Unlikely Man Dies From Punch To Face, Police Say
Unlikely Priest Accused Of Selling Coke From Rectory
Unlikely 77-year old widow caught with nearly $2,000 U.S. in purse, claims she 'needed a lift'
Unlikely Microsoft shitcans Seinfeld ad campaign, claiming it was part of the their plan
Unlikely School in dilemma over teacher's prostitution work
Unlikely Food for thought: 8 breakfast foods you should ignore
Unlikely Bad. Ass.
Unlikely Mother, son going to war together
Unlikely Invisibility cloaks could offer safety from tsunamis...wait, what?
Unlikely (video) Women jumps from bridge, man jumps to help
Unlikely Peanut Butter Slices
Unlikely Katie Holmes Should Not Sing
Unlikely Radio talk show hosts claim Magic Johnson faked AIDS
Unlikely 'Stayin' Alive' has near-perfect rhythm to help jump-start heart
Unlikely WWJB? Folks at the 27th Great American Beer Festival ponder that thought
Unlikely Hockey player literally checks another guy through the glass
Unlikely Scientists study 4,000 tennis points and find 80% of umpire 'out' calls are 'in'
Unlikely Jackson 5 confirm reunion tour and album
Unlikely Cubs curse extends to tattoo parlor joke in Tennessee?
Unlikely John Daly says he was just asleep 'with my eyes open'
Unlikely Lewis Set To Be World's Best-Paid Sportsman
Unlikely Dallas-area Pastor's Call To Action: 7 Straight Days Of Sex For Married Couples
Unlikely Experts warn of water shortages by 2080
Unlikely Sublime reuniting with new singer?
Unlikely Amy Winehouse hospitalized due to drug reaction -- again
Unlikely Winona Ryder somehow loses a $125K bracelet, ring; company is investigating
Unlikely (video) Jesus' image seen on acoustic guitar
Unlikely Caganers: figurines of defecating world leaders in Catalan nativity scenes
Unlikely One of the best basketball endings......ever
Unlikely Help wanted: Wienermobile drivers
Unlikely World's first refrigerated BEACH to be built next to luxury hotel in Dubai
Unlikely 4-year-old tot breaks into Texas variety store
Unlikely Ho No! Meter Maid Tickets Santa
Unlikely Behold! The Beef Jerky Chanel Bag
Unlikely Australian Arrested In Egypt: Smuggling 2,000yr Old Mummies
Unlikely Nine-year old girl is youngest person to become Microsoft Certified Professional
Unlikely Man, 72, jumps from second-floor window and extinguishes fire
Unlikely Trusting shopkeeper keeps store open on day off... and leaves customers a note and honesty box
Unlikely Melon vs Melon (vid)
Unlikely Alyssa Milano is off the market...for now
Unlikely The 107-year-old virgin who was afraid to marry starts her search for Mr Right
Unlikely Pittsburgh mayor removes 'raven' from name
Unlikely Was Jack the Ripper a woman?
Unlikely Guards angered after stripper performs at jail
Unlikely UPS Delivers 30-Pound Marijuana Brick To Wrong Address
Unlikely Raising Arizona: Late TD drive carries Cards to first Super Bowl
Unlikely Pope Joins the YouTube Generation
Unlikely Jessica Simpson has been eating frosting by the jar
Unlikely Mike Danton to Blog for David Frost's Hockey Web Site
Unlikely Elton John wants to close the Internet down
Unlikely  Drew Peterson’s ex: It was all a ‘stunt’
Unlikely 7 Year Old Kid Drugged After Dentist
Unlikely Dan Reeves quits Cowboys after whopping one-day tenure
Unlikely Val Kilmer ponders run for N.M. governor in 2010
Unlikely Chris Jericho Goes Smackdown On Canadian Fans
Unlikely All bark, no bite? Selig said to be considering 'A-Rod' suspension
Unlikely Ohio teacher cut class for prostitution
Unlikely The Simpsons - NEW Main Title Sequence
Unlikely  Pa. woman to stand trial for selling pierced cats
Unlikely Buddhist temple built out of one million beer bottles
Unlikely Recession hits 90210
Unlikely Nebraska woman, 86, gets $1,000 phone sex bill
Unlikely Two Arizona Teens Ran Prostitution Ring, Police Say
Unlikely Meet the Pizza Cone
Unlikely Bono, The Edge Ready Spider-Man Musical
Unlikely Trickster Octopus Floods Santa Monica Aquarium
Unlikely Pink dolphin appears in US lake
Unlikely Mall wants Manilow music to drive out unruly teens
Unlikely High School coach, students charged in drug deal
Unlikely As gas prices tumble, Americans gassing up their automobiles again
Unlikely Spanish cops nab drug smuggler with cocaine cast
Unlikely Woman with objects fetish marries Eiffel Tower
Unlikely Man pays his $350 power bill in pennies
Unlikely House Arrest with Andy Dick
Unlikely Mentally disabled create their own Fight Club
Unlikely A Zamboni can be a party machine
Unlikely Yale student sues US Airways for $1M over lost XBox 360
Unlikely Bedard scratched from start due to sore butt
Unlikely Larry Flynt: "I've Had More Women Than Hefner!"
Unlikely Feds Demand 6 Months of Prison for Guns N' Roses Uploader
Unlikely Bill Belichick Sings With Bon Jovi For Charity And Charlie’s Daughter
Unlikely Bristol Palin's ex-fiance claims he still may marry her
Unlikely AVN Exclusive: Jenna Jameson Gives Birth to Tito's Twins
Unlikely A solution for the Marlins to actually play in front of a crowd
Unlikely Brian Cashman Will Take A Picture With Just About Anybody These Days
Unlikely Sarah Palin in 2012
Unlikely Mixed Martial Arts: Not Just For Adults Anymore!
Unlikely Rhode Island strip club to host job fair
Unlikely Texas Principal Encourages Student Cage Fights
Unlikely Tony Romo's weekends are about to get a little worse
Unlikely Adrian Grenier had lunch at Club Med in West Hollywood, then gasped for air as he walked away
Unlikely Family dog poops out $400
Unlikely These Gorillas Will Drink You Under the Table
Unlikely Dustin Pedroia’s Premium Black Bean and Corn Salsa Shall Flourish
Unlikely Mike Krzyzewski, The Final Depantsing
Unlikely Want to be in Smashing Pumpkins?
Unlikely April Fool's? RedBox to offer online streaming
Unlikely Squeez Bacon
Unlikely Cutler: 'I didn't want to get traded'
Unlikely Florida Lottery mailing out coupons to boost sales
Unlikely Arnold Church Plans "Easter In Octagon." Says Pastor: "Jesus Didn't Tap Out, He was an Ultimate Fighter."
Unlikely Cubs' Zambrano wants Wrigley Field replaced
Unlikely Multistate plane chase ends on Missouri dirt road
Unlikely Toronto Blue Jays face a beer ban after opener
Unlikely Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns Reduced To Fighting Chickens
Unlikely Grocery cashier, 22, beats MIT grad to become mayor
Unlikely Woman finds $357,959 cashier's check and returns it
Unlikely The Masters or date with SI model Bar Rafaeli? Survey says 78% chose Augusta
Unlikely Gary Busey: Beach Bum or Babe Magnet?
Unlikely Woody Harrelson: 'Mistook' paparazzi for a zombie
Unlikely Women over 55 flocking to Facebook
Unlikely Cat Runs Around On Field During New York Mets Citi Field Opener
Unlikely Gas likely to stay relatively cheap this summer
Unlikely Hulk Hogan: O.J. comments 'misunderstood'
Unlikely Ever want to have a stadium named after you? For $1,000, you can make it happen
Unlikely Never play tug-of-war with a Bruins fan through the glass
Unlikely German Soccer Team Energie Cottbus Refunds Money To Fans After Sucking Against Rival
Unlikely Prostitutes work greens at Kansas golf course
Unlikely Man writes to Obama about smoking — and he writes back
Unlikely Sen. John Kerry wants to save newspapers
Unlikely Car crashes through church roof
Unlikely Pregnant woman tried to rob Fayetteville bank
Unlikely Milton Bradley: Media trying to make me 'snap'
Unlikely Man, 84, fends off attackers
Unlikely The Wizard Of Copping A Feel: Ozzie Smith & Alyssa Milano’s Boob
Unlikely The Bacone
Unlikely Padraig Harrington Drives The Ball Longer With The Happy Gilmore Swing
Unlikely Trail Blazer-Themed Pipes Make A Great Mother's Day Gift
Unlikely Patrick Schuster manages to squeeze prom & first pitch at Trop into 24 hours
Unlikely Tiger Woods feels like a loser now-a-days
Unlikely Porn star Stormy Daniels mulls Senate run in Louisiana
Unlikely Shaq to MMA? We’re praying this happens
Unlikely Print Your Business Cards On Beef Jerky With A Frickin’ Laser Beam
Unlikely Help ruin a team and get very minor leaguer Lastings Millidge voted into the 2009 MLB All-Star gam
Unlikely Michael Phelps Loves Chewing Tobacco, Loves Threesomes With Strippers
Unlikely Worker stole $20,000 in stamps for mortgage
Unlikely New England lingerie football team cancels season via Twitter
Unlikely High School Lacrosse Coach Charged With Selling Cocaine
Unlikely The Preakness infield was a bore other than bikini contest
Unlikely U.S. to require new cars get 42 mpg by 2016
Unlikely Follow Twitter updates from space
Unlikely The Worst Job Ever
Unlikely Why geeks are better in bed
Unlikely John Daly wears pink pants at tourney in honor of Amy Mickelson
Unlikely 15 Words You Won’t Believe They Added to the Dictionary
Unlikely  7-year-old drives for help after crash in NM
Unlikely  Rumor Mill: Roy Oswalt...Cubs?...Cardinals?
Unlikely Charles Barkley Lets Cat Get His Tongue
Unlikely Two girls in bikinis break into cars
Unlikely Seeking Soccer Aficionados With $140 Million To Spare
Unlikely Tel Aviv search for mattress containing $1M life savings
Unlikely A NASCAR pit stop in the middle of Times Square
Unlikely Baby Born On NYC Mass Transit For 2nd Straight Day
Unlikely Shaq chokes Chuck Liddell
Unlikely Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk takes a glide through White House and tweets about it
Unlikely Making of Buzz Aldrin's Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli
Unlikely Man sentenced to three years in prison for stealing Lance Armstrong's bike
Unlikely Kellen Winslow Kindly Requests You Make No More References To Him Being A F*$#ing Soldier
Unlikely Kornheiser Feels the Love After Leaving MNF
Unlikely ESPN Moving To South Africa For World Cup
Unlikely Larry Johnson Spends Evening Out With Women At A Club And Does Not Assault Any Of Them
Unlikely Tiger Woods Calls Yankee Stadium Tickets "Overpriced"
Unlikely Hanrahan gets win without being there
Unlikely Visa Charges Man $23,148,855,308,184,500 for Cigarettes
Unlikely BJ Penn can jump out of a pool with no hands
Unlikely Monkey caught on tape burglarizing business
Unlikely Minors in R.I. can be strippers
Unlikely Oh, great, Marc Anthony now part owner of the Miami Dolphins
Unlikely Tim Tebow is saving himself for marriage
Unlikely The Truth About Comic Con Hookups
Unlikely Bikini-clad woman accused of carjacking in Miss.
Unlikely Tweet Your Senator
Unlikely Brett Favre will remain retired
Unlikely Ex-MLB Wife Offering The Girlfriend Experience
Unlikely Topps to Become Exclusive Baseball Card Company
Unlikely Custom Fake ATM Receipts
Unlikely Surfer Hits Wave While On His Cell Phone, Records it
Unlikely Who Needs Turf at Cowboys Stadium When You've Got A PlayStation?
Unlikely  Autopia Planes, Trains, Automobiles and the Future of Transportation Someday, A Tiny Subway Will Deliver Your Groceries
Unlikely WHO? You're Bob Dylan? NJ police want to see some ID
Unlikely NHL Sues To Force Coyotes To Fly US Airways
Unlikely A Million to One; No, Actually 3.3 Million to One
Unlikely Wienermobile Crashes into Suburban Home
Unlikely The Jets Hire A "Tweeting Expert"
Unlikely Cowboys Kicker Beats Defensive Back In 50 Yeard Race
Unlikely Holy Crap! Branson Theater Wins Award for Best Bathroom in U.S.
Unlikely Unassisted triple play ends Phils win over Mets
Unlikely Sports Illustrated boycotts Favre
Unlikely Dan Duquette's Minor League Team Evicted From Stadium
Unlikely Kate Gosselin In Playboy?
Unlikely Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez uses James Taylor tune to get pumped before taking the field
Unlikely Music industry wants royalties from :30 second music clips played on iTunes
Unlikely Russian Billionaire Installs Anti-Photo Shield on Giant Yacht
Unlikely Undercover drug investigators play Wii during raid
Unlikely Memphis Mayor Fist Bumps the Dalai Lama
Unlikely Kim Kardashian: Sister's wedding 'the best night of my life', forgetting night she made sex tape
Unlikely 'Celebrity' Kristin Cavallari says she shot John Mayer down
Unlikely “Throwback Jersey” in Beijing
Unlikely Rare Bird Humps Photographer’s Head
Unlikely University of Alaska Fairbanks Hockey Is Jumbotrontastic!
Unlikely Carell's Daughter Profits From Paparazzi
Unlikely These Boston Bruins Fans Got Lucky
Unlikely Step Right Up and Buy Yourself a Silverdome
Unlikely Why Email No Longer Rules…
Unlikely Mike Tyson Opens Up To Oprah
Unlikely Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky team up in an unlikely way
Unlikely Homeless: A Technological Approach
Unlikely Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers Banned From Twitter?
Unlikely USF Football Game Outdraws NFL's Buccaneers by 12K
Unlikely Playboy's Joanna Krupa: Dancing With the Stars Killed My Sex Life
Unlikely Now You Can Make Money On ESPN's Sexcapades
Unlikely This Will Not End Well
Unlikely US Olympic Speedskating to be Sponsored by Stephen Colbert
Unlikely Sadly, All The Clever Headline Writers Were At The Game
Unlikely Aerosmith's Joe Perry: 'Stephen Tyler has quit'
Unlikely Do You Buy It? Guy Who Has Caught 3000 Baseballs
Unlikely Letterman suspect wants charges dismissed
Unlikely Browns would give LeBron a shot
Unlikely You can actually bet on who’ll be replacing Charlie Weis’ giant ass at ND
Unlikely Brett Favre Now Officially Giving Comfort to the Enemy
Unlikely Marv Albert And 50 Cent’s Entourage Mix It Up Backstage At Jimmy Kimmel’s Show
Unlikely Tiger Stunned As He’s Loudly Booed At Stanford
Unlikely 79% of ESPN viewers think it’s OK to have an affair
Unlikely Best Man Rigs Newlyweds’ Bed To Tweet During Sex. Not Kidding.
Unlikely Lawrence Taylor thinks Tiger should kick Jesper’s trash talking ass
Unlikely Wanna put a Jumbotron in your living room? Now you can!
Unlikely Fidelity fires four for playing fantasy football
Unlikely Cop Admits to Pulling Gun on Snowballers
Unlikely Fox, Time Warner beef could black out BCS for millions
Unlikely Giants Stadium Won't Sell Alcohol At Jets Final Game
Unlikely Oilers, restaurant feuding over $18,000 New Year's Eve bill
Unlikely Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly set to become Mr. and Mrs. 'November'
Unlikely Holy Smokes: America Says Legalize Medical Marijuana
Unlikely Steven Tyler Serenades a Home Depot
Unlikely 'Real Wives' star claims 'I'm a born-again virgin'
Unlikely Why Canada Wants to Kick Olympic Butt
Unlikely Meyer-To-Cowboys Rumor Too Absurd Not To Print
Unlikely Superbowl now the 2nd most watched sporting event in the world
Unlikely New Orleans Saints celebration comparatively short on mayhem
Unlikely ESPN’s Biggest Loser: Berman, Golic Or Gottlieb?
Unlikely Kid Taking UFC Girl to Prom, Gets Advice from Axe Murderer
Unlikely Padres slash beer prices, other teams better take notice
Unlikely Howard Stern Organizes Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant
Unlikely Hannah Teter Sells Underwear For Haiti - Wayne Gretzky Approves
Unlikely Tiger Woods' caddie pissed -- pissed! -- that people think he knew of Tiger's infidelities
Unlikely Kid wins the essay contest so now he gets to blow up Texas stadium
Unlikely Jets Offer 50/50 Proposition; Somehow Still Underdogs
Unlikely Seems Reasonable: Jim Mora loses Seahawks job, gets high school coaching job
Unlikely Going to Masters will now cost you more than Super Bowl
Unlikely Kurt Warner Joins The Ranks Of White People Walking It Out
Unlikely The 30-Year-Old Space Shuttle Flies On 1 MB of RAM!
Unlikely Video: Urban Meyer Threatens Reporter Over Tebow Quotes
Unlikely Tim Tebow Now Helping With Shopping Mall Marriage Proposals
Unlikely Taiwanese Dude Nails Whitney Houston!!
Unlikely 25 Grannies Playing Beer Pong
Unlikely Teen Sues Mom for Hacking Facebook Account
Unlikely Jim Carrey: Elin ‘Willing Participant’ In Tiger Cheating
Unlikely Juan Gonzalez on steroids: 'I never used any of that stuff'
Unlikely  MLS Attendance Moves Past NBA, NHL
Unlikely NY Principal Holds Prom on School Night to Curb Underage Drinking
Unlikely The New 7-Eleven Beer; Perfect For Teenagers And Hobos
Unlikely 99 year-old loves her first computer -- an iPad
Unlikely Lions coach Jim Schwartz talks about his choices in porn
Unlikely McDonalds Happy Meals Banned in Santa Clara County, CA
Unlikely Porn Stars Do Shakespeare
Unlikely Guy In Wheelchair Storms Soccer Pitch (UPDATE)
Unlikely Commuters travel to work on the Tube NAKED to help boost company's bottom line (NSFW)
Unlikely Danica Patrick hears boos after poor qualifying at Indy
Unlikely Yahoo!'s CEO Carol Bartz tells Michael Arrington to F-off
Unlikely Sexy Celebrities With Ugly Significant Others: A Field Guide
Unlikely Gambling site lets you bet on oil spill related extinctions
Unlikely Jeremy Roenick performs the Tone Loc classic, Funky Cold Medina
Unlikely NFL Stadium Offered $25M to Promote Adultery
Unlikely Joel Quenneville TP'd to celebrate Stanley Cup win
Unlikely Hey, Look...It's A One-Legged Stripper
Unlikely Baseball Player To Marry Woman He Spotted In Stands
Unlikely Apple Responds to iPhone 4 Antenna Problem
Unlikely The Thirteen Smartest Porn Stars Of All Time
Unlikely FBI Tapes: Rod Blagojevich floated "Senator Oprah" Idea
Unlikely Snoop Dogg Tried to Rent Liechtenstein
Unlikely Jayson Werth Terrorizes Father & Son Combo Who Caught His Foul Ball
Unlikely Armed Guards Posted At City Pools; Lifeguard pulled into water by rowdy teens...
Unlikely World’s Largest Skateboard Wipeout
Unlikely Guy Offended Ex-Wife Didn’t Pay More To Kill Him
Unlikely Buy Anna Kournikova For 15 Minutes
Unlikely Man killed by Cannon Blast
Unlikely Ashley Eckstein, wife of ex-Card David, on her new Star Wars clothing line: “We plan to make fan girls geek chic from head to toe.”
Unlikely Tommy Lasorda Warbles Anthem, Pays Backhanded Compliments in Albuquerque
Unlikely Gold-Plated Supercars Look Kind Of Expensive
Unlikely Cleveland Indians Could Write A ‘Bad Romance’
Unlikely 'World's oldest Twitter user' dead at 104
Unlikely Football ‘10 Fan Training Camp: The Two Stripper Pole Iowa Hawkeyes Tailgating Chick Magnet
Unlikely Yes, Michael Irvin's Had Sex In His Hall Of Fame Jacket
Unlikely Naked Rollercoaster Record Smashed
Unlikely Disney faces $200K lawsuit for alleged Donald Duck groping
Unlikely 5 Reasons Immortality Would Be Worse Than Death
Unlikely The Captain Phil Harris Corn Maze
Unlikely Vikings Long Snapper Is Pissed He's Not In Madden
Unlikely Deep Fried Beer? Deep. Fried. Beer.
Unlikely Oxford English Dictionary 'will not be printed again'
Unlikely Spurs Arena Host Charged With Harassing Reporter
Unlikely Toronto Blue Jays fan struck by falling metal sign in Rogers Centre
Unlikely How to Clean Like a Man
Unlikely Bing Crosby’s wine cellar produces vintage 1960 World Series film
Unlikely Edward Norton Wants To Be The Next Batman
Unlikely Thats alot of chest meat! (Are these real?)
Unlikely Brent Musburger wants steroids in pro sports
Unlikely Does the thought of an Eagles cheerleader talking science interest you?
Unlikely Man Gets $650,000 After Eye Injury During Lap Dance
Unlikely Sexless Relationships: Can a Sexless Relationship Work?
Unlikely Brawl Erupts In Stands Between Junior Football Team And Fans (Video)
Unlikely Priceless: Bengals d-coordinator calls Bobby Petrino a “gutless bastard”
Unlikely Recipes You Won't Believe Came From Famous Chefs
Unlikely Ape Escapes With Little League's Cash
Unlikely Could The Lingerie Football League Save Arenas From Financial Ruin? Yes, & It’s Happening.
Unlikely San Francisco Dispensary Offers Free Weed for Giants Home Runs
Unlikely Study: Alcohol more lethal than heroin, cocaine
Unlikely Will Ferrell and boxer Manny Pacquiao sang Imagine on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night
Unlikely  VIDEO: Sidney Crosby Fights Matt Niskanen And Wins
Unlikely Sonics Mascot Squatch Was At Thunder-Blazers Game Holding ‘Homeless’ Sign
Unlikely Powerball winning ticket sold in adult bookstore
Unlikely Nutrition professor eats only Twinkies, Oreos, Doritos - and loses 27 lbs!
Unlikely Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud to be a new porn film
Unlikely Bill Clinton Joins Cast of The Hangover 2
Unlikely Carrie Small – The Hottest Mom In Lingerie Football League History – Suffers Freak Season-Ending Injury
Unlikely There Goes An Industry: Dutch To Ban Cannabis Sales To Foreigners
Unlikely 25% of People Answer Phone While Having Sex
Unlikely Let Loose the Coyotes? Chicago Embraces Rat-Hunting Predators
Unlikely Philly Sports Fans No Longer Worst People on Earth
Unlikely UAE hotel erects 11-million-dollar Christmas tree
Unlikely Hockey Teams Brawl ... 6 Seconds Into the Game (VIDEO)
Unlikely Dan Connolly Is The Fastest Offensive Lineman Ever
Unlikely Behold 50 Cent, the human snow blower! For $100, he'll shovel your walk or dig you out!
Unlikely PLAYBOY mansion a mess, former Playmates say...
Unlikely Victor Stalberg hit all three posts on a penalty shot
Unlikely The Drug War Is Now Killing More People Than The Afghanistan War
Unlikely Andre Agassi tells Japanese he’ll show highest bidder a cellphone naked pic of Steffi
Unlikely The Seattle Seahawks fanbase may or may not have caused an earthquake during their playoff game
Unlikely Homeless man is the king of fantasy football
Unlikely 9 year old girl with cancer gets dying wish to heckle David Wright
Unlikely INSANE Chicago Snow Picture
Unlikely A Porn Channel For Women Blossoms
Unlikely High-Tech Car Allows the Blind to Drive
Unlikely Jason Heyward Tents Protect Braves Employee Cars From Certain Damage
Unlikely Hooters ad offers discounts to married men
Unlikely 16 year old female golfer beats a lot of men golfers
Unlikely Place Your Bets: 83 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food
Unlikely In California, Not Telling Your Lover You Have Herpes Could Cost You Millions
Unlikely Guide Dog Goes Blind, So Man Gets New Dog to Lead Them Both
Unlikely Bird Eyesight Not So Keen After All
Unlikely FYI, here’s what a successful NCAA Tourney bracket looks like
Unlikely Pole Dancing For Jesus
Unlikely Did Chinese Scientists Turn Mice Gay?
Unlikely Playful Dog Interrupts a Soccer Game
Unlikely Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome
Unlikely The Devil and your computer
Unlikely Can Will Smith End M. Night Shyamalan's Suck Streak?
Unlikely Dinosaurs have feelings too
Unlikely Music May Cause Depression in Teens, Study Says
Unlikely Pills That Improve Your Morals
Unlikely 109-Year-Old Woman Throws Out Ceremonial First Pitch At Minor League Game, Survives
Unlikely Costco Sells a Million-Dollar Wedding Ring
Unlikely Finally, A Custom Beer Pong Table That’s Classy
Unlikely Tyson KOs gap-toothed grin
Unlikely 'World's First 3D Porn Film' Opens in Hong Kong
Unlikely Toast The Royal Wedding With...Viagra Beer?
Unlikely Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana
Unlikely Space Adventures will shoot you (and your ego) to the moon for $150 million
Unlikely Report: Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner Was FBI Informant
Unlikely Family returns $40,000 found in attic of their new house
Unlikely 9 Films To Prepare You For Judgment Day (May 21st, 2011)
Unlikely 6 Things Jesus Wants You To Know About the Rapture
Unlikely Tony Romo’s Odd Wedding Band Choice – Steel Panther!
Unlikely Lady Gaga’s charisma and dedication make her the Mother Teresa of the 21st century
Unlikely Angry Man With No Arms Destroys Hotel Lobby
Unlikely NY court says strip club's lap dances are taxable
Unlikely This Lion Wants To Eat the Shit Out Of This Baby (VID)
Unlikely Homeless Man Learns He's Rich
Unlikely Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin Goes Chippendales At Foxwoods
Unlikely 8 Filthy Jokes Hidden in Ancient Works of Art
Unlikely Do Gay Straight Alliances Cause Cancer?
Unlikely City Life Could Change Your Brain for the Worse
Unlikely Donating Sex Toys To Japan's Earthquake Shelters Is Brilliant
Unlikely Woman Taking a Piss in a Urinal As She Drinks a Beer at Dodgers Stadium
Unlikely This is by far the best image to come out of the NFL lockout
Unlikely Tiger Woods to pitch heat rub in Japan
Unlikely MC Hammer Bobblehead Night Is Actually Happening
Unlikely Why Harry Potter Is Making Our Kids Miserable
Unlikely Happy 15th Anniversary Hulk Hogan WCW Heel Turn
Unlikely The magic button- Make Everything OK
Unlikely Yeah, But Have You Ever Tried Baseball... On Acid?
Unlikely Comcast Bans Seattle Man From Internet for His Cloudy Ways
Unlikely Marlins Reliever Edward Mujica Caught Sleeping in Bullpen (Video)
Unlikely CH Staff The 15 Dumbest Google Products (That Don't Actually Exist Yet)
Unlikely Hot stuff! Fiery chilli that it is used as a weapon is unleashed on supermarket shelves
Unlikely Eights Signs of the Cereal Treat Trend Take-Over
Unlikely Bills WR Steve Johnson’s Birthday Cake
Unlikely School soda ban has greatest effect on black students
Unlikely Doughnuts Are Kryptonite For Bears: Wildlife Officials
Unlikely Video: Justin Verlander Lights Don Kelly's Foot On Fire As Prank
Unlikely  New Zealand Goldfish Survive 134 Days Without Food
Unlikely Own your own town for $800k
Unlikely Britain's youngest grandparents: Shem Davies is granddad at 29, Kelly John is granny at 30
Unlikely Six Completely Nonsensical Military Homosexuality Laws
Unlikely Bear-Punching News of the Day
Unlikely Genetically Engineered Glow-In-The-Dark Beagle
Unlikely Edible clay for kids? This can't end well
Unlikely Kanye West Knows Exactly What Hitler Felt Like
Unlikely To Save a Marriage, Split Up?
Unlikely Petition Calls for Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie to Be Married
Unlikely 911 To Start Accepting Texts, Photos And Videos?
Unlikely Can scary labels, scary taxes end smoking?
Unlikely Grave tags offer digital life after death
Unlikely It’s Official: The Plug-In Cadillac Is Coming
Unlikely PETA Set to Launch Full Blown Porn Site
Unlikely The Fifty Worst Bodies In Sports History
Unlikely Ex-Steve McQueen Porsche nets cool $1.375M
Unlikely Fortune-telling machine found in restaurant could be worth $10M
Unlikely Meet Real-Life, Street-Patrolling Ninja Ken Andre
Unlikely An Entire Football Team, Coaches And Parents vs. A Referee...WHO YA GOT!?!?
Unlikely The Ugliest Photos Of (Usually Hot) Celebrities
Unlikely Only 4% of the Internet's Top Sites Are Actually Porn. What?
Unlikely Rob Ryan Has a Bikini Babe on his Play Sheet
Unlikely ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ To Be Shown At Wrigley Field In October; Bleachers $10
Unlikely Kobe Bryant is prepared to loan players money during a long lockout
Unlikely PETA Porn Site Coming Soon : Discovery News
Unlikely Would One Legged Jonnie Peacock Destroy One Legged Usain Bolt?
Unlikely Senior Citizens Accidentally Get High On Pot Brownies At A Funeral
Unlikely Porn Star Fired For Sex While Skydiving
Unlikely 100-Year-Old Man Completes Marathon
Unlikely 1 In 5 Women Choose Facebook Over Sex
Unlikely Cops Bust 87-Year-Old With 228 Pounds Of Cocaine
Unlikely 45,000 (and counting) Sign Petition To Keep Nickelback From Playing NFL Halftime Show
Unlikely It Is Not Safe to Break Up in a Burger King Any More
Unlikely 18-Year-Old Wins Father's Mayoral Seat
Unlikely Shaq Wants to Fight Jose Canseco
Unlikely Ex-Porn Star Reads to School Kids
Unlikely Delonte West Thinks Nike Should Make, Market Condoms
Unlikely And You Thought Getting Pwned By 12-Year Olds Was Bad...
Unlikely 'Miracle Dog' Survives Gas Chamber, Finds New Home In New Jersey
Unlikely Indiana TV station wouldn’t show the Colts on Sunday
Unlikely 49ers Aldon Smith's outstanding sack celebration
Unlikely Touchdown celebration penalty costs Mass. team a state title
Unlikely Derek Jeter Rewards Sexual Conquests with Autographed Balls
Unlikely A Victim Treats His Mugger Right
Unlikely Patriots Fan In Bikini At Broncos Game [PHOTOS]
Unlikely White Castle burger chain considers alcohol sales
Unlikely Bengals Avoid Local TV Blackout With "Buy One, Get One Free" Ticket Promotion
Unlikely The Making of a Gigantic Kit Kat
Unlikely Mike Pereira Destroys "Loudmouth" And "Blowhard" Jon Gruden
Unlikely Did New Year's Eve Well-Wishers Crash Twitter?
Unlikely Lost Hiker Saved by iPhone Flashlight
Unlikely Ron Paul Backed By Bunny Ranch
Unlikely Former Homeless Woman Becomes Twitter Celebrity
Unlikely 'The Simpsons' 500th Episode Attempts To Break Guinness World Record With Fan Marathon
Unlikely New App Posts Messages on Facebook for You -- After You Die
Unlikely Is This The Sportman Of The Year?
Unlikely 35 years ago today, it snowed in Miami
Unlikely Online Singles Seek Parenthood but No Sex
Unlikely Tom Brady Pirated The Super Bowl Last Year
Unlikely Women Would Rather Facebook Than Have Sex With Husbands, Says Valentine's Week Survey
Unlikely World’s Largest Breasts Save Drunk Driver’s Life
Unlikely Texas Rangers Derek Holland's Weather
Unlikely From Fail To Win In 0.5 Seconds
Unlikely Miami Dolphins Fans Are About To Be Even More Unbearable
Unlikely Watch ECHL coach Nick Vitucci go crazy, launching water bottles toward referee
Unlikely The Ten Worst Physiques In MMA History
Unlikely Can LeBron James Do Anything Right?
Unlikely Larry Flynt Wants to Out Sex Lives of More Politicians: $1 Million For Dirt
Unlikely Newspaper food review of new Olive Garden is amazing
Unlikely Nationals Park introduces 8-pound ‘StrasBurger’
Unlikely Two KC Royals Can Fit Into Jonathan Broxton’s Pants – Literally!
Unlikely These Animals Have More Game Than You
Unlikely Ten Guaranteed Ways To Pick Up Women
Unlikely Batman Doesn’t Let Police Stop Him From Visiting Children in Hospital
Unlikely 7 Positive Effects of Your Horrible Lifestyle
Unlikely Woman Beats Boyfriend Who Refused to Have Sex With Her: Gets Arrested
Unlikely Todd Bertuzzi Would Like The Predators To Get Their Own Ping-Pong Table
Unlikely 76ers CEO Invites Fans To Be "Our Twitter GM," Uses Poor Grammar
Unlikely 35 Celebrities Doing "The Carlton"
Unlikely BCS leaders vow that the BCS will suck less ass next year
Unlikely Five Ways In Which Politicians Have Won Us Over
Unlikely 3 Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape
Unlikely Kate Upton getting her own Topps trading card
Unlikely Family man Bubba Watson snubs $9.5M PGA Tour event
Unlikely 14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image Of Famous People
Unlikely Here's A Six Year Old Making An Unassisted Triple Play
Unlikely A Band Battles Ticketmaster on Sales Fees
Unlikely Yankees could be up for sale soon
Unlikely The Los Angeles Coliseum Was the Setting For a Porno Movie
Unlikely Jonathan Quick drops three F-bombs at Stanley Cup rally
Unlikely Dolphins will fine players for visiting ‘unauthorized’ sites on team-issued iPads
Unlikely Omar Vizquel Dances The Night Away During Rain Delay
Unlikely 10 Happiest Athlete Mugshots
Unlikely Great Moments in Statesmanship with Donald Trump
Unlikely Laker’s Fans Hand Steve Nash Keystone Light While Driving
Unlikely 10 Incredible Internet World Records
Unlikely Nats bullpen members read ‘50 Shades of Grey’
Unlikely Saints Fan Rocking a “Goodell Sucks” Custom Made Jersey
Unlikely This 90-Year-Old Man is Better at Pole Vaulting Than You
Unlikely Twitter Reacts to Jenna Jameson Endorsing Mitt Romney
Unlikely How far can Rory McIlroy drive a tennis ball?
Unlikely Texas A&M Slams Florida With In-Your-Face Billboard
Unlikely Chinese Fisherman Catches Rare Fish Worth $475,000
Unlikely Bottoms up! Booze comes to Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Unlikely Mr. Belding is a Wrestler Now
Unlikely Denver Store Giving Away $1,000,000 Worth Of Appliances If Broncos Shutout Raiders
Unlikely Father of the Year Wrote Letter to Son After He Found Porn on His Computer, Suggested Better Sites
Unlikely Seattle Sounders fans to vote on whether or not to retain general manager
Unlikely The World's Fastest Stroller
Unlikely  Tom Hanks Curses on ‘Good Morning America’
Unlikely Man Sues Wife For Being “Incredibly Ugly”; Wins $120,000
Unlikely Of Course A Woman Bet $5 On Football And Won $100,000
Unlikely Axe-Wielding Robbers Drive Motorbikes Into London Mall, and No, This Is Not a Scene from ‘Skyfall’
Unlikely Jamie Sadlowski Breaks the Golf Channel's Simulator
Unlikely Student Pays Tuition With 230 Pounds of Coins
Unlikely Dreidel Drinking Games To Give You A Hanukkah Hangover
Unlikely Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Doritos
Unlikely Truck Full of Cows Spills Onto Russian Street
Unlikely Armless Ping Pong Player
Unlikely 11 War Photographs You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped
Unlikely Tony La Russa’s Wife Is A Huge Metalhead, Because Of Course She Is
Unlikely  Kobe Bryant says he’s never lost a one-on-one game
Unlikely A Soccer Player Took A Dump, And Everybody Had To Chant About It
Unlikely Jim Irsay Mailed A Fan $8,500 In Cash For Predicting The Score Of The AFC Championship
Unlikely 16 Mascots Who Really Don't Give A $#!%
Unlikely Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg: The Next Episode (Bluegrass Version)
Unlikely Punch-Drumming to "The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"
Unlikely Epic Rap Battle: Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King
Unlikely How to Make a 15 Pound Snickers Bar
Unlikely MinusIQ: A Pill to Lower Your IQ Permanently
Unlikely Michigan RB Whose Soul Was Taken By Clowney, Now Selling Autographed Photos
Unlikely Solving Three Rubik's Cubes -- While Juggling Them
Unlikely Mark Cuban: I'd draft Brittney Griner
Unlikely Rays Mascot Debuts Insensitive Steve Irwin Sign
Unlikely Bob Costas Quotes Rapper Ludacris
Unlikely 4 gay NFL players could come out on the same day
Unlikely Manti Te’o's fake girlfriend wins ESPN’s bracket challenge
Unlikely Spike Albrecht Takes The Ultimate Heat Check By Macking On Kate Upton
Unlikely Marlins Fans Start White House Petition to Force Out Jeffrey Loria
Unlikely Glamour Mug-Shots!
Unlikely The Entertaining And Cringe-Inducing Ways Urban Outfitters Describes Its Customers To Wall Street
Unlikely Naturally, Someone Believes That Joe Paterno Might Have Faked His Death
Unlikely Michael Douglas' Throat Cancer Caused By Oral Sex, Not Smoking Or Drinking
Unlikely Fight Breaks Out At Amputee Soccer Match For Charity
Unlikely Porn Playing In St. Louis Taxi?
Unlikely Kevin Durant Instagram is hacked with message from hacker
Unlikely Fan Has a Pretty Impressive Redskins Theme Lawn
Unlikely KISS Is Bringing An Arena Football Team To LA
Unlikely Porn Star Visits Red Sox slugger Mike Napoli at Game
Unlikely Church Group Members Threatened With Arrest for Handing Out Biscuits, Coffee to the Homeless
Unlikely At Least The FAU Football Media Is Being Honest
Unlikely Jonathan Quick once autographed a half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich
Unlikely 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch: I might have fathered 200 children
Unlikely Kate Upton Taught Arnold Palmer How to Putt
Unlikely Orphaned Elephant and Happy Dog Are the Best of Friends
Unlikely Did Michael Vick Test Drive Lamborghinis Just Hours Before Game Time?
Unlikely Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Photobomb Steelers Owner Dan Rooney
Unlikely Utah High School Football Coach Suspends Entire Team Amid Reports Of Cyberbullying
Unlikely The Biggest Law Firm Collapse in History Began With "F**kwad" Emails
Unlikely ‘You Got What I Eat’: Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg Parodied Biz Markie For Hot Pockets
Unlikely  Mark Mangino Is Getting Skinny
Unlikely El Paso Triple-A team picks 'Chihuahuas' as nickname
Unlikely Red Sox Fan Gets Sweet World Series Seat For $50, Hangs With Jenny Dell, Kenny Chesney
Unlikely Jeffrey Loria Sells Painting For $32 Million, Only $7 Million Less than Marlins’ 2013 Payroll
Unlikely David Ortiz Finished Third In The Boston Mayoral Race
Unlikely Man Finds Nearly $100K in Desk Purchased on Craigslist, Returns Cash
Unlikely Tom Brady drops F-Bomb on national television after Patriots loss to Panthers
Unlikely Strip club offers ‘guilt-free’ lapdances with proceeds going to charity
Unlikely James Dolan May Have Banned Woody Allen From The Knicks’ VIP Lounge
Unlikely  Patriots Use Bill Belichick Girlfriend Play Call During Broncos Game?
Unlikely Mugger Apologizes to Victim After Finding Him on Facebook
Unlikely A Seahawks Defender Got a Dinner Reservation by Imitating Russell Wilson
Unlikely  Plymouth bachelor hopes to find love through Twitter campaign
Unlikely Ball on Which Babe Ruth Promised Sick Boy a Home Run Comes to Auction
Unlikely Joe Flacco Bought A Mega Millions Ticket At 7-11
Unlikely  This Is The Most Obnoxious Fortune Cookie Fortune
Unlikely Watch This Cat Pull Off Some Sick Skateboard Tricks
Unlikely Lakers Beat Cavs Despite Having Only Four Eligible Players
Unlikely Weed-Flavored Condoms?
Unlikely Man Burns Penis After Having Sex with a Pizza, Domino’s Tweets Epic Response
Unlikely Comedian Laurie Kilmartin live-tweets her father's death
Unlikely Seth Rogen Names Celebrities He's Gotten High With
Unlikely Macklemore Got His Own Customized Jordans
Unlikely Miley Cyrus Told a Drunk Jennifer Lawrence to "Get It Together"
Unlikely A Porn Star is Challenging Rob Ford for the Mayorship of Toronto
Unlikely Prison Inmates form a Labor Union
Unlikely Did NASA Capture An Alien And Its Shadow On The Moon?
Unlikely Dave Bliss returning to college basketball 12 years after scandal at Baylor
Unlikely Texas A&M Professor fails his entire class because they were mean to him
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