Bizarre  German parents post baby on eBay for 1 euro
Bizarre  Teen actor in upcoming 'Harry Potter' film killed
Bizarre Former major league pitcher Geremi Gonzalez, who won 11 games for the Chicago Cubs in 1997, was killed by a lightning strike in his native Venezuela on Sunday. He was 33.
Bizarre Sharon Stone Calls Chinese Earthquake "Karma"
Bizarre U.S. Tourist Drugged, Robbed, Killed by Train in Italy
Bizarre The Ultimate Warrior Scolds Hulk Hogan For Touching His Daughter's Ass
Bizarre British Teen Suffers Painful Shark Attack in His Bedroom
Bizarre Upper Deck To Release New Baseball Cards of Old Time Ballplayers And American Heroes...Complete With Autographs...And A Strand of Their Hair
Bizarre Autistic Boy Voted out of Class 'Survivor' Style
Bizarre Local Woman Claims She Lost Job Over Harry Potter Dispute
Bizarre Dunkin' Donuts Pulls Rachael Ray Ad Over 'Terror' Symbolism
Bizarre  Iceland rocked by earthquake
Bizarre Clay Aiken Impregnates Someone!
Bizarre Will the Supreme Court Play Ball With Fantasy Baseball Leagues?
Bizarre The Kiss Army fan club has an enthusiastic new recruit: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Bizarre Teen snaps accidental photo of eerie ghost
Bizarre Aerosmith's Steven Tyler claims he went to rehab due to his injured foot
Bizarre  Japanese man finds woman living in his closet
Bizarre Hulk Hogan's (Ex?) Wife Linda Hogan Going Cougar-Wild Making Out With Some 19 Year-Old At The Palms
Bizarre Inventor of Pringles can to have a part of his remains buried inside the cylinder-like can
Bizarre Plane Missing Since 1984 Found in Receding Texas Lake
Bizarre Surgeons Remove 16 Steel Washers From Man's 'Nether Region'
Bizarre Car plows into bike race, 1 dead
Bizarre The latest trend in NYC club circles for men? Preparation H
Bizarre  Humans can see into the future, says a cognitive scientist.
Bizarre Green Bay Packers running back Noah Herron thwarted a would-be burglar by hitting him with a bed post during a break-in at his home.
Bizarre Dead Voters Still Showing Up on Election Records, Puzzling Officials
Bizarre Another Fire Blazes in Downtown Los Angeles
Bizarre From The ITD Morning After Discussion: The CNN Story On The Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Shooting Arrows At An Airplane
Bizarre Colorado Boy Burned by Invisible Fire in Coal Dust at Park
Bizarre British Army Defuses Giant WWII-Era Bomb in London
Bizarre  Wonder Woman actress finds body on river in DC
Bizarre  Tokyo killer posted details of planned stabbing online
Bizarre Man on Skydiving Trip Dies After Jumping Without Parachute
Bizarre Disturbing video of Janet Jackson teaching Larry King how to dance
Bizarre Mother Wakes to Find Snake in Daughter's Crib
Bizarre Chinese Baby Born With Extra Penis On His Back
Bizarre Severed Head, Threatening Note Found Outside Mexico Newspaper Office
Bizarre Giants Super Bowl rings stolen in heist; Belichick no comment
Bizarre  Single-horned 'Unicorn' deer found in Italy
Bizarre Naked Man Rescued From Porta-Potty
Bizarre Woman arrested in cold case has other dead spouses
Bizarre British Man Stunned to Find a Dozen Illegal Immigrants Living in His Attic
Bizarre Mich. Teen Survives Lightning Strike, Then Wins Lottery
Bizarre Girl, 16, Survives Lightning Strike, Family Wins Lottery the Next Day
Bizarre Raiders' Receiver Javon Walker Found Unconscious With A Broken Eye Socket In Las Vegas
Bizarre Mother Loses Hearing After Daughter Kisses Ear
Bizarre English Crop Circle's Mysterious Pattern Solved
Bizarre California Teenager Faces 38 Years in Prison for Hacking Into School Computer
Bizarre Tour Plane Vanishes Over Hawaii's Big Island
Bizarre Woman Plans To Parade Topless In A 4th of July Parade
Bizarre Virginia Man Says He Lost 80 Pounds Eating McDonald's
Bizarre  A Massachusetts high school is facing a pregnancy boom with 17 girls entering summer vacation expecting babies in what some have called a pregnancy pact.
Bizarre Newlywed Charged With Murdering Wife While Diving at Great Barrier Reef (Photo)
Bizarre NYC Switch Pitcher Confounds Batters, Umpires
Bizarre Hundreds Mistakenly Test Positive for HIV in New York
Bizarre George Carlin complained of chest pains, died a few hours later
Bizarre Harrier FA2 Fighter Jet Up for Auction on eBay
Bizarre Cops: Ohio 'Peeping Tom' hid cell phone camera in his backside
Bizarre Scuffles Break out Between Wisconsin Flood Victims in Line for Food Vouchers
Bizarre Strippers, Kids Make Unlikely Pairing at Golf Course
Bizarre Vatican goes out of its way to exclaim that Pope Benedict doesn't wear Prada, wears Christ instead
Bizarre What the ...? DMV Offers 10,000 Replacement License Plates
Bizarre Sleeping Pilots Overshot Airport by 359 Miles
Bizarre  Va. bride gets beverage company to sponsor wedding
Bizarre Teen decapitated by 'Batman' ride at Six Flags Over Georgia after jumping security fences
Bizarre Grizzly Mauls Teen During Alaska Bike Race
Bizarre Grizzly Mauls Teen During Alaska Bike Race
Bizarre Randy Moss to buy NASCAR team?
Bizarre Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets Under Fire
Bizarre Giraffe helps camels, zebras escape from circus
Bizarre Watermelon, the New Oyster? Fruit Said to Have 'Viagra-Like' Effects on Blood Vessels
Bizarre Going to the Lake of the Ozarks this weekend? Watch out for e.coli
Bizarre As details emerge from trial, it's revealed that Christie Brinkley's ex had huge porn habit, masturbated in front of web cam
Bizarre Man sells soul to pizza joint for $3,800
Bizarre Texas Man Sentenced to 4,060 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault of Teen Girls
Bizarre Chiefs fans can rest easy: Standing at games won't get you ejected
Bizarre Grandma, 70, Gives Birth to Twins
Bizarre Surgeon Ordered to Pay $795G for Cutting Off Man's Penis
Bizarre 91-year old pinned under car for two days until mail carries notices
Bizarre Angry Passenger Uses Emergency Slide to Leave Plane
Bizarre Manuel Benitez (Pee Wee's Big Adventure) Wanted for Murder, Child Abduction
Bizarre Drinking 10 liters of water in eight hours is not a good idea
Bizarre The End of the Internet Is Near
Bizarre  Drinking games prove deadly to college students
Bizarre Sex in Space: Soon, If Not Already
Bizarre Man Dies After Ruby Tuesday Serves Him Wrong Dish
Bizarre Man Uses Lunchbox to Deflect Bullets During Shooting
Bizarre Ticks on a Plane: Flight Delayed After Critters Discovered in Economy Class
Bizarre Man jailed after naked excursion to convenience store where he downed chips, Slim Jims and Gatorade
Bizarre Japanese Man Dies After Working Excessive Overtime
Bizarre Woman arrested in Oklahoma after police find 150 sex tapes...depicting her with dogs
Bizarre Cheater Steals Cheating Coach's Cheating Heart
Bizarre  Beijing takes dog off the menu for Olympics
Bizarre Ex-Diplomat: Sex With Teens OK in Brazil, Congo
Bizarre Former Big Red Punt Returner Vai Sikahema Knocks Jose Canseco Out In Less Than One Minute In Their Boxing Match
Bizarre Women arrested in sex competition
Bizarre Drunk Man Killed by Bears at Ukrainian Zoo After Falling Into Enclosure
Bizarre Papelbon's pregnant wife reportedly felt threatened
Bizarre Woman Awakens From Surgery to Find Panty-Line Tattoo
Bizarre Eight Arrested on Charges of Selling Human Skulls to Traditional Healers
Bizarre Woman Awakens From Surgery to Find Panty-Line Tattoo
Bizarre Here are a few pictures of Andy Dick before his arrest
Bizarre British Airliner Forced to Divert After Irate Passenger Tries to Open Door Mid-Flight
Bizarre Woman Accused of Bribing Cop With Sex, Cash to Avoid Arrest
Bizarre Maine Woman Finds 8-Foot Python in Washing Machine
Bizarre Florida Preschool Teachers Find Pot in Toddler's Lunch Box
Bizarre Man Gets Woman to Impersonate His Wife in Court to Get Divorce
Bizarre American Airlines Flight Diverted After Man Strips, Tries to Open Exit Door
Bizarre Man pulled over for a minor traffic violation jumps out of his car, strips naked, and runs off on foot
Bizarre Scientist’s Quest for ‘Megafish’ Leads Him to Giant Freshwater Stingray
Bizarre Estonian Skydiver Killed by Spinning Aircraft Propeller
Bizarre Man Threatened to Jump From Senate Office Building
Bizarre Six-Legged Deer Recuperating After Dog Attack
Bizarre Star Explodes and No One Notices
Bizarre Judge Makes Girl, 9, Ward of the Court to Rid Her of 'Talula Does the Hula' Name
Bizarre Pack of Giant Bears Attacks Miners, Eats Two of Them
Bizarre Ex-Astronaut: Aliens Are Real and NASA Knows It
Bizarre 'Radioactive' Woman Shuts Down Russian Airport Terminal
Bizarre A fan was seriously injured after plunging 25 feet from the handrails of an escalator at Shea Stadium during Saturday's Mets/Cardinals game
Bizarre In case you missed it...Video from the huge minor league brawl
Bizarre Sons of 'Back From Dead' Canoeist Say They'll Never Forgive Parents for Faking Death
Bizarre Bitter Denise Richards accuses ex Charlie Sheen of molesting their children
Bizarre  'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure
Bizarre Body found in airliner's lavoratory
Bizarre Alabama Boy Gets Death Threats for Hunting 1,000-Pound ‘Monster Pig’
Bizarre Body of woman, 61, found in plane bathroom
Bizarre WTF?! Some sort of freaky looking creature washes up on NY beach (with picture)
Bizarre NASA Test Subjects Paid to Stay in Bed Three Straight Months
Bizarre Missouri Man Found Guilty in Videotaped Sex Slaying
Bizarre N.Y. Man Arrested for Baby Food Poison Internet Threats
Bizarre Tom Cruise named in $250 million lawsuit against Church of Scientology
Bizarre  World's oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC
Bizarre Girl's Disease Turning Skin to Stone
Bizarre Police Identify Suspect in Canada Bus Stabbing, Decapitation; Friends Identify Victim
Bizarre Leaky toilet exposes corrupt Chinese official, leads to death penalty
Bizarre Lindsey Lohan And Her Lesbian Girlfriend To Get Married Later This Year?
Bizarre WTF?! Police Tape: Canada Bus Killer Ate Victim's Flesh
Bizarre Man Presumed Dead in 1976 Colorado Flood Found Alive
Bizarre When Obesity Surgery Is a Family Affair
Bizarre Two tiger attacks in the last two Missouri
Bizarre Naked man arrested after police discover he was conducting a lewd act with a claw hammer, plastic bag and motor oil
Bizarre  119 illegal African clawed frogs seized in Nevada
Bizarre Brain-Eating Amoeba Blamed for California Boy's Death
Bizarre  McConaughey to plant son's placenta in orchard
Bizarre An actor who appeared in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" has been arrested for investigation of attempted murder after his former girlfriend was stabbed more than 20 times, leaving her critically injured, authorities said Tuesday.
Bizarre This is for the Birds: Poo Facial Promises Smoother Skin
Bizarre Father Allegedly Holds Family Captive in Georgia Mobile Home for Three Years
Bizarre Thieves Use Tomahawks in $1 Million Gem Heist at Australian Jewelry Store
Bizarre Water balloon tosser in Fla. charged with launching a deadly missile
Bizarre  Puerto Rico corpse kept upright for 3-day wake (pic)
Bizarre Man Mauled After Pet Raccoon Goes 'Crazy'
Bizarre Wisconsin woman, 20, arrested for two overdue library books
Bizarre Cops: Men Dressed Like Ninjas Targeted Drug Dealers
Bizarre Singer Gwen Stefani has baby, names it 'Zuma'
Bizarre  Blind Frenchman fined for drunk driving
Bizarre Fired Philadelphia Anchor Admits Hacking E-Mails of Colleague
Bizarre  Pigeon in custody for smuggling drugs to Bosnian prisoners
Bizarre While protesting a traffic stop, man jumps into patrol car to exclaim 'I'm high on mushrooms, dude'
Bizarre Kansas university fires mooning debate coach
Bizarre Father stabs himself, dies trying to rescue children locked in car
Bizarre Nine-year old baseball pitcher, team booted from league...for being too good
Bizarre Charge dismissed in case of dog registered to vote
Bizarre  A New York dog owner is so proud of his pooch that he threw the canine a $10,000 “Bark Mitzvah.”
Bizarre Confused Woman Goes Down Baggage Chute at Swedish Airport
Bizarre Disposable diaper breaks fall, saves child's life
Bizarre Man Says He Found Dead Shark in Lake Michigan
Bizarre Modesto man tries to amputate own arm @ Denny's
Bizarre Philly brothers admit to plundering corpses
Bizarre Typewriters Morph Into Creepy Sci-Fi Creatures
Bizarre Is Michael Jackson dating Pamela Anderson?
Bizarre Man wins contest by gulping 11.5 lbs. of chili
Bizarre Bus Driver Suspended After Circling With Children On Board for 5 hours!
Bizarre Bobcats claim foreclosed house
Bizarre  World's Wackiest Coffins
Bizarre Lawyer arrested for wanting to tickle children at Miner Park
Bizarre Newborn found in China's Bird's Nest stadium
Bizarre High Heels For Babies
Bizarre Boy dies after soccer goal falls on him
Bizarre Ventura says government not telling 9/11 story
Bizarre One For The Record Books: Karl Rove Says The McCain Camp Has Gone Too Far In Their Attacks On Barack Obama
Bizarre Ex-wrestler Jake 'The Snake' exposes himself to crowd at benefit event in Ohio
Bizarre New Chiefs' QB Tyler Thigpen Has An "Unfortunate" Pic of Him Making Love To A Skeleton
Bizarre 35-year old Illinois woman suffers orgasm-related stroke
Bizarre Report: Playboy producer sues because she was repeatedly asked to wax the buttocks of 'Night Calls' co-host Christy Canyon
Bizarre (video) Jesus spotted on ceiling of weight loss center
Bizarre Man stands accused of raping Special Olympics participant
Bizarre Women strikes man with hammer to head thinking he was extra-terrestrial
Bizarre A stolen picture of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding her baby has sparked a federal child pornography investigation
Bizarre Navy receives Poinsettia Bowl invite -- for 2010
Bizarre Brazillian soccer player brutally tortured, murdered in alleged plot by ex-girlfriend
Bizarre Hundreds hurt annually thanks to fires in the operating room
Bizarre Hospital tells grandfather, 71, that he's pregnant
Bizarre On the ball: Introducing the world's first testicle cookbook
Bizarre Boy, 7, goes on killing spree in zoo, feeding reptiles to crocodile
Bizarre Peanut Butter Attack! H.S. student charged with assault on severely allergic classmate
Bizarre Austrian man kills in-laws with flamethrower
Bizarre Criminal gran gets knitting punishment
Bizarre Patient gets aroused while being examined for kidney pain; doctor's prescription? Oral sex, of course
Bizarre Tennessee RB Speaks Dinosaur
Bizarre (Pics) Uh...Yeah...Kimbo Slice Got Knocked By This Guy...Who Appears To Enjoy The Company of Gentlemen
Bizarre (CNN video) Naked man chases dog, woman in park
Bizarre Puff Sean 'Diddy' Combs claims Frank Sinatra as an imaginary friend
Bizarre Naked Woman Leads Police on 100 mph Pursuit
Bizarre Bitter Ringo Won't Sign a Thingo
Bizarre So tomorrow is the day......are you ready?
Bizarre Mother, son cremated 84-year-old grandmother in backyard pit
Bizarre Chubby Cuppy Cake Sam
Bizarre The mad world of Madonna: Grains for every meal, rice milk, no TV and sleeping in a plastic suit covered in £500 cream
Bizarre Man arrested for receiving sexual favors from a vacuum at a car wash
Bizarre Chilled Toilet Paper For Mexican Restaurants
Bizarre Heroin elephant can never be freed
Bizarre Famous People Who Have Been Homeless
Bizarre Man may be reimbursed for money mutilated by mice
Bizarre Swedish hockey fans delay match with dildo downpour
Bizarre  Cow drowned at sea for allegedly being impregnated by human
Bizarre TV anchorwoman dies after brutal beating in Arkansas
Bizarre World's heaviest man marries in Mexico
Bizarre Man films cloud that he believes depicts Jesus Christ; film on YouTube
Bizarre St. Louis Claims First Pregnant Catholic Priest
Bizarre A bizarre twist in Madonna-Guy Ritchie divorce hoopla: a 'marriage contract' with such clauses as dates and how often they have sex
Bizarre Girl returns $1,000 found in Richard Simmons tape
Bizarre Seattle Zombie Walk
Bizarre Boy Sent Home From School For Dressing As Jesus
Bizarre Gary Busey will feed your meter
Bizarre Nudist group wants clothing-optional polling site
Bizarre Voting Intimidation By Black Panthers In Philadelphia (vid)
Bizarre Football dispute between 'Bama, LSU fans ends in two dead
Bizarre Pregnant Man Expecting Second Child
Bizarre You sure you still want to be President? (pic)
Bizarre 140 years of UFO sightings
Bizarre Vacant homes, fewer people. This is Vegas?
Bizarre Elvis alive? Doctor claims he has DNA evidence as proof
Bizarre Colombian VP says cocaine destroying rain forests
Bizarre An “A To Z” List Of The Weirdest Things People Fear
Bizarre Former Argentine police chief shoots himself...on live TV
Bizarre Michael Jackson Converts To Islam?
Bizarre Dad raped daughters for 27 years, impregnating them at least 19 times
Bizarre Ocho Cinco hits Black Friday before dawn
Bizarre Acid will be dripped into the eyes of an Iranian man after he blinded the woman who spurned his marriage proposals, reports claim.
Bizarre Only in Canada? Potential mugging by knife turns into a squeegee duel at gas station
Bizarre Couple charged with torture, kidnapping after boy escapes to gym with shackle on his ankle
Bizarre Simon Cowell's lawyers warn press about harassment; tracking device found on Rolls Royce...
Bizarre  Storm in a C-cup - 130,000 boobs lost at sea
Bizarre 5 Cosmic Events That Could Kill You Before Lunch
Bizarre Man Says Wife Was Accidentally Shot During Sex
Bizarre Boy George stands accused of imprisoning an escort after beating him at a naked photo shoot
Bizarre 'Nothing else better to do?' Man spends $7,500 fighting a $115 parking ticket
Bizarre A BOFFIN too busy to find real love has INVENTED his idea of the perfect woman – a female ROBOT.
Bizarre Most Bizarre Sports Stories of the Year
Bizarre 6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can't Explain
Bizarre First U.S. face transplant to be made public
Bizarre Snow coats the Vegas Strip
Bizarre Tumor in Colorado newborn's brain contained foot
Bizarre The 6 Worst "Vacations" People Actually Pay For
Bizarre Michael Jackson Needs Two Lungs & A New Eye For Xmas
Bizarre The Weirdest Team Names in Sports
Bizarre Nipple Hair Mustache
Bizarre Man shot in ass after mugger attempts to steal his beer
Bizarre To lift motorists, smiley masks for Thai police
Bizarre 30GB Zunes Failing Everywhere, All At Once
Bizarre Darth Vader Joins the Lutheran Church
Bizarre Kurt Warner Draws God. And It's Not a Pretty Picture
Bizarre Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter
Bizarre Surgeons operate to remove can of hairspray from woman's ass
Bizarre NY eatery frees ancient lobster
Bizarre NASA Detects Mystery Booming Sound In Deep Space, Origin Unknown
Bizarre Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer
Bizarre (video) Obama already inaugurated in Lego Land...CNN is there
Bizarre Ottawa boy's invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows
Bizarre Miss World finalist had her hands and feet amputated
Bizarre Sign of the times? Debt collectors making threats to debtors
Bizarre Ex-pastor jailed for having sex with 10-year old 'wife'
Bizarre No Pants Subway Ride 2009
Bizarre "Thriller" to become "Thiriller The Musical"
Bizarre Man in dress lightens Super Bowl media day
Bizarre 'Cello scrotum' is exposed as a hoax...wait, what?
Bizarre Bruce Springsteen dry-humped the world last night
Bizarre Dance Floor Dale will give you a seizure
Bizarre Man busted after public display with multiple blow up sex dolls in store lot (pics)
Bizarre Old: Breaking into homes to steal; New: Breaking into homes to have sex
Bizarre 8 People Who Actually Married Animals
Bizarre German barkeep tried for handing out 45 tequila shots to 16-year old
Bizarre The Great San Francisco Pillow Fight of 2009
Bizarre Daughters find dad a kidney -- on Craigslist
Bizarre 11-year old accused of killing dad's pregnant girlfriend
Bizarre Is it in you? Bid $25K for Gatorade bottle used by Tiger Woods during the 2007 PGA Championship
Bizarre Military Attempts To Weaponize Animals
Bizarre Illinois state govt. declares Pluto a planet...really
Bizarre Former CBS hoops analyst Billy Packer once hired a psychic to find O.J.'s murder weapons
Bizarre Woman finds hungry calico cat hiding in $27 couch
Bizarre Weirdest Infomercials Of All Time
Bizarre Woman Fights Company Over Wedding Money After Husband To Be Dies of Cancer
Bizarre U.K. woman seeks sex for her son
Bizarre Report claims paramedics weren't able to check on Natasha Richardson after her fall
Bizarre Dusty Baker’s dog dies of exhaustion after Dusty forgets to put him on a fetch count
Bizarre The Six Million Dollar Crocodile
Bizarre Since Pinellas Co. (FLA) ambulatory services arrive too fast, they now face cutbacks
Bizarre The murder of a WABC radio reporter just turned really bizarre -- a Craigslist ad looking for violent sex likely led to crime
Bizarre Guess What This Washing Machine Attachment Is For?
Bizarre Creep Charged With Stalking Shawn Johnson
Bizarre Man caught in vacuum sex act gets 90 days
Bizarre ShamWow Guy In Slap, Chop Bust - TV pitchman battered hooker in South Beach hotel room brawl
Bizarre Have you seen a dog milking a goat today? Problem solved.
Bizarre Woman Sentenced to Jail for Sons Crime?
Bizarre Paid To Do It 72 Times
Bizarre Girl Fight...nice
Bizarre (video) Guy coughs up rusty 30-year old nail
Bizarre World’s Rarest Shark Caught, Then Eaten
Bizarre Japan's "Festival of the Steel Phallus" parade
Bizarre Miracle Hole-In-One (Off The Water) - Nothing But Cup
Bizarre (video) Don't ask Billy Bob Thornton acting questions when he's doing a music interview
Bizarre Grandma Dies Trying to Stop Sword Fight
Bizarre Woman Arrested During Wall Street Pillow Fight
Bizarre MO man arrested sitting on couch next to woman's body
Bizarre Man Builds Chair That Tweets His Farts, Single-Handedly Justifies Twitter's Existence
Bizarre bulls logo+upside down+ some color= robot reading the bible on a bench!? Ahh logo ruined.
Bizarre Student killed in love triangle involving teacher
Bizarre The BA-K-47, a full-sized AK-47 replica made entirely from bacon
Bizarre 26-year-old man with body of a two-year-old
Bizarre I breastfeed my dad
Bizarre Ohio State LB James Laurinaitis Had An Interesting Childhood
Bizarre  The weird, the wild, the wonderful and the WTF from the Michael Jackson estate auction.
Bizarre Dalai Lama: New Offensive Coordinator For The Patriots
Bizarre Oak Ridge Boys cover the White Stripes
Bizarre The Camel Toe Eraser
Bizarre Matt Garza and Bristol Palin Would Like To Talk To You About Teen Pregnancy
Bizarre Stabbing spree in Canada apparently done 'for fun'
Bizarre Awkward Family Photos
Bizarre Man replaces 35 year's worth of bathing with "standing on one leg, smoking marijuana and saying prayers to Lord Shiva".
Bizarre Utah mayor puts the fate of his handlebar mustache to a vote
Bizarre Australia Abuzz Over Rugby League "Group Sex" Scandal
Bizarre Sex Theme Park Opens
Bizarre Bakersfield dad on PCP accused of biting out son's eye
Bizarre Woman, 85, fights off intruders with chili, broom
Bizarre Boy next door proves to be brother given up for adoption
Bizarre Wife of Arizona pitcher Scott Schoeneweis found dead
Bizarre West Texas mayor resigns for love of an illegal Mexican male
Bizarre Woman tries to download ringtone, gets child porn instead
Bizarre The freakiest toothpaste ad ever
Bizarre Inverted Triangle Choke MMA Submission Of The Year
Bizarre Maybe Jack was on to something....
Bizarre Man admits to having sex with over 1,000 cars
Bizarre Woman bitten after "bite me" remark
Bizarre The World’s Tallest Basketball Player is 7′ 9″
Bizarre When screaming 'get in the hole!' might just get you an ace
Bizarre Fire breaks out in NFLPA offices -- the exec director's office to be precise
Bizarre Couple Both Charged With DUI After Crash
Bizarre The World's Weirdest HotelsThe World's Weirdest Hotels
Bizarre Five-year-old Boy Left With Intricate Dragon-shaped Scar After Henna Tattoo Goes Wrong
Bizarre 2 dead, 1 missing after Slim Jim plant explosion
Bizarre 14-year-old hit by 30,000 mph space meteorite
Bizarre Umpire Ejects Entire Crowd
Bizarre Woman found guilty in sex-games slaying
Bizarre  Oregon woman obsessed with rabbits arrested again
Bizarre South Carolina Gov. Sanford wasn't on Appalachian Trail, but Argentina
Bizarre Did Sosa Alter Jerseys To Make Arms Look Bigger?
Bizarre Famed coach shot in his own player?
Bizarre Strip club sues 14 year-old kidnapped stripper
Bizarre Two-year-old 'world's youngest smoker'
Bizarre Once Again, Frank Deford Can't Hide His Horny Old Manliness
Bizarre KC Man Urinating While Sleepwalking Stabbed
Bizarre Naked knife-man bulldozes bus
Bizarre Travel down Erin Andrews’ Road to Glory
Bizarre Swimmer withdrawals from race because of nudity
Bizarre The 50 Most Bizarre Google Earth Images
Bizarre 20 Freakishly Large Animals
Bizarre Best Buy calls Twitter a job qualification
Bizarre Father digs his son's grave to save money
Bizarre Giant pillow fight takes place in Antwerp, Belgium
Bizarre Dead shark left in Miami street after failed sale
Bizarre Alice In Wonderland Trailer Released = PCP
Bizarre Homeless man offers music, health tips to Lemieux, Penguins
Bizarre Hey, Kirk Herbstreit's House Is On Fire!
Bizarre Can You Handle A Shirtless Jim Leyland?
Bizarre Downtown Fort Myers condo has 32 stories, and one lonely tale
Bizarre One of the best cover songs we have seen in a while (vid)
Bizarre (video) Building implosion: You're doing it wrong
Bizarre NFL officially licensed Beer Pong tables
Bizarre Mark Madsen: Clipper, ex-Laker and domain name speculator
Bizarre Guy reals in 1,062 pound marlin
Bizarre Orlando's Rashard Lewis tests positive for steroids, suspended 10 games
Bizarre Mouse Builds Nest in Oregon ATM With $20 Bills
Bizarre Pesky Camels Will Be Shot From Helicopters
Bizarre Jimmy Johnson. Shirtless. A GILF. A Box Of $1 Bills.
Bizarre Woman pregnant with 12 babies
Bizarre Report: 90% of U.S. bills carry traces of cocaine
Bizarre  Is she really a HE? Doubts raised over gold medal winner...
Bizarre Man gets naked on Southwest flight to St. Louis, beats female passenger
Bizarre Canadian scientist aims to turn chickens into dinosaurs
Bizarre Jerry Jones; Chile sees your massive HD screen and will raise you some vegetation
Bizarre Is Macauley Culkin the baby-daddy to Michael Jackson's youngest child?
Bizarre Muhammad Ali is Irish?
Bizarre Top Ten Fast Food Restaurant "Secret Menu" Items
Bizarre Giant rat found in 'lost volcano'
Bizarre Teenager invents solar panel that could be solution to developing world's energy needs ... made from human hair
Bizarre Eight Insane Ways Parents Are Politically Brainwashing Their Kids
Bizarre Man arrested at U.S. Open for charging court, kissing Rafael Nadal
Bizarre Someone Had Too Much Fun Designing These Urinals
Bizarre Burning Man looks pretty crazy
Bizarre Humpback whale found dead in Thames River
Bizarre Weirdest Things Seized By The State
Bizarre Most Bizarre Craigslist Adverts Of All Time
Bizarre Boy, 12, turns into girl
Bizarre As Host of the Winter Olympics, Canada Acts More Like a Guard
Bizarre Data Visualization: Distance to the Nearest McDonald's
Bizarre Lost Vegas: The people that live underneath the monster casinos
Bizarre Scratch the Nature Boy
Bizarre SIMON COWELL: A letter to my shallow, reckless, cocky younger self
Bizarre 850 Mostly Blind, Pale Creatures Discovered Underground
Bizarre The strange, strange story of actor Randy Quaid, wife
Bizarre A Special Message from Ric Flair
Bizarre Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead
Bizarre Candy-gobbling kids may turn violent as adults
Bizarre 30 Truly Bizarre Family Photos
Bizarre Farmer who killed 83,000 rats awarded with 14" TV
Bizarre Read the 35-page criminal complaint against alleged Erin Andrews peeper
Bizarre Hawkeye Goes From Fan To Fanatic To Psychotic
Bizarre Ten Weirdest Marriages In Sports
Bizarre Solar activity may disrupt Rockies/Phillies coverage on TBS but not Dick Stockton
Bizarre Marge Simpson, Playboy cover girl?
Bizarre Eagles’ Vick to star in 8-part TV series
Bizarre Supersize the nature
Bizarre Weekend At Bernies? Dead Man on Balcony Mistaken for Halloween Prop for a Week
Bizarre A heart-warming collection of some of the most disturbing bulletin board/forum postings you're likely to read today.
Bizarre Catch Halloween Vandals With Surveillance Jack-o-Lantern
Bizarre Drunken midgets dressed as Ewoks invade the Today Show
Bizarre Fla. baby missing for 5 days found alive under bed
Bizarre Want to buy 5,000 leftover 2008 Beijing Olympics condoms? Look no further!
Bizarre Naked teen steals car with 2 children inside
Bizarre Woman steals $21,000 to get boyfriend to dump her
Bizarre Christmas Gift For Female Michael Jordan Fan In Your Life
Bizarre California Cities Ban Cat Declawing
Bizarre Reality Show Contestant Dies on ABC's Wipeout
Bizarre Ominous Illness Sidelines UFC Champ Lesnar
Bizarre Watch This, Then Go Check Your Water Supply For Drugs
Bizarre Pole Dancer Ruins Wedding! Bride Left Bloodied!
Bizarre Woman leaves $40,000 at Md. shrine for safekeeping
Bizarre Florida Man To Smoke 115,000th Joint, Sets Guinness Record
Bizarre Use Twitter or Incite a Riot and Get Arrested
Bizarre Last Night's Winner: Referee Jerome Boger
Bizarre Creepiest College Mascots
Bizarre Racy photos of All-Star center fielder Grady Sizemore stolen from e-mail
Bizarre 7 Insane True Stories Behind the World's Most WTF Houses
Bizarre Weis: Married Carroll is ‘living with a grad student’
Bizarre FYI- Bronco Throwback Socks are Selling Out Fast
Bizarre What's More Embarrassing Than Coaching Lingerie Football?
Bizarre Police in Pennsylvania arrest Amish man for DUI
Bizarre I Pity The Fool That Don't Like Christmas! (PIC)
Bizarre Confessions of a Bachelor Party Stripper
Bizarre Grave robbers steal former Cyprus president's corpse
Bizarre Tony Gonzalez will give you a Porsche to buy his house
Bizarre Dennis Rodman has 26 brothers and sisters
Bizarre Top 12 Coolest Toilets In The World
Bizarre Jimmy Kuehnle's Inflatable Suit Walk in St. Louis
Bizarre The Astrodome Would Make For A Lovely Stocking Stuffer
Bizarre MLB Pitcher Sues His Catcher
Bizarre AT&T: "New York City Is Not Ready For The iPhone"
Bizarre Funeral home offers drunk drivers a free burial
Bizarre Hookers In Vancouver Will Be Offered Tips And Tricks On How To Deal With The Media Leading Up To Olympics
Bizarre Woman's car starts skidding on ice, so she bails
Bizarre Domino’s Pizza CEO is new athletic director for Michigan
Bizarre Ten Striking Photos of 200-Year Old Animals
Bizarre Scottie Pippen Would Not Like To Thank All The Little People
Bizarre D.C. Cops Can Arrest You For Carrying More Than Two Condoms.
Bizarre Mystery object to whizz by Earth today
Bizarre Fifteen Rock Stars That Went Completely Off The Deep End
Bizarre Kimbo Slice And Elton John, Just Because (pic)
Bizarre Wow, Kids vs elephant soccer match (vid)
Bizarre The Twelve Most Insane Things You Can Buy On The Internet
Bizarre The Top Ten WTF Products That Just Shouldn't Exist
Bizarre TMZ Gets Jacked -- Camera Thief Busted on Tape
Bizarre 6 Insane Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened
Bizarre Eric Hinske Some Kind Of Circus Freakshow Now
Bizarre 5,200 people pose nude by Australian Opera House
Bizarre 'SNL' alum Victoria Jackson calls President Obama a 'commie'; video goodness included
Bizarre The story behind Oscar's 'Kanye moment'
Bizarre Jim Schwartz Pursues Free Agents Like A Deranged Ex-Boyfriend
Bizarre Crazy Russian dude attacks hockey goalie on the bench
Bizarre March Madness means more… vasectomies?
Bizarre Researchers transmit 10mbps broadband data through human arm
Bizarre And Now We Bring You Jay Glazer & Sean Payton Wearing Ridiculous Outfits
Bizarre Lady Gaga Asked Boy George To Sign Her Vagina
Bizarre Florida Wants to Put Teens Who Sext Behind Bars
Bizarre Yeah, that universe we do not know much about....just got 90% bigger
Bizarre Rep: "Your Package Has Been Eaten By An Alligator"
Bizarre The 10 Craziest Public Access Shows in America
Bizarre St. Charles Man Goes Scuba Diving in Mexico, Discovers a Family He Didn't Know He Had
Bizarre Racing Sausage Almost Becomes Deliciously Ironic Roadkill
Bizarre The Five Most Badass (And Possibly Insane) Atheletes
Bizarre Angels head for Yankee Opening Day game, watch in horror as man leaps to death from hotel roof
Bizarre Ghost Towns: Places Abandoned Due To Disasters (PICS)
Bizarre The Twenty Most Awkward Moments In Sports History
Bizarre James Cameron joins real-life 'Avatar' battle
Bizarre 3 bisexuals sue after being banned from Gay Softball World Series
Bizarre Man Kills Wife Over a...Hockey Argument?
Bizarre The 20 Dirtiest Muppet Photos Of All Time
Bizarre  Yes, having tea with Mike Tyson is just as awkward and bizarre as you would imagine
Bizarre Not Even Death Can Stop Him From Riding
Bizarre The Fifteen Most Bizarre Celebrity Murder Attempts
Bizarre Yes, Liquid Mountaineering Is A Legitimate Sport
Bizarre Girl Sleeps Through Her Own Interview During Rangers Game
Bizarre Lambeau Field Just The Victim Of The Green Bay Drive-By
Bizarre Woman dies of toilet brush in buttock
Bizarre Guinness crowns new tallest U.S. man
Bizarre Italians Put Fetus on the Rocks in Ad Campaign
Bizarre Ozzy Osbourne Terrifies People In A Wax Museum!
Bizarre 50 Cent Loses A LOT Of Weight, Looks Emaciated (PHOTOS)
Bizarre 'Drunk' Parrots Litter Australian Town
Bizarre 18-year-olds have cosmetic surgery to feel young again #
Bizarre 'Touchdown Jesus' destroyed by lightning
Bizarre Mark Teixeira Had An Unhealthy Obsession With Kurt Cobain
Bizarre How Michael Jackson's Kids Are Spending Anniversary of His Death; People Magazine is there
Bizarre The girl who must eat every 15 minutes to stay alive
Bizarre Plan your vacation at lovely Lake Jonathan Toews in Manitoba
Bizarre You have to see John Daly’s British Open photo-op blazer (next to Tiger)
Bizarre Priest goes batshit during baptism (video)
Bizarre The Tim Lincecum Wild Pitch Vs. Dodgers That Will Go Viral In Stoner Community
Bizarre People Don't Trust Foreign Accents, Says Study
Bizarre Vanilla Ice Jumps a Cadillac Through Fire... Into a Lake
Bizarre Dog eats man's big toe during his drunken stupor, saves his life
Bizarre  Blizzard cracking down on in-game World of Warcraft sex roleplay
Bizarre No Big Deal...It's an Elephant, & I'm Riding Its Tusks (pic)
Bizarre Man arrested for sending FACEBOOK 'friend' requests to estranged wife...
Bizarre 5 bizarre ways your siblings shaped you
Bizarre Dolphins players search the field for teammate’s $50k lost earings
Bizarre Marilyn Manson Loses His Makeup, Gains a Mullet
Bizarre  I Think You’re Going To Need A Bigger Bowl
Bizarre  'I'm Still Here' Photo Gallery (Its the movie about Joaquin Phoenix's weird ass)
Bizarre IKEA Let Loose a Herd of 100 Cats Into Store to 'See What Happens'
Bizarre I just, dont...understand...New fashion craze in Japan (PICTURES)
Bizarre Jail Attack Over Football Pastry Wager
Bizarre McDonald’s burgers and fries don’t decompose.
Bizarre Twitter to Start Selling Followers
Bizarre 3 Drinks You Will Never Want To Have
Bizarre 8 Priests Arrested for Something Other Than Touching Kids
Bizarre 10 Most Bizarre Deaths in the Porn Industry
Bizarre 15 Jobs You Never Knew Existed
Bizarre Silicone implants for a tattoo
Bizarre 7 Creepy Urban Legends That Happen to be True
Bizarre What It Looks Like To Get Nailed With A Puck
Bizarre Who in the world has sex trophies?
Bizarre Lil' Jon Covers The Sesame Street Theme
Bizarre Man Forced To Eat His Own Beard. Yes, There Are Rednecks Involved.
Bizarre Need a new flash drive? (Pic)
Bizarre This looks like it would make for a good stoner toy (Video)
Bizarre Harrison Ford goes on Conan while completely drunk (Video)
Bizarre Comedian spends his life savings after being wrongly told he only has three months to live
Bizarre Ugly Betty Actor Michael Brea Kills Mother with Samurai Sword in Brooklyn After "Religious Rant"
Bizarre Alien with size 440 Shoe among New UFO Sightings
Bizarre Florida woman, Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson, killed by neck massager in freak accident: police
Bizarre Mmmm... Free sushi! Now how I gonna take aww this stuff home?
Bizarre Federer, Nadal Play Tennis Like Jesus
Bizarre Are you a dog fan?
Bizarre The 6 Most Insane Cities Ever Planned
Bizarre Maria Sharapova is complaining about a reporter who is stalking her & there is video
Bizarre The 7 Craziest "Sex Toys Used As Weapons" Stories
Bizarre Creed Song Saves Norwegian Boy From Wolves
Bizarre 9-Year-Old Allergic To Temperatures Under 70 Degrees
Bizarre British woman dies after illegal buttock-enhancement surgery
Bizarre Charlie Sheen Is A Tool
Bizarre Farmer lived 55 years without an anus
Bizarre Ocean Foam Out of Control
Bizarre Fourth-Grader Shares Cocaine With Classmates at D.C. School
Bizarre Video Game Fan Gets a Tattoo Worth $9000
Bizarre Will 2011 be the year this gentleman succeeds in putting 3,000 toothpicks in his beard?
Bizarre After 30 Years Apart, Brother and Sister Reunite on Bizarre Blind Date
Bizarre TV, Guns and Pizza: The Three Things That Make This Country Great
Bizarre Iceland's penis museum finally gets human specimen
Bizarre 13 Strange Ways People Get High Around the World
Bizarre Russians Are Crazy
Bizarre Video: Chris Paul Gets a Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj
Bizarre Petite Lap Giraffes
Bizarre The Fifty Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos
Bizarre Weirdest press conference ever?
Bizarre 5 Bizarre Accidents That Helped Invent Modern Medicine
Bizarre Your First Name Implies Your Age
Bizarre YouTube Legend 9-Year-Old Pretty Boy Bam Bam To Make World Boxing Debut June 11
Bizarre On Sale Later This Year, Luna the Robot Can Walk Dogs and Do Other *Wink* Things [Vid]
Bizarre He's Not Larry Legend For Nothing
Bizarre She Go to Wal-Mart!
Bizarre Prescribing Jesus Gets Doctor Censured
Bizarre Man Attacks Woman with Pool Noodle over a Watermelon
Bizarre Compressed air turns NZ trucker into human balloon
Bizarre The 7 Most Terrfyingly Huge Things In Nature's History
Bizarre Facebook Takes Down Fetus’ Facebook Page
Bizarre U.S. states braced for invasion of cicadas as they hatch after 13 years underground
Bizarre Contortionist thief hid in luggage checked on airport shuttle bus
Bizarre Teen could face up to 8 years in prison for prank
Bizarre Leicester City Council 'not ready' for zombie attack
Bizarre A Gallery Of Porn Without The Porn
Bizarre FBI Dumpster Diving Brigade Coming Soon to Snoop in a Trashcan Near You
Bizarre Brony Thugs: My Little Pony Gone Gangsta
Bizarre The 13 Places Google Doesn't You To See On Google Maps
Bizarre 80-year old jazz pianist can't get paid because his name sounds terrorist-y
Bizarre Genital piercing leads to red card for soccer player
Bizarre 10 Movies That Famous People Don't Want You to See
Bizarre Why Getting Paid Increases Your Risk of Death
Bizarre Harvard study finds that July 4th parades turn kids into Republicans
Bizarre Seven Famous Candies That May As Well Be Gateway Drugs
Bizarre Pittsburgh Woman Envisions Mobile Breastfeeding Truck
Bizarre 45 Reasons Why Florida Is The Craziest State
Bizarre Intoxicated Men Take Dead Alligator Off-roading
Bizarre Victim in penis-severing case recovering after surgery
Bizarre Porn star arrested with a dead goat (and 3 live ones) in his van. Well sure.
Bizarre History made as nipple is found on foot
Bizarre Woman's truck rammed because attacker thought she looked like Casey Anthony
Bizarre The Seven Board Games That Led To Murder
Bizarre For $1000: This Game Show Host Chased Down an Intruder in His Underwear and Ruptured His Achilles
Bizarre The Twelve Most Delicious Religious Icons Found In Food
Bizarre Meet the College Chancellor with a Suburban Sex Dungeon
Bizarre Man Tries To Steal Car, Blames 'Batman': Police
Bizarre Social Security Numbers Harvested Using Facebook And Facial Recognition Software
Bizarre Stop Quitting Your Job Over Naked Photos
Bizarre Brian Wilson Look-alike Fan D.J. Silva Wears ESPYs Outfit to Giants Game
Bizarre Shaq And Shaq’s Girlfriend Most Likely Stretch The Limits Of What Is Sexually Possible
Bizarre Shaq next to his Human Sized Girlfriend (PIC)
Bizarre Horsemaning Is The Latest Photo-Posing Trend
Bizarre Woman Wakes Up To Blimp That Landed In Yard
Bizarre 15 Animals You Wont Believe Aren't Photoshopped
Bizarre No Breasts, No Requests
Bizarre Cops: Man Threatened To Put Pipe Bomb In 2-Year-Old's Bedroom
Bizarre Eating 64 Slices Of Cheese & Other "Simpsons" Inspired Meals
Bizarre Oxford Dictionary Removes 'Cassette Tape', Adds 'Sexting,' 'Retweet' And 'Mankini'
Bizarre  Thirsty Boy Stuck In Chimney Trying To Get Drink (VIDEO)
Bizarre The curse of the 'toxic friend': How eight in ten of us put up with people who cause more harm than good
Bizarre Inventor Bob Balow Demonstrates How To Use Spaghetti-Pasta-Noodle Fork
Bizarre The Most Entertaining, Obnoxious Or Completely Insane Notes Written To Neighbors
Bizarre The first thing Brad Marchand did with the Stanley Cup was...
Bizarre Tupac's Friends Say They Smoked His Ashes In A Blunt
Bizarre 3,000 Pair of Panties Found Along Ohio Highway
Bizarre The 13 Craziest Reactions To Being Cheated On
Bizarre Facebook Date Turns Into Unwitting Stint as Getaway Driver
Bizarre Polar Bear Attacks a Peeing Woman (video)
Bizarre 5 Inexplicably Horrifying Episodes Of Classic Comedies
Bizarre Nationals Make Their Rookies Dress As Smurfs
Bizarre The 25 Most Insane Fans In Sports
Bizarre Thumbs Up For Big Toe That Replaces Severed Digit
Bizarre Florida Ice Cream Shop Owner Forced To Clarify That Mascot Is Not A KKK Member
Bizarre The Seven Craziest Real-Life Monster Attacks
Bizarre Jason Isringhausen’s 5 Bedroom, $5,000,000 Dump [BC Pad Purveyors]
Bizarre The Five Most Epic Battles Of Will That Would Not End
Bizarre When my girlfriend wants to have sex!
Bizarre The 12 Most Convincing Real-Life Ghost Stories
Bizarre This Woman Aged 50 Years In Days
Bizarre Dallas Cowboys Vehemently Deny They're Making Clothes in a Salvadoran Sweatshop
Bizarre Meet The Las Vegas Man With 100 lb. Testicles
Bizarre Steven Tyler Shows Off His Broken Face, Promises He's Still Sober
Bizarre 10 of the Most Tasteless Halloween Costumes for 2011
Bizarre The Many Styles of Antonio Garay
Bizarre Watch This Georgia Player Score a TD, Leap a Xylophone, Get Stuck in a Hedge
Bizarre Jerry Jones built Cowboys Stadium on Fred Jackson’s old house
Bizarre Detainees: Working For $1 A Day, Using Phone for $5 A Minute
Bizarre Bionic contact lens 'to project emails before eyes'
Bizarre Separating You and Me? 4.74 Degrees. You are closer to Kevin Bacon than you knew.
Bizarre Man Breaks Into Whitesox GM's House, Defrosts Lobster, Drinks Beer And Steals WS Ring
Bizarre Vegas Police Use Officer In Turkey Suit For Crosswalk Sting...
Bizarre The Ten Most Bizarrely Dysfunctional Movie Families Ever
Bizarre Two 73 Year Old CFL Legends Start Duking It Out!
Bizarre The Nerdy White Rapper Who Launched Two Internet Sensations in 24 Hours
Bizarre Cheerleading In The Dark: The Sights And Sounds Of The MNF Power Outage
Bizarre Blackhawks’ Sideline Reporter Sarah Kustok Has Her Joe Namath Moment
Bizarre Bank Robber Rides Skateboard To Heists
Bizarre FOR SALE: Cemetery Real Estate Near Bear Bryant
Bizarre George Washington's Ice Cream Recipe: First, Cut Ice From River
Bizarre Crazy ex level: Just run.
Bizarre Eating Clean: Woman Eats 4,000 Sponges And 100 Bars Of Soap
Bizarre The Fifteen Most Suspicious Porn Star Deaths
Bizarre 15 Impressive Free Throw Distractions
Bizarre The fish have arrived at the Marlins Park aquarium, officially making this the weirdest stadium ever
Bizarre Romney to 11-year-old: Iran will get nuke if Obama re-elected
Bizarre Young Mavs fan takes picture of his hand after Dirk Nowitzki high fives it
Bizarre My Strange Addiction on TLC: Girl who can't stop drinking GASOLINE
Bizarre Awesome Tricked-Out Harley Davidsons
Bizarre China Always Has The Coolest Dog Shows
Bizarre Buy Seattle’s Kingdome Visitor’s Dugout – Only $7,500! Home Dugout – $12K!
Bizarre Girl Chatting On Cellphone Swallowed Up by Sinkhole in China
Bizarre Viral: Crazy Spitting Lady
Bizarre Karl Alzner's Dogs Were Not Happy About Capitals' Game 3 Overtime Loss
Bizarre The United States of Binge Drinkers
Bizarre Fashion Thing of the Day
Bizarre 101-Year-Old-Man, Killed By 91-Year-Old-Driver
Bizarre LeBron James Kissing His Mom On The Lips During Halftime Is Mind-boggling!
Bizarre Crazy Fans from 2012 Season
Bizarre 12 ODD Urinals
Bizarre RHCP Drummer Ends Columbus Ohio Concert with Michigan Fight Song
Bizarre Star Wars 'Ewok,' Faces Jail For Flashing
Bizarre Man Breaks World Record for Longest Drill Bit Drilled into One's Own Nose
Bizarre World's Smallest Bike Course
Bizarre 4 Diseases We Wouldn't Mind Having
Bizarre FINALLY! A Pizza Vending Machine
Bizarre Broken CDs Transformed Into Iridescent Animal Sculptures
Bizarre The 50 Most Awkward Pregnancy Portraits Ever
Bizarre Asian Animation of Knicks and Rockets situations
Bizarre So this exists
Bizarre Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power
Bizarre Heads Up, Colorado, Skinny Barry Bonds Is Cycling Your Mountains This Summer
Bizarre Vice reporter on acid covers the Westminster Dog Show
Bizarre 6 Mind-Blowing Things People Built in their Backyards
Bizarre This Is How Olympic Swimmers Really Look While Diving
Bizarre Scientists discover new species of 'blind snake'
Bizarre Did Team USA celebrate their win against Nigeria with a drinking contest?
Bizarre Unauthorized batch of condoms finds its way into the Olympic Village
Bizarre Skateboarding goat wins Guinness World Record (video)
Bizarre 15 Real Sex Toys That Will Give You Nightmares
Bizarre Artist Fernando De La Rocque 'Paints' With Marijuana Smoke
Bizarre 7 Deadly Weapons You Should Never Make Out of Household Items
Bizarre Company Forced To Pay Worker Forced Into Prostitute Parties
Bizarre RAZORBACKS United We Stand
Bizarre Memphis Grizzlies are offering free game tickets in exchange for turned-in firearms
Bizarre 40 Photos of HUGE Cheeseburgers
Bizarre I Judged An Air Sex Competition Over The Weekend And Oh God, Here’s Proof
Bizarre 40 Rap Lyrics That Make No Sense
Bizarre Angels Rookie Hazing = Mike Trout in Diapers
Bizarre FIFA Soccer 13 Glitch Has One Player Doing Unspeakable Things To Another Player
Bizarre The 50 Most Bizarre OK Cupid Profiles Ever
Bizarre Man Finds Car 2 Years After Forgetting Where He Parked
Bizarre Pop Culture Characters Sculpted From Beer & Soda Cans
Bizarre This Washington DC Nike Store Display Doesn’t Make Much Sense
Bizarre The 4 Most Impressively Weird Sex Lives of U.S. Presidents
Bizarre The 7 Craziest Political Ads in the World
Bizarre Caption The Photo: Andrew Bynum’s Hair..I Simply Have No Words
Bizarre This Is What Being A Wizards Fan Feels Like
Bizarre Drew Gooden Asked Fans to Send Him Pictures of Bulls Jerseys in the Toilet for a Chance to Win Tickets
Bizarre The Fifty Most Bizarre Couples Photos Ever
Bizarre The 30 Most Disturbing Face Swaps Of 2012
Bizarre 20 Photos Of Life Imitating Art
Bizarre The 4 Craziest Moments in the History of Christmas Specials
Bizarre Dog Noses Look Like Angry Aliens
Bizarre Mother and Daughter Do Porn Together But Don’t Touch Lips Because That Would Be Weird (NSFW)
Bizarre Celebrities as Hobbits
Bizarre The Ladies Got Turned On By Clay Matthews Sack Dance On Sunday
Bizarre Straight From 1984, Here’s The Disco Version Of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” That Never Quite Caught On
Bizarre The 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Discoveries of 2012
Bizarre 10 Snack Foods Originally Sold as Medicines
Bizarre Drunk Texas A&M Fans Interrupt Reporter on Live News
Bizarre Steven Seagal Owns a Bullet-Proof Kimono
Bizarre Reporter Spoofs 'Ghost' Pottery Scene on Live TV
Bizarre 10 Real-Life Stories of Amish Gone Bad
Bizarre Patriots Stevan Ridley Rocks Rainbow Moon Boots
Bizarre The "Roger Goodell Eaten By a Giant Vagina" Super Bowl Float
Bizarre Celebrities With Owl Eyes
Bizarre 17 R-Rated Easter Eggs You Never Noticed in Disney Movies
Bizarre Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will
Bizarre For 40 Years, This Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II
Bizarre Meat America
Bizarre The 50 Fattest Animals in Internet History
Bizarre The 6 Craziest Animal Products Ever Patented
Bizarre 5 Grimms' Fairy Tales Way Too Dark to Read to Kids
Bizarre Caffeinated Hot Sauce is a Real Thing
Bizarre 3D-Printed Suckers Make Robot Octopus a Terrifying Possibility
Bizarre Dennis Rodman Arrives in North Korea
Bizarre 25 Weird Fetishes Currently on Craigslist
Bizarre The 30 Most WTF Russia Pictures Ever
Bizarre 5 Literary Classics That Put X-Rated Movies to Shame
Bizarre The 50 Dirtiest Moments in Cartoon History
Bizarre A True Gentleman Arrives at The People's Court
Bizarre Thumbs & Ammo
Bizarre The South Park Porn Parody is Here
Bizarre A True Gentleman Arrives at The People's Court
Bizarre The 5 Most WTF Things Ever Found in Old Houses
Bizarre The 7 Most WTF Post-Fame Careers of Famous Musicians
Bizarre Man Engaged to 'My Little Pony' Character Writes Angry Letter to Man Drawing Erotic Pictures of Her
Bizarre True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat
Bizarre Celebrity Photos That Make No Sense
Bizarre Mind-Blowing TRUE Facts About Everyday Products
Bizarre Blue Jays Fans Get Handjobby
Bizarre From Jay Z To Bob Costas, It Seems Like Rap Has Found A Home In Baseball
Bizarre Boise State Is Tearing Down Buildings To Build A Quidditch Field
Bizarre Someone Sent The Cubs A Severed Goat Head, Because Sane People Do That
Bizarre Has Steve Ott Snapped In Buffalo...???
Bizarre New Mexico man traded McDonalds for sex
Bizarre Politicians Making Awkward Rap References
Bizarre This Is What A Terrible Date At The Olive Garden Looks Like
Bizarre Solved: Conspiracy Theories Proven True (Or False)
Bizarre 'Boy Scout' Tells Women He Needs To Suck Their Toes For Badge
Bizarre 5 Baffling Uses of Sex Toys That Prove Humanity Is Doomed
Bizarre Good Grief… United Nations Twitter Account Follows ‘Big Busty’ Porn Star
Bizarre John Lennon's Insane Psychedelic Rolls Royce
Bizarre A few celebs back at their prom (18 Photos)
Bizarre Soccer Finally Deserves To Be Called Football
Bizarre Man's 'Ghost Cam' Catches His Wife Having Sex with His Son
Bizarre 49 Hoaxes People Actually Believed
Bizarre British TV star Myleene Klass makes people try her breast milk, says it's normal
Bizarre Llama busts loose in Fla., subdued with taser
Bizarre Thief Breaks Into Woman's Car, Makes Off With $500 Stash of Sex Toys
Bizarre Ken Jennings Had A Trivia Death Match With A Luchador From Seattle
Bizarre The Most Insane Ways Famous Actors Got Into Character
Bizarre Watch your step! Lance Berkman suffered minor knee injury falling down stairs on Rangers plane
Bizarre Meanwhile in Germany… Bestiality Brothels Are Becoming a Thing, Because of Course They Are
Bizarre 5 Creeping Forms of Madness the Internet Is Spreading
Bizarre Exploding Johnny Depp
Bizarre Man dies after driving lawn mower into Indian River
Bizarre Cristiano Ronaldo free kick breaks 11-year-old’s wrist in two places
Bizarre 6 Mind Blowing Discoveries Made on eBay and Other WTF Places
Bizarre Man tries to smuggle turtle onto plane in a KFC hamburger
Bizarre A’s minor leaguer Vinnie Catricala strikes out on one pitch
Bizarre Hulk Hogan Wants His Son, Nick, To Play Him In A Movie About His Life
Bizarre NYC Hotel Kicks Out ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star After Confusing Him For Homeless Man
Bizarre Are yellow teeth stronger?
Bizarre Times Square Cookie Monster Gawks at Semi-Nude Models
Bizarre Lehigh Valley IronPigs To Fan: ‘Congratulations On Your Upcoming Death’
Bizarre  Michael Strahan In Oprah Drag
Bizarre  Adam Schefter Doing The Ray Lewis Squirrel Dance
Bizarre Walmart Called....Your Photos Are Ready
Bizarre Jose Altuve Gets Dwarfed By Nate Freiman
Bizarre 25 extremely bizarre court cases that actually happened
Bizarre Bet On The Redskins? Great, Now You Have To Eat Beard
Bizarre The 25 Funniest Moments In KFC History
Bizarre Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world
Bizarre The Flintstones Are Real and They Are in Russia
Bizarre Creepy New Political Ad Is Easily One Of The Creepiest Political Ads Of All Time
Bizarre 6 Appearances by Iconic Characters That Ruin Your Childhood
Bizarre Wife Will Take Cheating Husband Back If He Gets 10k Likes on Facebook
Bizarre Guy On Ecstasy At A Willie Nelson Concert
Bizarre Scientists Grow Teeth From Urine
Bizarre Today In Classy MMA News: Somebody Paid $300 For Bec Hyatt’s Used Underwear
Bizarre RGIII Likeness in Haricut is Amazing, Nightmare Fuel
Bizarre Meet The Man Who Has Had Sex With Nearly 1,000 Cars
Bizarre Any Animal That Touches This Lethal Lake Turns To Stone
Bizarre  ‘Ex-Ducks Player’ Wrote A Letter To Oregon Fans And Told Them ‘Go F**k Yourselves’
Bizarre Realistic Drawings of Animated Characters
Bizarre A Rat In A Six-Sided Cage: Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Is Reportedly Buying TNA Wrestling
Bizarre Don’t Bother Asking George Brett For His Autograph
Bizarre Here’s What Rock Stars Like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, And Elvis Would Look Like If They Were Alive Today
Bizarre Eddie Vedder Lashed Out at Sacramento in Odd Rant While On Tour in Oklahoma City
Bizarre How A Secret Informant Program Got Air Force's Star RB Expelled
Bizarre 4 Famous Movies and Shows That Lied Their Way into Existence
Bizarre 4 Bafflingly Erotic Ads for Totally Unsexy Things
Bizarre Facebook Considers Adding a 'Sympathize' Button
Bizarre Naked Oklahoma Man Found Alive Inside Guitar Case
Bizarre Brandon Marshall Kisses Jay Cutler in QB’s Triumphant Return
Bizarre The Weirdest Craigslist Ads of 2013
Bizarre HOA Tells Jose Canseco To Remove Diaper-Wearing Goats From House
Bizarre Guy Records Himself Working While High on Coke, Acid, and Special K
Bizarre 36 Things That Are Going To Make You Feel Ancient
Bizarre A Man With Two Dicks Did A Reddit AMA. Welcome To 2014!
Bizarre Michael Bay Joins Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga And Dr. Dre In Memorable CES WTF Moments
Bizarre This Woman Just Set The Record For Fastest Time Eating An Entire 72 Oz. Steak
Bizarre Extremely Drunk Dude Falls Asleep in Extremely Terrifying Position
Bizarre 7 Hilariously Predictable Porn Trends from Across the Globe
Bizarre 5 Real Planets Way Weirder Than Anything in Science Fiction
Bizarre Want to make yourself hallucinate?
Bizarre The Ultimate ‘Meanwhile In Russia’ Compilation
Bizarre 7 Adorable Animals That Spawn Terrifying Babies
Bizarre Professor asked to remove blow-up dolls and profane posters from office
Bizarre Woman Snoops Through Boyfriend’s Phone, Finds Video Evidence That He’s Banging Her Dog
Bizarre 5 Insanely Blatant Acts of Plagiarism by Famous People
Bizarre 5 Awful Stories You Shouldn't Laugh At (But Probably Will)
Bizarre Bacon and Baseball Wed in Broiest of Ceremonies
Bizarre Battle of the Bulge: Two Men Vie to Put Their Penis In Penis Museum
Bizarre The Rangers Took Their Team Photos In The Bathroom
Bizarre Doughnut Shop Won't Sell Doughnuts Because They're Too Unhealthy
Bizarre 5 Weird but Effective Alternate Uses for Sex Products
Bizarre Real-Life 'Legend Of Zelda' Sword Stabs Real-Life Man In Real-Life Duel
Bizarre This Cheeto Looks Just Like a Guy Masturbating
Bizarre '90s Cartoon Stars As Helpless Drug Addicts
Bizarre Putin Butt Plug Lets You Stick It To Russian Leader
Bizarre George Zimmerman Was the "Guest of Honor" at a Florida Gun Show
Bizarre The 5 Most Unintentionally Horrifying Children's Video Games
Bizarre Man rents apartment through AIRBNB; Returns to find orgy of overweight poeple...
Bizarre The Saddest Ending You'll Ever See to a Creampie Porn Video
Bizarre Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped On Deserted Island For 7 Years
Bizarre 5 Creepy Cartoon Fan Theories That Make Way Too Much Sense
Bizarre 28 Classic Movie Scenes Ruined by a Minor Change in Costume
Bizarre This Gyrating Animatronic Doll Will Haunt Your Dreams
Bizarre This Lady Won Final Four Tickets....Again
Bizarre 27 Behind the Scenes Photos That Destroy Your Childlike Sense of Wonder
Bizarre Underwear Thief Gets Trapped In Bathroom
Bizarre 22 Mind-Bending Size Comparisons
Bizarre Face Swapping Should Be A National Pastime
Bizarre CNN reports Pele’s death, Pele confirms he is in fact alive
Bizarre Conan O'Brien Became A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
Bizarre I made these. Hope you think they're cool/fun/creepy/weird..?
Bizarre 16 Odd Comic Book Covers of Batman and Superman Playing Sports
Bizarre Microsoft Just Used An iPhone On Stage At Its Developer Conference
Bizarre British Man Claims To Have Photographed Actual Fairies
Bizarre 3 Fan Communities That Hate Their Own Members
Bizarre Woman Discovers Dead Body During 4-Year-Old's Easter Egg Hunt
Bizarre These Russian dating profile pics put the fear of god into my manhood
Bizarre Bonzi Wells Releases Independent Report on “Jail Blazers” Locker Room Culture
Bizarre Scientists confirm existence of elusive 117th element
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Bizarre Scientists Create First Living Organism With 'Artificial' DNA
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Bizarre Jon Hamm Offered Up The Worst Home Run Calls In Baseball History
Bizarre Rice Lands QB By Sending Recruiting Letter To His Cat
Bizarre Zombie Michael Jackson Was Really Effing Weird and Also Sad
Bizarre A Tennessee Man Tried To Have Sex With An ATM
Bizarre Johnny Manziel Sued in Funniest Fake/Real Lawsuit Ever
Bizarre Guy drinks from vase during live ABC Harrisburg broadcast, possibly a prank
Bizarre Another wrinkle in mysteries of glowing squid
Bizarre This Woman Redesigned Her Dress To Keep Away Strangers And Protect Her Personal Space
Bizarre Las Vegas Club Replaces Bottle Service Hostesses with Drones
Bizarre Woman Threatens To 'Shoot Everyone' Over Stale Cinnabon
Bizarre Vegas Dancer Accidentally Pees On Bro, Maybe (VIDEO)
Bizarre Man Borrows Friend's Sex Doll To Sell Old Car On eBay
Bizarre High School Senior Banned From Marching Due To Drawing Giant Penis
Bizarre Brazilian Man Has Plastic Surgery To Look More Asian
Bizarre  When Sheep Play Soccer, This Is What It Looks LIke (VIDEO)
Bizarre The Tampa Bay Rays galloped around on a pony in the dugout
Bizarre Teen drone operator attacked by woman yelling, “little pervert”
Bizarre Here’s a Living Clone of Van Gogh’s Ear
Bizarre Woman stole lobster tails by stuffing them in her pants, DeLand police say
Bizarre Quinton Murphy Denied Diploma After Stripping At Graduation
Bizarre Dog gives birth to two green 'radioactive' puppies
Bizarre Hidden Cash Craze Hits Manhattan And Brooklyn
Bizarre Bachelor Party Finds One Last Taste of Freedom, Also a Mastodon Skull
Bizarre Lunch Box-Stealing Black Bears Take Snacks From Kids
Bizarre WATCH: Brad Pitt Might Be Your (Distant) Cousin
Bizarre Scientist Tries To Crowd Surf To Handel's 'Messiah,' Gets Kicked Out Of Concert By Concertgoers
Bizarre Hope Solo 911 Call: "She Is Going Psychotic!"
Bizarre Lightning Strike Knocks Man Out Of His Boots
Bizarre When Did Nazi Insults Spike On Twitter During USA-Germany?
Bizarre The Latest Trend For Bridesmaids Is To Pull Up Their Dresses And Show Off Their Butts
Bizarre Good Day New York Anchor Gets Horny Over His Female Colleague's Body
Bizarre Craigslist Ad For A 'Professional Bridesmaid' Is A Must-See
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Bizarre The Ultimate Tiny Home Is In A Dumpster (PHOTOS)
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Bizarre AUDIO: Floyd Mayweather -- I Had Sex With T.I.'s Wife
Bizarre 112-Year-Old Ham Still Edible: Museum
Bizarre Queen's horse Estimate tests positive for morphine
Bizarre Idiot's Apology To Erin Andrews: "15 Lbs. Heavier, She'd Be A Waitress"
Bizarre Rapper Coolio Is Releasing His New Album Exclusively On Pornhub
Bizarre Everybody, Especially Blake Griffin, Loves This 6'7" Burlesque Dancer
Bizarre How Secret Societies Stay Hidden On the Internet
Bizarre Marshawn Lynch's Mom: "REPORTERS DON'T THINK, THEY GUESS"
Bizarre John Abraham was passed out in his car at 4PM after leaving strip club
Bizarre Dangerous online 'Fire Challenge' stunt seriously injuring participants
Bizarre I’m a lesbian marrying a man
Bizarre The Story Behind Those Jerry Jones Photos Is Weirder Than The Photos
Bizarre Megan Fox Is No Longer Having Sex, Says Megan Fox
Bizarre Just Six Months After the Olympics, Sochi Looks Like a Ghost Town
Bizarre Man with 100-pound scrotum getting life-changing surgery this week
Bizarre Yep, That's An Idiot's Dong Featured On [NSFW]
Bizarre Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke: "I Don't Make Decisions On Who Plays"
Bizarre Man Killed by 800,000 Bees Hiding in the Attic
Bizarre LenDale White Kicked Out Of USC Game, Calls AD Pat Haden "Coward"
Bizarre Redskins PR guy embarrasses self, team by dragging Colt McCoy off field
Bizarre PHOTOS — Dennis Rodman Crashes Boca Raton Law Firm Party to Ask Carmen Electra to Marry Him Again!
Bizarre Bills coaches bunkered at facility, taping game plan
Bizarre Florida Twin Sisters Got Into A Brawl Because Of A Man And A Dildo
Bizarre Andrew Luck: The NFL’s Most Perplexing Trash Talker
Bizarre A Poisonous Zamboni Machine Hospitalized 81 People This Weekend
Bizarre Did The D-Backs Trade Wade Miley Because He Wouldn't Give Up Gluten?
Bizarre Worst kick-off return ever?
Bizarre Jets Linebacker Charged Under Revenge Porn Law
Bizarre SA girl pours acid on boyfriend’s penis after sex tape leaked
Bizarre The Site Where Doctors Share X-Rays of Weird Things in People's Butts
Bizarre Mizzou Frat Guy Rolls Molly, Gets Kicked Out Of Riff Raff Concert, Steals Taxicab
Bizarre Married TV actor wakes up to find his testicles have been STOLEN after he is drugged in Russian bar by attractive blonde working for organ traffickers
Bizarre You'll Never Believe How Many People Got Surgery for Bigger Butts Last Year
Bizarre Manny Pacquiao -- My Dad Ate My Dog
Bizarre Texas Is OK With Women Sneaking Into Houses To Give Sleeping Men Oral Sex
Bizarre Rockets dismiss digital communications manager after questionable tweet
Bizarre Winston celebrates with crab legs
Bizarre My husband forgot Mother's Day flowers, so I had sex with someone else
Bizarre Florida principal arrested after police find her in a car with student, marijuana
Bizarre Aaron Hernandez sports new tattoo, pleads not guilty to witness intimidation
Bizarre Slava Fetisov wants Russians banned from NHL until they're 28
Bizarre Mountain Lion Invades Arizona Golf Course, Plays with Flag
Bizarre The rich will become ‘God-like cyborgs’: Historian claims the wealthy will transform into a new type of human within 200 years
Bizarre Tweeting Potholes in Florida
Bizarre Teens Accused Of McChicken Sandwich Sex Act
Bizarre Ex-NFL running back Lawrence Phillips sends terrifying letters from prison: 'This place is a jungle'
Bizarre The Broncos Have A Fart Tax, And Von Miller Frequently Pays It
Bizarre Lead singer of Smash Mouth cusses out fans at Ft. Collins family event
Bizarre See the 'testicle-eating' fish with human-like teeth pulled from a South Jersey lake (VIDEO)
Bizarre TV actor Dustin Diamond, gets 4 months for stabbing
Bizarre Warren Sapp -- Charged with Domestic Violence ... Allegedly Bit, Stomped GF
Bizarre FBI confirms the existence of 3 Hulk Hogan sex tapes with the ex-wife of Bubba the Love Sponge
Bizarre Patrick Kane took the Stanley Cup to a Jimmy Buffett concert
Bizarre Mike Napoli Says He Was Ejected For Not Picking Up His Bat
Bizarre Jim Harbaugh takes half the blame for awkward radio interview
Bizarre Ariana Grande pulled out of the MLB All Star game for bashing Americans and licking donuts
Bizarre This Florida woman was arrested for slapping her lesbian lover in the face with a dildo
Bizarre Bryce Harper’s diet before his Body Issue photo included only juice for a week, raw potatoes
Bizarre Man Throws Urine At Tour De France Leader
Bizarre A woman took LSD, ripped off her clothes, and crashed a softball game
Bizarre The Facebook Sperm Donor
Bizarre Pro gamers reportedly will be drug tested
Bizarre Strongman bicyclist picks up car blocking bike lane
Bizarre Golfer who hunts alligators explains how to hunt alligators
Bizarre  North Korea is invading its citizens' homes to confiscate foreign music
Bizarre Rich People Are Using Cryotherapy To Freeze Themselves Skinny
Bizarre Lindsay Lohan allegedly skipped out on a $1,300 restaurant check
Bizarre UCLA took a commitment from a 13-year-old prospect this weekend
Bizarre  Cabbies are now protesting Uber by blocking bridges
Bizarre Rex Ryan is going to eat a dog biscuit for a dog charity
Bizarre An MiLB game was canceled because a circus tent behind the outfield was too distracting
Bizarre  A woman is suing Lambert's Cafe claiming a "throwed roll" gave her permanent eye damage
Bizarre  A French couple fell to their death while having sex on a historic fortress
Bizarre  Groom in India threatens to cancel wedding if future wife doesn’t provide nude selfies
Bizarre Nassau administrator is a twisted fetishist
Bizarre So Miley Cyrus just came out as pansexual. What does that mean?
Bizarre New iPhone will record you whether you ask it to or not
Bizarre Polygamist sect limits sex to 'seed bearers,' court document says
Bizarre Drunk woman wreaks havoc on flight to Hawaii
Bizarre Lamar Odom found unconscious at Nevada brothel, hospitalized
Bizarre Ryan Mallett on missing team flight: I was stuck in traffic
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