankees Fan
Dumbass! Chris Perez being investigated after police seize marijuana shipment sent to his house
Dumbass! Chad Johnson sentenced to 30 days in jail after slapping his lawyer’s butt in court
Dumbass! Miami Heat Fans Love Guard Mu Shu Pork in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Segment
Dumbass!  Man accidentally sells wife's wedding ring for $10
Dumbass! Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel in tweet: ‘I can’t wait to leave College Station’
Dumbass! Teenaged Aaron Hernandez Punched A Bar Employee After Refusing To Pay
Dumbass! Brazilian Soccer Player Injures Self Celebrating First-Ever Pro Goal
Dumbass! All Star Game field rusher telegraphed the whole thing on Twitter
Dumbass! Chuck E. Cheese's Brawl Ruins Children's Birthday
Dumbass! Idiot On The Field Gets A Knee To The Neck And A Face Full Of Dirt
Dumbass! Man Puts Head Inside Crocodile's Mouth; Crocodile Bites Man's Head
Dumbass! Lawyer Asks Hiring Firms to Google Him, Puts Nude Selfie on Facebook
Dumbass! Epic Videos of Field Crashers Getting Tackled
Dumbass! Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris thought baseball star Bryce Harper was Tom Brady
Dumbass! Police Chief Shocks Self, Partner During Arrest
Dumbass! You have to hear this guy’s 911 call to complain about his McDonald’s order
Dumbass! Bra Sizes Of Detroit Female Cops Mistakenly Emailed To Entire Detroit Police Department
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Dumbass! ‘Mistake’: Sepp Blatter confesses possible Qatar 2022 error
Dumbass! Fake 'Dominatrix' Lures Idiots for Farm Work
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Dumbass! Bachelor Contestant Has Laugh About Yadi Molina Cancer Sign
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Dumbass! Kansas City sportscaster accused of on-air slur against Jayhawks
Dumbass! Internet Erupts After PR Woman For Media Firm Tweets A “Joke” About Getting AIDS In Africa
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Dumbass! Someone crashed into the Eat-Rite diner
Dumbass! Dude Is So Pissed Batista Won The Royal Rumble
Dumbass! Male Alabama fan had to settle bet with bellybutton ring after loss to Auburn
Dumbass! The Biggest Facepalms In Movie Casting History
Dumbass! Florida Man Arrested for Smoking Pot in Maternity Ward After Delivery
Dumbass! Italian Soccer Player Celebrates Goal By Destroying Glass Dugout With His Face
Dumbass!  Drunk man called 911 to see if tax return had come in
Dumbass! CNN, TMZ and Gawker Fall for Justin Bieber Hoax
Dumbass! Burger King Receipt Calls Grandma a "Bitch Ass Ho," Makes Her Cry
Dumbass! Florida Man Chases Bear, Falls Down, Lies About Being Attacked By Bear
Dumbass! Teen Explains Why He Had Sex With A Hot Pocket
Dumbass! Crazy Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel
Dumbass! A Poker Player Lost a Bet and Had to Let His Friends Rename Him
Dumbass! Don't Post Pictures Of Yourself Smoking Weed Online
Dumbass! “Redneck road rage” video shows driver getting taste of instant karma
Dumbass! Drunk Woman Arrested After Facebook Boast About Passing Breathalyzer
Dumbass! Cleveland mongo sends talk show host into a tizzy
Dumbass! Fistfight Breaks Out In Ukraine Parliament
Dumbass! Don’t Want To Lose Your Job As A Driver? Don’t Post A Video On Facebook Bragging About Chasing An Ambulance.
Dumbass! Don’t Tweet Your Terrorist Jokes At American Airlines Like This Teen Girl Did
Dumbass! Lukewarm Neil Diamond Fan Drops $4,300 on His Greatest Hits Album
Dumbass! Giants Fans Can’t Spell
Dumbass! Band Responds in the Worst Way Possible After Stealing Photographer’s Work
Dumbass! Darwin’s exceptions
Dumbass! Yet Another Wheel of Fortune Dummy
Dumbass! Man Asks Reporter out on a Date on Live TV in front of a Wildfire
Dumbass! Girl Tries to Use Her Mouth as a Cereal Bowl… Guess What Happens Next?
Dumbass! Family Feud Contestant Spotted 182 Points In Fast Money Still Loses
Dumbass! TV Host Almost Shoots Herself In The Face With Nail Gun
Dumbass! TV host almost shoots herself in the f*cking face with a nail gun (Video)
Dumbass! Average Americans Think They're Smarter Than the Average American
Dumbass! Did he come out in hives? Chinese man gains world record for longest time being covered in bees – and he didn't even get stung
Dumbass! Teenagers Decide to Test out a Bulletproof Vest, What Could Go Wrong?
Dumbass! 25 things you shouldn’t do naked (but people did anyway)
Dumbass! Watch Kendall Jenner Win the Billboard Music Award for "Worst Reader"
Dumbass!  Stealing Gas Prank
Dumbass!  Woman called in bomb threats rather than admit she wasn’t graduating, police say
Dumbass! Son Of Snake Handler Killed By Snake Gets Bitten Too
Dumbass! Titans QB Charlie Whitehurst loses jersey number in arm wrestling contest
Dumbass! Unsurprisingly, the Redskins #RedskinsPride Hashtag Backfired Quite Horribly
Dumbass! Cocaine Balloon Bursts In Pilot's Stomach
Dumbass! Man Allegedly Steals Woman's iPod, Friends Her On Facebook The Next Day
Dumbass! Driver Allegedly Tries To Flee From Cop With Cop Still In Car
Dumbass! Couple Ties Month-Old Baby to Wedding Dress, Drags Her Down the Aisle
Dumbass! Watch a Guy Fall Headfirst Into a Sidewalk Cellar
Dumbass! Man Steals Fire Truck, Goes On Joyride
Dumbass! 50 Cent Says His First Pitch Was Awful Because He Jerked It Too Much
Dumbass! Man Masturbates While Holding Cucumber At Library: Cops
Dumbass! Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop, Real Cops Say
Dumbass! Teens caught renting 616-hp McLaren 12C with stolen credit card
Dumbass! This Is Why You Don't Provoke A Massive Stingray
Dumbass! The 35 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened
Dumbass! Drake Should Fire His Social Media Coach Immediately
Dumbass!  Couple Makes Meth At Library: Cops
Dumbass! Charity Johnson, 34, Jailed For Posing As 15-Year-Old High School Student
Dumbass! Man arrested for trying to literally shoot the moon
Dumbass! 1,000 People Ate Ghost Peppers At The Same Time
Dumbass! Man Gets Penis Stuck In Pipe For Two Days, Finally Calls Doctors With Unbelievable Explanation
Dumbass! Brittany Macintyre Charged With Prostitution At Town Library: Cops
Dumbass! Minor Leaguer Quintin Berry Runs the Bases and Slides into Home After Ejection
Dumbass! Florida Woman Accused Of Stealing 7 Lobster Tails
Dumbass! Naked Woman Vandalized, Flooded Stranger's Home: Cops
Dumbass! This Woman Spent $17,000 In Student Loans On Plastic Surgery So She Could Become A Model
Dumbass! This Is Pretty Sad: Real Miami Heat Fans?
Dumbass! Local news reporter in Florida posts smiling selfie at double murder site
Dumbass! Suspect Checked Facebook During Burglary, Forgot To Log Out
Dumbass! Shia LaBeouf Was Cuffed And Escorted Out Of A Broadway Show In Tears For Disrupting The Performance
Dumbass! Brazilian World Cup fan gets a little too excited, breaks his TV
Dumbass! Fan's reach for souvenir results in chaos
Dumbass! 76ers Fan Gets "2015 NBA Champs" Ass Tattoo
Dumbass! Ex-LSU QB reportedly punched in bar after patron yells, 'Roll Tide!'
Dumbass! Police: Pair taped having sex on Bradenton Beach
Dumbass! Say what?: Woman arrested after calling EPD to complain her meth was ‘laced’
Dumbass! Dumb Person Has Bad Idea For How To "Control" College Athletes
Dumbass! Website Alleges Jameis Winston Shaved Points in First Half of Louisville Game
Dumbass! Bo Pelini Calls Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst A C-Word and P-Word
Dumbass! Guy tries to catch ball while backflipping off house, goes predictably wrong
Dumbass!  Man caught flushing fake poker chips after winning tournament
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